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DOCP | XMP: Meaning, Uses, Enable, Disable


You are here in a perfect place. We have written everything which you would like to know. What is DOCP, or will it be safe to turn on/turn it off. What are its related things? We will cover those things as well, for example, XMP.

Apart from these points, we have covered many other points of this topic. You can learn about the issues and how you can fix them. We will guide you to resolve your issues with some best solutions.

Suppose you know enough things about DOCP. That means you are a new user for DOCP. And you have your specific question, or you are looking for that solution. It may happen that you may not find the answer to your question. 

Because we have written this article based on previous comments, you should first search your points in this article. Suppose you get them very well. Otherwise, we have an option to fix your issue. 

First, read and search your question’s answer, then go onto the end of this page. You will get a comment box. Write your problem there. We will come with a solution to fix your issue soon. Or we may share the solution using any other way as quickly.


What is DOCP?

First of all, before we move further, we need to understand what it is. It stands for direct overclock profile. Asus developed it for motherboards. It is used to set the data rates and time automatically.

There are of two types:

  1. Basic Docp.
  2. Standard DOCP.

By the way, you can understand the difference between both of these by their name.

In DOCP, we get its essential features. But standard DOCP is a little bit different from simple DOCP. There are some extra features available in standard DOCP.

Difference between DOCP and standard DOCP?

What are the points that create the difference between basic and standard DOCP? There is only a slight difference between both docks. If you are enabling standard DOCP, then it will select a memory driver. Let’s try to understand by an example if you have enabled DOCP and your RAM is running at 35000Mhz. But if you will allow standard DOCP instead of basic. Then it will help you to reduce the speed of your memory.

Still, you have any confusion with standard DOCP and DOCP. Then open your system and try to enable both one by one and see the changes.

Can’t enable DOCP

What should you do if you can not enable DOCP?

Suppose you are unable to enable DOCP on your system. You should read the troubleshooting solutions. That is what you can do to avoid this trouble.

Solutions – just reset the CMOS(complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor). You can rest it using BIOS. It can fix the issue, and you will be able to enable DOCP on your pc.

How do you reset the CMOS on your pc?

It is working carefully. Follow the guidelines step by step and rest CMOS from your pc.

Guideline to reset the CMOS –

  1. Shut down your pc.
  2. Disconnect your system from the wall outlet.
  3. Click multiple times of the power button to clear the capacitors.
  4. Locate the CMOS battery on your motherboard.
  5. Remove the CMOS battery from there.
  6. Then again, replace the CMOS battery and power up your pc. Then restart it.

How to enable DOCP?

To enable it on your system, check the below steps on your system.

Steps to enable doc –

  1. Power up your system and tap the delete key. It will enter BIOS mode.
  2. Tap on the Ai Tweak page.
  3. Tap on Ai Overclock Tune and set it to DOCP.
  4. Click on the F10 key and press the ok button. 

Finally, your system will reboot.

How to disable DOCP from system?

You have to follow the mentioned three steps. Just locate the above content and instructions. It will not be suitable to write the same steps again in an article. So check there and follow the starting three steps to disable DOCP from your computer.

Is it safe If I turn on DOCP?

Yes, guys, do not think about its safety while enabling it. It is an advantageous way to turn on DOCP on your system. Suppose you do manual setting on your system to set the voltage and speed. Then, of course, you can make mistakes.

But DOCP is an intelligent thing that sets all and everything according to hardware space and needs.

One more point is XMP, which is included in DOCP.

Should I enable DOCP?

Yes, you should enable DOCP. Because it is helpful to overclock your RAM., you will get a chance to utilize its full potential.

One more thing, if you do not want to enable it. Then make sure that you should rely on auto or manual configuration. But In my experience, it is not the best option every time. So I would like to suggest you enable direct overclock profile.

What does it affect on the CPU if you enable it?

After you have enabled the DOCP, it raises the voltage and speed to stabilize the CPU memory controller better. One thing which you must check after enabling it on your CPU. Just check that your CPU should have enough fans and check whether your CPU’s cooler is working well or not. 

If the cooler of the CPU is not working correctly, then sometimes it can create problems.

Fix DOCP crash issue?

Sometimes Direct Overclock Profile can create issues on your system. Just read the points below. You will see the solutions for troubleshooting the problem.

Check RAM on your system – check the RAM on your system. To locate the RAM, check the qualified vendor list which manufacturers of the motherboard provide. So check it. And if there is no RAM compatibility, then buy it.

Check RAM voltage – Before buying a new RAM, check the voltage and other manual settings, such as timing, because these settings can fix the issues.

What is XMP?

It stands for extreme memory profile. XMP is a type of intel technology. It is not more than different from Basic and standard DOCP. XMP just helps you to change multiple memory settings on your device. It gives you a higher advantage than standard memory speed. You need to select a simple problem to take advantage of it.

Is it safe to enable XMP?

Yes, you can enable it without worry. You must understand the purpose of XMP. Now let’s find out if you enable XMP on your system, then will it be safe?

XMP is beneficial to set instructions into RAM control chips which is helpful to set BIOS memory properly. It also helps you to run your device’s memory at a frequent rate.

Is XMP fixed in all device’s RAM?

If you are using high-performance RAM, then definitely XMP should have all high-performance RAM. 

Especially all high-performance RAM runs above standard DDR industry. 

If you don’t want to enable XMP on your system, it will run based on its standard rules. Those rules depend on your system’s CPU. 

You can not take advantage of higher clock speed. But your RAM may have this advantage. In my opinion, it will be better for your system to take advantage of enabling XMP.

Can I say that XMP and DOCP are the same?

Yes, you can say that XMP and DOCP are both the same thing for your system’s RAM because these both help you give a higher clock speed, which is the best advantage for your system’s RAM.

What effect does XMP have on devices?

It does not have a harmful effect on your devices. But also it helps you to increase the performance of your system. So you should enable it on your system. 

Does XMP affect RAM’s life?

If you have read all the questions and answers from the beginning of this page, you can guess the answer to this question.

XMP does not affect your system’s or RAM’s life. It helps both of these to increase the performance. 

We have told you above that it increases the voltage and speed. 

But one thing was left. It also increases the latency for your system.

Difference between DOCP and XMP

What is the essential difference between DOCP and XMP?

XMP: If we talk about the difference between XMP and DOCP, there is only one difference. That XMP is available in the latest motherboards, which are with an Intel CPU.

Docp: But there is one more type of motherboard that is AMD. They have both DOCP and XMP. 

Both of those things are designed for the same purpose.

Are DOCP and XMP the best enabling option for games?

Yes, we have told you above about these both of things, now you must have a good idea for both. So yes, it will help you in your games as well. You should enable DOCP or XMP because this helps to increase the gaming performance by 5%-10%.

5-10% is not a small quantity. Strongly you should enable these on your pc.


 In this article, we have learned about a topic related to both hardware and software. We have covered some hardware issues and how to fix them. We have discussed the available and best solution too.

Just read the article and find the solution for which you were seeking. We have tried to choose a simple style to write the content so you can understand it easily. We have covered as many points as possible related to today’s topic. For example, XMP is not a point of the case. But In reality, it is related to DOCP. That is why we have covered many questions for XMP too.

I am sure that if you were reading at first about DOCP. Now you must get a clarification of all steps and instructions. It’s not right that we have covered only simple points, but we have also covered some advanced topics. So you will not face any one issue.

At the end of this topic, too, I would like to comment and share your struggles with your issues regarding today’s topic. We want to make articles to help you guys. You might not have any doubts now. So let’s end the discussion.

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