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Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv


Samsung TVs include preset picture settings for specific applications. These settings aren’t necessarily the best for watching TV shows, movies, sports, or gaming. Samsung TVs can produce excellent picture quality right out of the box, and their picture settings are relatively intuitive. However, a few additional settings can improve color accuracy for your favorite TV shows, movies, and video games. These Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV picture settings will make your TV look great with the default settings, but these are not calibrated for your specific TV. Instead, find the best picture settings for your particular Samsung 4K UHD TV below. Utilize the following picture settings for your Samsung 4K UHD TV. These are general expectations of best picture quality for most viewing scenarios. Here are our recommendations for the best picture settings to use with a Samsung 4K TV. 

Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv
Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv

Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv: The first step

Get the best out of Samsung 4K UHD TV with our settings. We suggest making adjustments based on your viewing habits and room environment to achieve the picture quality you want.

Tv position

The optimum TV position is directly in front of you, so you won’t have to twist or tip your head. The right height for the screen is a personal preference, but general guidelines include placing it 36 to 40 inches (91 to 102 cm) from the floor and roughly level with your eyes. A well-positioned TV will please you for years to come. In addition, today’s flat-panel TVs extend farther beyond the base or the back of the set than similar models just a few years ago. 

Room lighting

Many people complain about the reflection of the light from a window directly behind the TV. If you have lights that allow you to dim them or turn them off, that will help reduce glare. I also suggest using small lamps near the TV to provide direct light for reading, which will not reflect the screen. Reflections from adjacent windows or lamps may reduce the image quality. If you’re facing a window, turn on the room’s lights to see how they affect your viewing before turning in for the night.

Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv: Basic settings

Samsung TV Home Mode allows you to quickly access your most used applications and the apps and services of major video-on-demand providers such as Netflix.

  1. Entering The Menu Open the menu by pressing the MENU button. 
  2. This will take you to the main menu, which contains both Adjust Picture and Adjust Sound options. 
  3. Entering Home Mode From the main menu, press the blue UP button to scroll through the options until you reach Home. 
  4. Press ENTER to enter home mode.

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Best picture settings for Samsung 4k tv: Advanced settings

These two Picture Modes (named APS and HDR) automatically adjust the color, contrast, and other picture settings to give your 4K TV a more realistic picture. But each mode does it in very different ways. So you might be able to see better picture quality when you change your TV’s methods. 

Auto motion plus

Auto Motion Plus: Sports and Clear Image are the two “picture” options that you might see here. If you prefer faster motion on the screen, such as at a sports event or movie theater, this is the ideal option. On the other hand, if you don’t like the general blurriness of fast movement or watch many TV shows that don’t have high-action scenes, go with Clear Image. Each one has its advantages, so try each out and see which setting works best for you.

When you enable Auto Motion Plus, the TV detects movement in the picture and creates clear and detailed video by reducing blur and judder. Turn off Auto Motion Plus when you don’t want the TV to adjust the picture quality.

Intelligent mode

This innovative TV from Samsung automatically analyzes the room you’re in and how you’ve been using the TV. Then, using that information, it fine-tunes your picture settings to optimize your viewing experience. Optimizing your TV viewing experience has never been so simple.

Adaptive brightness

With Automatic Brightness Control, the TV senses ambient light and automatically adjusts the LED backlight output to preserve picture quality. In addition, the TV’s built-in Ambient Light Sensor measures the amount of light in the room and automatically calibrates the brightness level settings for each video source.

Picture mode

The Samsung 4K Smart LED TV provides a broader array of picture quality enhancements than ever before, using proprietary technology to automatically and intelligently enhance the picture. In addition, there is four picture mode.


Dynamic picture mode enhances the sharpness, brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the picture. It’s much better for use in rooms with ample lighting. Not reflecting The dynamic mode can be used with all light sources and can make the picture brighter. 


The Standard setting will produce accurate color and picture quality on most program sources. It is appropriate for the movie, sports, news, video game, HDTV and computer content. Set color temperature to Low or Medium for more comfortable viewing in low light situations such as a darkened room.


The natural mode gives you the most accurate colors possible on an LED-backlit display. This is beneficial for applications like desktop publishing or for anyone who works long hours in front of a computer monitor.


Our Movie Pro preset outfits suitable brightness, contrast, and color temperature level for surveying movies. This preset is fainter than Dynamic or Standard mode and implements a warmer color temperature. In addition, it disables any appended processing, so movies grasp film-like motion.

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Sum up

If you’re not happy with the picture settings that came preset for your Samsung TV, you can adjust the Picture Mode under Settings to make image adjustments. A bad experience with poorly adjusted picture settings can ruin your enjoyment of your new TV. We strongly recommend that you use a professional ISF (Imaging Science Foundation)-certified calibrator to adjust the picture settings on your new TV so that you get the most out of it right away.

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