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error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 (ESP-12e module).

In this article, we will learn about the hardware compiling problem. It is a type of board of nodemcu. Nowadays, people work on trending projects. They like to build models with the help of hardware. When you want to work on a project using nodemcu, then you need to learn about the whole of it. There are many pins available in nodemcu. The purpose of all is different. At a point, you get an error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 ( ESP-12e module). Let’s fix it!

Suppose you learn about all the pins available in nodemcu. Then you can think about doing any projects. By the way, you can use nodemcu boards for many projects. To do a project using nodemcu, you must know about the Lua scripting language.

Because you will need to write code to compile your nodemcu, understanding the programming language is essential to compile nodemcu.

Nodemcu is included in IoT modules. Why it is included in IoT modules, we will learn ahead. For work on any module, you should research the topic. Here is an advantage: you do not need to examine the nodemcu because we’ll learn from this article’s introduction of the nodemcu board.

First, we will start to learn from the nodemcu and the working of its pin. Then we will study for the required things, which are necessary to build a model.

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What is the nodemcu board?

It is an open-source environment to develop software and hardware-based applications. nodemcu is also called the Node microcontroller unit.

It is Iot based module. Its name comes from node + MCU(microcontroller unit). It is a hardware board, which works with the internet. It uses Lua scripting language to build any project. Users who want to learn the required scripting language. They need to know it. Then they can make electronics projects using nodemcu and Lua scripting language.

There are many building projects, which develop with the help of nodemcu. You can also try to make them for better understanding.

List of projects using nodemcu –

1. ESP32 Internet Broadcasting via MAX98357A I2S Amplifier

About – It is also developed with the help of the ESP32 IoT-based module. We need to use three main modules to do this project.

  • ESP32 nodemcu module.
  • MAX98357A I2s amplifier board.
  • Active internet connection.

2. Connecting Arduino Cloud IoT

About – It is an IoT-based cloud project developed with the help of Arduino and ESP8266 board.

3. Residue Monitoring and Preservation handling IoT

About – It is an intelligent IoT-based project. Which is deployed to do the help to sense the drainage system gets blocked. When water overflows, it sends an alert.

Note: we have given the name above of various projects. You can read the little introduction of the above projects if you want to learn more about them. You can single-click on the name of the project to check all details.

There are many different intelligent projects. You can make it using nodemcu and Arduino. 

What is the ESP-12e module?

It is a wifi module, which you can easily find in the market. It is used to establish a wireless wifi connection. There is no need to learn any programming to use this module. Because it is an electronic module which we use to connect a wireless connection, it is very easy to use.

There are some application names, which are built with the help of the ESP-12 e module.

It’s applications –

  • Home automation system
  • IoT projects
  • Weather station system
  • Toy and gaming system
  • Security ID tag detection
  • Wireless control application
  • Control your light using nodemcu.

If you want to use ESP-12e in your project, you should know about its PINs because each pin has a different purpose.

 First of all, the ESP-12e module has 22 pins available. Let’s read the names of all.

Name of PINs with their Purpose or description.

  1. RST: It is a reset pin. Used to rest all the data incoming or outging, and restart from the code block 1.
  2. ADC: It is used for analog to digital converter, generaly used to convert your voice to 0-1 format.
  3. EN: It is used to enable the module. Max of the cases it is the VCC( + ive terminal of the supply)
  4. GPIO0, 2 ,4 , 5, 9 ,10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16: It’s a General Purpose Input-Output Pins. You can send your data here
  5. VDD: It is a +3.3volt power input pin
  6. CS0: It’s a chip selection pin
  7. MISO: It is for SPI interface
  8. MOSI: It’s also for SPI interface
  9. SILK: It is an SPI interface clock pin.
  10. GND: It’s for ground(- ive)
  11. RXD0: It’s for receiving the data
  12. TXD0: It’s for transferring data.

There is 11 input/output pin, which is used to give the input and output. RST is also a critical pin. You can rest your board of nodemcu using RST. Now we have studied both modules. Let’s check the error which comes from the board of nodemcu.

What types of problems do you face in nodemcu?

