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Samsung TV blue light filter


All the users of a mobile, television, pc or computer wanted the best light in these electronic devices to use at night time or go to sleep. Because the majority of users like to watch and listen to any songs, movies before going to sleep. Ordinarily, most of them choose television, that’s why they need the best light in the devices is fundamentally important. .Let’s know how Samsung TV blue light filter works?

Why blue light filter?

Most of the devices containing blue light. For example, in Samsung brand contain a blue light scheme. But here the normal people try to induce sleep while watching movies. But the real problem is this type of blue light has a drawback. That is, it reduces the formation of the melatonin hormone. Which helps to make sleep occurring in humans. With each other with it, blue light produces an increase in the amount of strain. In the eyes of humans during the use of digital media. In this fashion, it makes users feel more distracted and weaker during the daytime too.

So, this time, the use of filters is very important. As follows, the blue light filter makes its remarkable part in the technology field. They routinely try to reduce the blue light. Which appears on the display of electronic devices or systems like television, mobile phones, laptops, etc.

This type of filter, especially blue light filters, helps to make normal sleep. By reducing the suppression of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Because blue light always tries to reduce the amount of melatonin. So blue light filters help to make a more uninterrupted sleep among the users of electronic devices. More than that, it helps to decrease the strain of the eye. During following digital electronic media. To such a degree, it supports people to remain with a fresh mind.

Samsung TV blue light filter
Samsung TV blue light filter

Blue light filter on mobile phones and computers

We discussed above that blue light from the laptop, pc, mobile-phone screens create a problem with sleep. Therefore, the use of filters like blue light is fundamentally significant. Samsung, Microsoft has overcome these problems by establishing various types of specialized features in it. As usual, Samsung Galaxy S 8 contains the blue light filter in mobile phones with custom-type filters like blue light. Most laptops, computers, or pc contains option or features like a night light. In Apple-branded devices, there is a feature that automatically makes a filter presenting with to the movement of sunrise and sunset.

We can reduce or increase the color of the display using the slider. That means users can decrease or increase the amount of color shown on the screen. In this manner, it directs to display the night light turning on or off option. Open the menu bar in the settings, then select the options system. In this manner, it directs to display the night light turning on or off option. If you want to turn it on then, you can go with it.

Blue light filters in Samsung brand

Blue light filters always try to reduce the blue light which appears on the display of electronic devices. The main aim behind the use of the blue light filter is to reduce the blue light and therefore decrease the suppression of the melatonin hormone that helps to induce sleep. Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone. In Apple-branded devices, there is a feature that automatically makes a filter presenting with to the movement of sunrise and sunset. By decreasing the strain of the eye. But the principal disadvantage is when we use amazon videos on both Samsung television and mobile phones, we can’t apply the blue light filter. When we use videos like HDR types. Usually, this blue light filter appears only a certain type of mobile, or we can see nothing but in limited numbers of mobiles.

  • Samsung mobiles, we can see if it contains, it can be demonstrated in the specifications of the mobile or the manual.
  • The blue light filter usually decreases the amount of blue light which appears on the display of the particular device.
  • Usually, these types of blue light filters can be turned on by managing settings (manually) with the help of a quick panel, or we can use schedule like user type, which means, set the time like sunrise and sunset by turning on the location button.
  • Blue light contains in manometer units 380 to 495 wavelengths. It means that the light consists of only the shortest wavelength.
  • Thus, it helps to produce an increasing amount of energy.

Many researchers and health professionals prevent the use of blue light because overuse of it puts strain on the user’s eyes, and it causes health problems related to the eyes. We discussed that it reduced the formation of melatonin together with it or, as a result, cause severe sleep disorders. Here the usage of blue light filter recommended by brands like Samsung on television, mobile phones, etc. The steps were shown here.

The steps followed to turn on the blue light filter in Android mobiles

  • By clicking or opening the settings, next go with the display option, then we can see a filter blue light after it just clicks or turns on, like this activating it.
  • For the adjusting of the blue light filter amount, barely open the opacity in the settings bar.
  • The most important and completely special feature in Samsung devices is it gives a schedule option to turn on the blue light filter in the display like sunrise, sunset by turning on the location of the system.
  • In general, most users apply sunset and sunrise because it helps to automatically turn on or turn off the blue light filter.
  • It associates with the location, which means to set the location or turn on it like a parallel method most people adapt claim a time to turn on the blue light filter because many location-related issues have come out recently.
  • This typesetting the time is known as schedule, like custom.
  • Most of the people or users are going with it.
  • The main aim of the filters is to reduce the impact of blue light while utilizing it.
  • If a particular smartphone contains a blue light filter, we can identify it in the details of a mobile or device which is provided in the settings of the devices or it can be shown in the manual of the particular devices.

