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Sound issue on mobile phone: Fix 100%


There are bugs or issues that we have to deal with on our mobile devices is a common occurrence. Whenever our devices get old isn’t a new idea. For instance, sound matter is among the most irritating issues of many. Sometimes, we are confronted with the problem of the sound issue on our mobile devices. For instance, we are unable to hear the speaker sound correctly in our devices when listening to music, or on an audio call, or when sound does not come through speakers. Today we will discuss how to fix sound issue on the mobile phone?

Why does sound issue with mobiles occur?

The sound issue with mobile phones has been a problem for numerous reasons. The majority of the time, this issue is caused by dust or droplets of water infiltrating our mobile’s speaker, which blocks the sound coming from the speakers. The sound issues may also be because of updates or driver for mobile devices bugs that can corrupt the mobile device’s sound drivers and software. The most common causes for sound issues are listed below the most frequent causes.

1. Mobile dipped into water

This issue was discovered after we accidentally dropped our phone in the water due to the water droplets ( moisture detected) being near to speakers. This could hinder speakers from delivering crisp sound.

2. Headphone

Sometimes, the phone will show that the headphones are connected, but, in actuality, they’re not. This is because the sound generated by the phone or music apps is transferred through headphones, not the speakers on mobile phones. The headphones we used, were not plugged into the device; therefore, there isn’t any sound. It is only possible to listen to music when you plug in headphones to your smartphone. This is a common issue these days.

3. Apps stopping speakers from blocking music

Apps that cause sound problems are frequently. If you download any application on the Play Store or any third-party website, the app asks for permission to modify settings on your system. If you permit them to do this, it alters your sound settings. Since sound settings are changed frequently, you may encounter sound problems, including the absence of sound or weird sound.

4. The phone is automatically turned off.

When we use our mobile phones, sometimes they will automatically be turned off. The speaker’s sound becomes mute and that’s the reason we aren’t able to hear anything.

5. Hardware problem

If the above issues don’t cause any problems, the mobile speaker is an issue with the hardware. If our devices get old over time, the chance of our mobile hardware being damaged gets higher. One of the most common reasons for a spooky or mute sound coming from your speakers could be that they become damaged over time or for any other reason.

How can you solve any sound problem on mobile devices?

Various methods for solving sound problems are described below. The technique for solving sound issues is described below.

1. Clear Speaker

Before we do anything before doing anything, we must use this method to resolve the sound issue by cleaning the speaker with the internal features of the phone. In order to do this, just go into your phone’s settings, then in another setting. You will find a choice of an uncluttered speaker. You can tap this feature twice or three times over 30 minutes. This will trigger a sound which will decrease the amount of water drops or dust particles on the phone’s speaker, while the sound will become clean. If this option doesn’t appear the option on your smartphone, then you can install any third-party app to do this, or manually clean the speaker of your phone.

2By resetting sound drivers or software

If the method above isn’t working for you, then you need to try this method. In this case, we need to reset the phone’s sound software to fix the problem. To do this, go to the settings on your mobile, and go-to apps where you will find all the applications that are loaded on your phone. There are all applications that are related to sound or speakers, then open the app, then clear all of the data associated with it.

After that, just restart the device, and the issue will be resolved.

3. Check Sound settings

The main reason for the sound issue is when the device’s sound settings are changed. To fix this issue, determine if the device you are using is in DND (Do not disturb) state or not. It is possible to check this by visiting the notification bar or the settings menu of the phone, in which you’ll find sound and vibration settings. Within the sound and vibration settings, there is a choice for DND (Do not disturb). If this option is on, turn it off. It’s turned active.

4. Turn off Equalizer

Sometimes, the incorrect setting or input of the equalizer on your mobile can result in problems with the speakers sound. Equalizers can be used to alter or increase the volume of sound on our speakers. When you set incorrect settings for your mobile’s equalizer, it produces a disturbing and unhealthy sound emanating from your speakers. If you’re not sure about the settings for equalizers, you need to disable it or set default settings for this. To disable this feature, you need to go into your phone’s settings, then select sound and vibration settings. There’s the sound effect option. Please open it, and then there’s an equalizer setting. Simply turn it off or turn it off to default settings, and your issue will be resolved.

