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Pit Boss Error Code List- How to fix?

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or a novice, troubleshooting a grill’s performance can occasionally be necessary to maintain optimum performance. Pit Boss is a prevalent brand in the grilling and barbecuing industry, known for their durability and high-quality performance. However, like all grills, Pit Boss models may display error codes from time to time, indicating an issue with the system. Here, we discuss some of the common Pit Boss error codes and provide practical solutions to rectify them.

The Common Pit Boss Error Codes

ERV/ERR: This code signifies that the probe wire is either broken or unplugged. To resolve, make sure the connection to the controller is secure or replace the broken probe.

ErH: If this code shows, it means the temperature inside the grill exceeds 615°F. In this case, open the lid to let some heat out and lower the temp setting.

ErL: This code means that the temperature inside the grill is too low, below 125°F. To fix this issue, make sure the lid is closed and the vents are not blocked.

EfU: An ‘EfU’ error code indicates that the flame has gone out and failed to reignite. Check to see if there is plenty of fuel in the tank and try to reignite the grill. If the problem persists, it may be an issue with the burner or the igniter.

Pit Boss P Setting Error

The ‘P’ setting on a Pit Boss grill controls the grill’s pellet output, subsequently controlling the temperature within the grill. When the P setting is too high, the grill may struggle to maintain a consistent temperature or may produce excessive smoke. To fix this issue, decrease the P setting.

Hopital Igniter Error

In pellet grills, the device responsible for lighting the pellets is known as the igniter rod. Over time or due to manufacturing defects, it may fail to light the pellets. If your Pit Boss doesn’t seem to ignite the pellets, check if the igniter rod is glowing red hot. If it’s not or if it’s visibly damaged, it’ll have to be replaced.

Pit Boss Primer Button Error

The primer button is designed to feed pellets into the grill to aid in starting the fire. However, if it’s used incorrectly or continuously pressed, it may flood the fire pot with pellets and cause a burn-back fire into the pellet hopper. To avoid this, use the primer button sparingly, typically only needed for the initial start-up.

How To Prevent Pit Boss Error Codes

While troubleshooting Pit Boss error codes is essential, the best solution is prevention. Regular grill maintenance, including cleaning the grates, emptying the ash pan, and inspecting the igniter rod, can help prevent many common error codes. Additionally, proper use of controls, like the ‘P’ setting or the primer button, can prevent errors and ensure a superior grilling experience.

By understanding these error codes and solutions, grillers can spend less time troubleshooting and more time enjoying perfectly grilled meals on their Pit Boss. Remember, always consult the grill’s manual if you’re unsure about any error code or maintenance procedure. Happy grilling!

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