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Steps to turn on or turn off the blue light filter in Samsung Galaxy smartphones

  • To turn on or enable the blue light filter in phones or devices, we have to turn on the location of the devices.
  • The general method to enable the blue light filter in Samsung galaxy phones is to go to application settings in a mobile phone and then tap the display which can be witnessed there.
  • From there, if the device contains a blue light filter, we can note it and barely turn it on by clicking the blue light filter.
  • If we need to automatically enable or disable the blue light filter, we can set sunrise, sunset, and give location settings too.
  • These two methods make it automatically turn on or turn off. Or in another method, we can do it by going in with a quick panel.
  • Just tap the above of the display with our fingers (two fingers), then very quickly it can be turned on or turned off.
  • But when we compare these methods, the most efficient and easiest method is by setting the sunset and sunrise system in the mobile devices it automatically enables or disables the blue light filter.
Steps to turn on or turn off the blue light filter in Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Samsung TV blue light filter

Modern days every technology-related electronic device or system contains a special feature like the dark mode, in televisions, it can be watched on smart TV. Mostly all the television companies like the latest smart television’s users these types of specialized features to persuade consumers and produce a remarkable name in the technology world. The usage of the dark mode feature in smart televisions aims to enable reducing the strain of the eye and to decrease the impact during the blue light use extensively.

  • Samsung televisions or smart TV which contain blue light filters can’t be seen directly in the blue light filter option.
  • We can make it by tapping its settings and go through the options which it contains, then selects the brightness features in it and select the contrast from there, then just scroll and tap the high option, now it looks like high contrast brightness.
  • From there the backgrounds or text visibility or highlights etc. can change it consists of such things as dark, grey, black, etc.

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Steps to follow for selecting the high contrast brightness are

  • Expand the home of the smart TV with the help of a remote.
  • After reaching home tap the settings application in it.
  • There go with general features and click the accessibility in there.
  • Finally, we can see a high contrast option there.
  • Now we have finished or reached the particular step. Or the place where we need to implement the changes.
  • It can be changed its background.

In general, we can’t see any direct feature or option in the blue light filter in Samsung smart TV. We can appeal to it by going with the settings application. And then tap the high contrast brightness.

Need of blue light filter

  • Thus, as a preventive measure for this, they introduce the technology known as a blue light filter.
  •  Most of the smart TV systems retained blue light systems or dark mode systems. Like smartphones, computers, laptops, etc.
  • But in Samsung smart TV, there is another specialized feature. One of which is the blue light filter.
  • During the nighttime, customers or users are spending their time. With televisions, smartphones, computers, etc.
  •  But due to these devices, the bright color appearance of screens damages their eyes. Like, it makes itching and damage to eyesight, etc.
  • Mainly these problems or issues are associated with the eye.
  • As follows, smart TV companies provide the utmost care in this field. Otherwise, it will affect their marketing, distribution, etc.
  • Assigning to certain medical surveys and researches, blue light damages eyes.
  •  By making an impact on the retina through their cells known as light-sensitive cells. So, applying the blue light filter helps to come out from these health issues.
  • Majority of the devices which had blue light filter can be seen in settings. Not just like a direct option.
  • Remember, some smart TV contains a blue light filter which when we enable or turn on the blue light filter. Along with yellow color can appear on the screen. Which suffer a mild impact on human eyes.

Various methods To enable the blue light filter in Samsung smart TV

To enable or turn on the blue light filter in Samsung smart TV, there are three different methods available.

Method 1 : Picture mode

  • Tap the home option in your remote and next go with the settings.
  • From there, select the picture settings. Then we have to just tap the picture mode.
  • Open the picture mode, then we have to see. The movies can be followed in the picture mode.
  • It is one of the methods to enable the blue light filter.
  • Which belong to or the steps are surrounded with settings. And from there picture mode remains the center of the part.

Method 2 : Color theme

  • This method also needed Samsung smart TV remote.
  • Just go with the home feature.
  • Tap the settings option in the display and select picture settings and then press settings. Like an expert, which can be seen in picture mode.
  • Now we can scroll the color theme and tap it.
  • During the selection of color, tone ensures you should select warm tones. Because these warm tones help to reduce the blue light intensity. Which appears on the display.
  • We can use either warm 1 or warm 2 tones, both are efficient.
  • The main part of this step represents the selection of an expert. From picture mode settings.
  • This method is known as setting like an expert tweak.

Method 3 : Balancing mechanism

  • The last and final method is related to balancing the color.
  • Here we need to use the remote of the Samsung smart TV. To reveal the settings using the home button in the remote.
  • Then select the picture and go with expert settings.  There we can see the balance option. Select the white to stabilize it and click the point like t2.
  • Then shows several gains we have to select. Or tap the B-Gain from the list of gains.
  • Thus, we can decrease or reduce the intensity of B-Gain to our wish. Or we can merely make it zero.
  • This method helps to severely reduce the intensity of blue light by utilizing the balancing mechanism.


Most blue light filters in mobile phones, computers, televisions aim to prevent health issues due to the intensity of blue light. But sometimes this hero acts just like a villain. Because recently some studies related to medical research show that blue light filters are also damaging. On another hand, blue light filters which are seen in Samsung smart TV prevent the damaging to our eyes.

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