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Samsung tv not connecting to WiFi

Why Samsung tv not connecting to WIFI? What are the reasons behind this? And, how to fix this frustrating issue? Smart TVs act as a gateway to connect the modern TV viewing experience with all other electronic gadgets in homes. With the Wifi connectivity feature, they can be cIn addition, However, itNext, shutFirst, checkonnected to the Internet to stream videos of any format. Connecting to the world of the web is a piece of cake, and not only it allows you to have a front seat view of the world moving around and gives you complete control over your Smart TVs.

If connectivity is important to you, then the Samsung Smart TV is your best bet. This TV uses the popular Wifi network to connect to the internet, and it gives access to a wide array of content that enhances your viewing experience. With this, you can also connect external Bluetooth speakers for a new level of surround sound. There is a problem with the Wi-Fi feature of the television. It is connecting, but every time the TV gets turned on, it says, “Lost connection to the server.” In this article, we will show you why your wireless feature might be malfunctioning.

Samsung tv not connecting to wifi

Why my Samsung Tv is not connecting to the wifi?

Numerous people have complained about their Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the internet. The issue could be from a third-party app causing other problems or an improper setting on the TV itself. Diagnosis will help you get the relevant details required to solve the issue and make your TV work perfectly once again. Connectivity issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including network connectivity problems and power issues. If your Samsung Smart TV is not connecting correctly to the internet, you must do effective troubleshooting to establish the actual reason for the problem. You will then need to fix any identified issues to get it working correctly.

Here are a few reasons why your Samsung Smart TV may not be connected to the internet. This will help you find the relevant information as per the issue and provide you with the solution to get your Samsung Smart TV working again.

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What are the reasons for Samsung Tv is not connecting to the wifi?

The following reasons are classified as current defects:

Outdated firmware

Outdated firmware can cause permanent damage to your TV if it is not up to date. Because your television requires a firmware update, our technician will need to come and update your firmware. To verify the status of your current firmware, please click on UPDATE NOW on the menu of your television. If this option is not available, please contact our customer service department to schedule a time and technician to come in and assist you with ensuring that you have the latest firmware installed on your TV.

DNS settings

There are times when the Internet connection on your TV won’t work as you expect it. If the DNS settings are not correct, it means that the device cannot receive DNS from your ISP.


Smart TVs are losing their Internet connection after a power outage, freezing in mid-channel change, or switching to the wrong channel. The apps will stop working unless there is an Internet connection, and the TV will lose some of its smart features, such as certain apps and programs not recording if no Internet connection is present. Samsung TVs have a bug where the network settings get corrupted if the TV has been turned off for more than 10-15 minutes. Obviously, the Samsung QLED TVs come with intelligence. Unfortunately, a sort of bug sometimes gets installed in there due to some preloaded apps or an Internet connection. This bug may interfere and disrupt your TV’s performance and overall stability.

Mac address block

Mac Address Block is precisely what it sounds like. When enabled, it will restrict ALL devices with a known MAC address from accessing the network. This feature is helpful if you have guests and would like to facilitate Wifi for them but not allow them access to any network resources. It also has limited usefulness for residential networks with ISP-enforced restrictions on MAC addresses connecting to the Wifi router. With the Mac Address block feature, users will be able to quickly identify which device is connected to their Wifi router and ban or unban a device easily in the App.

How to fix Samsung tv not connecting to WiFi?

You can try to tackle this problem from different angles, but the order in which you do these things will make a difference. In doing so, you will be able to resolve your issue with no further complications.

Tip 1: Restart your device

First, make sure that your TV has been turned off for at least 15 minutes and displays the Home Page. Unplugging your TV for a short time will force it to reset. This may reset some of the network settings on your TV. Suppose this doesn’t work in your case. Try the following tips.