Suppose you are working with nodemcu for the first time. You may face many problems. So firstly, you need to be clear about your goal and what you want to make. We’ll provide you with solutions as well.

Where will you get the option to download nodemcu flasher – Click on the below links and download a nodemcu flasher for your 64-bit windows or 32 bit.

After downloading the nodemcu flasher, what setting do you have to do – you do not have to make any changes in the setting. Nodemcu flasher has the correct setting by default.

Why your nodemcu flasher is not starting the flash process – 

  • Press the flash button. your flasher will begin the flashing process

Suppose your problem is not solved. There is one more solution.

  • Check your ESp module. It should be in flash mode.

How do you check flash mode on your ESP module?

It is a simple process to check. Just check your GPIO 0 pin should be connected to GND(ground).

How do you make an ESP go into a flash mode?

Read the given instructions. 

  1. Close the flasher window of nodemcu
  2. Remove your ESP8266 module from the power
  3. Check your GPIO 0 pin is connected to GND.
  4. Connect your ESP8266 to power
  5. Again open the NodeMCU flasher
  6. push the “Flash” button on your module
error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 (esp-12e module).
error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 (esp-12e module).

How to fix error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 (esp-12e module).

You may face problems with the old version of the software. To make sure that you are downloading a meta version. Do not worry about the address to download the latest version of it. Download and install a new version of the software to execute your script.

In the new version, the software has advanced libraries. It can auto-manage the issues. You will not face problems with it.

One more very easy solution to avoid the error in your nodemcu board compiling.

Before moving forward, just reset your board by pressing the reset button. It will reset your board and previous activities, which you did in your module previously. 

Then write your new script. And do all the setup.

One more solution for fix the issues of error compiling on your nodemcu board –

It is not only for nodemcu board. But also you can fix any board error while compiling that.

Steps to fix the error compiling issue from any esp8226 board –

  1. Just delete the :\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\esp8266com. 
  2. You have to delete this very carefully.
  3. If you have any doubt then go back up.
  4. Just you have to restart the arduino ID.
  5. Then try to compile board again.

You will not face errors again for compiling your Arduino board.

How can I test my nodemcu?

It is a type of wifi module. So please keep it in a clean box. Otherwise, it can be damaged. If you think your nodemcu is not working correctly, then you should test it.

I’m telling you a few steps. Go with them and test your IoT module.

  • First of all, clear the output of the serial monitor.
  • Change the baud rate and set it at 74880.
  • Push the reset button on your board of nodemcu.
  • Open the serial monitor.
  • Type the “AT” command and press the return key.
  •  Then type “AT + GMR” with the return key.
  • It will open the serial monitor output.
  • Then your nodemcu is well.
  • After all the steps, clear the output from the status bar.

How can you test the internet function availability?

It would be best to test the internet functionality when you are getting errors while compiling your nodemcu. You should move for any other solution after resting your board of nodemcu and testing your internet.

We have discussed above properly that resetting the nodemcu is very easy. We have to focus on internet testing.

Command to test the internet 

  • I’m giving you the commands. Just type these commands step by step and test your internet connectivity.
  • First of all, click on clear output to clear your monitor output.
  • Set the baud rate at 115200.
  • Type “AT+CWLAP” there.

It will show the nearby network access point on your serial monitor.

  • Type AT+CWJAP=” SSID,” “password” with your router SSID and password.

Now you can see that your nodemcu will connect to the router.


At the end of the discussion, you must get much knowledge about the board of nodemcu with how to fix the error compiling for board nodemcu 1.0 (ESP-12e module). We told you the basics of the board. Also, we not only focus on the users but also we focus on beginners as well.

We described all the available pins on board nodemcu. Each pin has its own unique description. If you are a beginner, you can learn from the understanding of nodemcu boards.

You have read the tips above to avoid the error that the board of nodemcu is not working. Before, you did not know how to test your internet connection. We have written a command to check the internet connectivity.

We covered many points of nodemcu on this same page. There will be some new users also. Who is reading about the IoT module? Now They must get a better understanding. They should not worry about the software because we have posted the links also to download the required softwares. If you want to learn about any other topic, In which you are facing issues. You can comment on this post. We will write a new position for your solution.

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