5. Fix headphone issue

If you notice the headphone icon on top of your display, and there aren’t any headphones on your device, which causes you not to hear sound. First, to resolve this issue, first attempt to clean the headphone port with cotton and small sticks. Take out the dust particles and water droplets from the. Then, check whether the headphone icon is visible or not. If it is not, then the problem is fixed.

If it is not done, you must reset your phone’s factory settings. This can be done by going into the settings on your device. There is a phone option and then click it. You will see an option to reset your device factory. Click it and select to erase all options for data. It can take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. Then, check whether your issue is resolved or it doesn’t. If the issue isn’t resolved in the meantime, you must modify or replace your headphone’s jack, and the sound issue will end.

6. Uninstall recently installed applications

Some apps that were downloaded from the Play Store or other third-party websites can cause sound problems. Remove those apps you recently installed on your device to fix this problem. To find out the apps you have recently installed, check the system launcher’s recently applications section. If your phone’s system launcher does not include a feature such as ” recently installed apps“, you will be able to see it using the play store. Start your phone’s play store and select the “manage devices and apps” or “manage apps & devices” option. After that, go to the Manage section and select the recently installed option, where you’ll find the apps that were installed on your device recently. Uninstall them, and the issue will be solved.

7. Hardware problem

If all of the above strategies do not work for you, this could be because of hardware issues with your device. To ensure that this issue is due to hardware, we can test it with FQC tests in CIT. This feature is present across all mobile phones, but there’s a flaw in that mobile phone companies keep it hidden from the users, which means that they can’t be aware of this feature like other options.

To access this feature, visit the mobile’s settings and then go to the section about the phone. There, you’ll find your device’s kernel. Just tap it three or four times, and you’ll be able to enter the mobile’s CIT. In the CIT, you can conduct any FQC test on the hardware of your mobile device. Find the speaker option and check your speaker there. If your speaker is not successful in the test, then you need to replace the speaker on your mobile immediately.

8. Professional helps

If you’re facing any sound or speech-related issues on mobile devices, you need any expert’s advice to resolve the issue. You can call any customer support number or talk to them in person through the customer service center of that mobile service, and they can surely resolve your problem.


How to fix sound issue on the mobile phone? The issue of sound is so widespread these days, and we need to be able to resolve them without spending a lot of money. In this article, we’ve looked at what causes a sound issue with mobiles and the best way to resolve it. Take them all in one go. 


Q1. The phone sound is not working with headphones.

Explanations: If your phone sound isn’t working with headphones, then the speaker in your phone has problems. Try the first methods to fix the issue. If the issue isn’t resolved, then go to your local service center.

Q2. What should you do if your volume is only working via headphones?

Explanations: If your phone sound is working only with headphones, that means your phone’s sound driver or software is functioning correctly, but there is a problem with the speaker(hardware component). We’ve seen that the headphone jack is also not working correctly in some instances. First, attempt the methods mentioned above to resolve the issue. If the problem isn’t fixed, then you should visit the nearest service center.

Q3. My phone does not have a sound when I call.

Explanations: If you can’t listen to anything while calling, and it’s a sign that your earphone isn’t working correctly. Go to the nearest service center for your mobile provider to repair your earphone.

Q4. What is the reason my volume on my media is not working?

Explanations: You might have muted sound or turned the volume down. If that doesn’t work, use the method above to resolve it.

Q5. Phone sound is not functioning on iPhone.

Explanation: iPhone has some distinct interfaces on its software and hardware; however, most of them are similar to Android. Try first to fix your iPhone by following the steps above. If that doesn’t work, you must go to your local Apple service center closest to you to correct the problem.

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