Tip 2: Check the connection

Most of the time Samsung tv not connecting to WiFi due to this reason. Factory ResetStarts with the initial power cycle of the TV. Disconnect the wireless LAN cable from the Modem and switch off both the Modem and the WiFi Router using the power switches. Once this is done, reset the modem entirely by unplugging the power cable from the power source, plugging it back to check if all lights flash green. Now, wait about 10 seconds and then plug it back to the wall outlet to turn on. This will restart and re-detect the Wifi Router. Shut down the internet router, plug out all the network cables and power cord from the modem. Wait for 2 minutes, and then connect back only to the internet router and allow it to boot up normally.

Tip 3: Change the connection

Check the mac address located on the back of the box to ensure that it matches the mac address of your Television’s existing Wifi connection. If you’re unable to address the issue yourself, please contact your Internet Service Provider or Router manufacturer for further assistance.

Tip 4: Firmware update

The Firmware is a software program – or operating system – that controls the device. It receives commands from your remote and converts them into actions, such as controlling the device’s volume. Check whether it is up to date. If not, Download the recent update, extract the files. Connect Tv with USB, click menu in the remote, then select software upgrade. A window popup click “ok,” wait till the process end. And you are all done.

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Tip 5: Check the DNS settings

You can quickly troubleshoot the television’s network connection by resetting the DNS (Domain Name System) settings on the TV. If there is no internet connectivity, you will likely not connect to the service’s internet router via Wi-Fi or LAN cables. Simply changing the DNS settings on your computer is most likely not enough to enable internet access for your Samsung Smart TV. This is because the DNS service provided by your Internet Provider provides only a source of IP addresses for the Domain Name Server on your television. If you continue experiencing problems with connecting to the internet, it may be helpful to check your television’s DNS settings. To update these settings on your Sony television, follow these steps:

Step1: Click the “menu” button on your television remote to access the menu screen.

Step2: From the “Network” dropdown, choose “Network Settings.”

Step3: Click on the “Configure IP” button and select the “IP Settings” tab.

Step4: Choose “Manual” and make sure that the green check is on “Manual” mode.

Step5: Type “8888” and press the “OK” button.

The TV will automatically update and reset all programs, and the internet access program will be turned on automatically. The program is not connected to the network, so you only need to restart it when you want to use it again.  The error Samsung tv not connecting to WiFi will get fixed. If not then try the next tip:

Tip 6: Factory reset is required

Factory Reset – Defaults are changed from the factory based on the country in which the product is set to be delivered. The default settings, including application and system software versions and pre-installed applications, cannot be restored. Factory resetting your Tv can be necessary if you notice performance issues on your Samsung Galaxy device. This will fix any lagging or freezing issues, and it will put the Tv back to the way it was when you first took it out of the box. This is the most powerful method to fix all issues like Samsung tv not connecting to WiFi.

  1. Menu page.
  2. You will notice the self-diagnosis bar. Click that.
  3. Enter the pin 0000 and Click “yes.”
  4. All set.

Tip 7: Play with your Tv settings

Warning: Be careful while making changes to your Tv settings. It may cause a considerable loss.

You need to connect your Samsung Smart TV to an access point or a Wi-Fi network. If you are already connected, then disconnect it and re-connect it. If nothing happens to your TV after clicking it on your phone, then the cause is the software settings of your TV. You better consult the Samsung Support team as a technician will be able to get the system files of your TV and then make some changes in those files. If you are all set with entering serial numbers, etc., by Samsung Support Team, you will have to wait for an hour to connect your device with their system and then resolve the issue (it takes around 4-5 hours).


Perform a Power Cycle on the Router. This will involve, 

  1. Disconnecting the Internet router from any power source 
  2. Wait for 20 Seconds 
  3. Connect the Internet router back to power and restart the internet connection.

Wrap up

Suppose you face the same problem of Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wifi. And even after trying to resolve the issue by checking all the options mentioned above. In that case, you can contact the manufacturer to ask for a solution. If your TV pictures are distorted, the problem may be caused by the modem. In such a case, you may call in for a replacement or call the service team for help. You can find lots of online forums and social communities where people help each other in solving technical issues. You can post your problem in a medium or community. And you will soon get all the required answers from the experts regarding the issues relating to your Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wifi. Samsung Customer Service is another option to get your work done. You can email or call them and share your problem. 

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