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“net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm”: How to fix this issue?

How to fix the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” Issue? Among the various concerns faced by internet users, the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” issue is one of the most popular. This too has a reason that can be undoubtedly understood. While using web services, data is shared among networks of computers. This data can be easily accessed by a hacker, if not protected. So, to prevent this threat, the data is locked or encrypted before sending. This is done by SSL, which is the ‘security sockets layer.’ Our system decrypts it and data is presented before us. But sometimes, the decryption does not occur due to some reason, and the discussed error is raised. This can occur due to many reasons:-

  • If the network is not secure, that is it might have potential threats.
  • If the user’s SSL certificate is not genuine any longer.
  • The company might not have a genuine SSL certificate.

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Many errors are found on the immense network. This error should not give you any worry. Because we are always there to help you out. These errors, if keep on repeating over time, can make the use of computers and the internet a waste of time and energy. Therefore, one must know how to treat and throw it away. In this article, you will be familiarized with the various methods to do this.

How to fix the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” Issue?

However, there is nothing to be worried about this error. This issue can be easily solved. Sometimes, this error-cum-warning is a kind of boon, that might just save us from the dangerous hands of a hacker. If the network is infected with malware, Trojans, or other threats, then our valuable data is at risk if we go through this. So, it is always wise to have antivirus software activated on our system, before doing any unknown thing. So, let us know how to fix it up.

How to fix the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” Issue?

In this case, we have to decide that the problem is with our device or with the server.

For this, first of all, try to open the same website from any other route on the same device. If the problem does not show again, then the problem is with our part. But if the problem persists, then the server might be wrong. If the problem is with us, then you might try out the fixes given below.

Fix1: Temporarily disabling the antivirus software

In most antivirus software, there is an option of enabling and disabling the ‘Web protection’ service. This feature is dominant while we are using the internet. This monitors our activity and responds against suspicious responses. This might also be the very reason, due to which our website is not opening. We have to:-

  1. Go to antivirus software.
  2. Find the “web protection” feature option.
  3. If it is enabled, then disable it.
Temporarily disabling the antivirus software
  1. Try opening the website again.

In most cases, this fix is helpful, but if it is not in your case, then try out others. And yeah, never forget to enable the “web protection” feature again after the website has opened.

Fix2: Using command prompt

The command prompt is a very powerful tool to fix almost any issue that arises within our device. An error, like the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm”, can be easily solved by this method. But remember, this will work only if the windows in your device is genuine, not a copy of it. For this fix, the user has to pass on some commands to the system.

  • You have to first open the Command prompt by using the option, “run as administrator”.
  • If you do not know how to open it, then go to the search bar, or Press “Windows + S”.
  • Then type “Cmd” or “command prompt” and follow the instructions.
  • After it opens, pass the commands which have been presented below.
ipconfig /registerdns
nbtstat -r
netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset
  • The commands have to be passed one by one, and necessarily in the same sequence as shown below.
  • Try to reload the website after completing the above process. Most probably, the website will open.

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Fix3: Clear the search history

Browsing or search history might also stop the website from opening. But this will require clearing the data from the very beginning. This means that all your passwords, recent sites, and other information will be permanently deleted. So, it is advised to create a backup of them.

First, go to your browser’s settings. E.g.;-

Clear the search history

Then go to the bottom-most area of the page. You might be able to spot the option of “Advanced”. Click on it and you will be shown other options( In some cases, this option will also be visible without clicking on the advances option).


Then select the option of “clear browsing data” and a dialogue box will appear.

clear browsing data

 Then under the “Privacy and security” section, click on ‘Clear browsing data’. This will take you to another dialogue box.

Then select all the options in the list, and go to the ‘time period’ option. There, select the option of “All time” or “from the beginning”. Then click on ‘clear data’. This will then take some time to automatically delete all the data of the sites visited, passwords, recent tabs, downloads, etc. from the database of your browser.

select the option of "All time" or "from the beginning"

This process will also remove all the cache and useless data. And then on opening the site, maybe the “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” problem will not show its face again. The cache is a kind of a storage location, which stores data for some time, which helps websites and applications to load faster. Thus, there are greater chances for the site to open successfully.

Fix4: Renew SSL state

As told earlier, data is encrypted and is obtained in an SSL state. Our system will first check whether the SSL certificate of the website is genuine or not. This helps it to prevent harmful sites from opening. But if we trust the website we are opening, we can clear the SSL cache too. This can be done by ‘windows control panel’.

First, press the buttons – ‘Windows + R’. This will open the control panel, and a dialogue box will open


In the dialogue box, type “inetcpl.cpl”, which will take you to another box. “inetcpl.cpl” stands for ‘internet control panel’.

Then go to the content column and find the option of ” Clear SSL state”. Click on it.

Clear SSL state for net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm

This will clear the SSL cache, and your system will forget the SSL status of the website. This is an effective method, and your site may open.

Final Fix: Go through the error

This method should be used only if other methods do not work. This can prove to be a costly mistake too if the site is infected with malware. For this:-

  • Just try to open the site. The same error will show.
  • You will then have to click on the ‘advanced option’. This will open the site, by ignoring the warning.
  • Then, you will be able to spot the dim option saying “proceed to (your site).com”. This is to make sure that you trust the website and are ready to ignore the error.

Because this is the manual option of bypassing the error itself, this method will surely work, but with this, also comes the risk of malware, Trojans, viruses, and worms, etc.

How to fix net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm, on a MacBook

The same hectic problem of “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” might also appear on MacBook, which is completely different from Windows.

For much of the time, the method is the same for all. But some specific fixes, such as using the “Windows Run” or command prompt, might not be useful. This is because MacBook has its operating system, IOS, and not “Windows”.

To open the command prompt on a MacBook, there is another protocol.

  • First, go to the Applications folder.
  • Find the utility sub-folder and open it.
  • You will find the “Terminal” application. Then double click on it and the command prompt with a white background will open.
  • Then pass the commands told above in the same order.

How to fix net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm on Linux

Well, “Linux” does not present a serious problem. This error can be fixed on Linux easily by following any of the methods told above, except for some specific ones like the “Windows runner” one.

   But if you do not know how to open the command line, then no need to worry. Just use the shortcut – “CONTROL + ALT + T”. This will open the command prompt. Then you know what to do further.

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Other methods to fix net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm

Method1: Again clear cache

This time, you have to clear the cache in the browser itself. Maybe, the stored information about the website is not allowing it to open. For this:

    Go to settings of the browser.

    Then find the “Clear cache” option and click on it.

Method2: Update the browser

If the version of your browser is old, then it might not be having the services required to open the website. So it may be helpful to first update the browser to its latest version.

Update the browser

Method3: Change the settings

We all keep on changing the settings of our browser, to do different tasks and suit the browser to different situations. But this may also stop some other apps or websites from opening. For this:

    Go to settings in the browser.

    Find the option of “Default settings”. And restore to original setting.

restore to original setting

Method4: For the service provider

This error can drastically reduce the traffic on a website, which can lead to losses for it. So, even web service providers should also try their best to keep this error away.

    They should renew their SSL certificate as soon as it gets expired.

    Always get a genuine SSL certificate, not a fake one.

Some useful tricks for net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm

  1. Check the date and time of your device, and correct if required.
  2. Restart the device.
  3. Reload the website.
  4. Try to change the network connection you are using.

If the problem is faced with every website, try to scan and fix your system. Maybe, it is your system that is the real criminal.


There are many errors faced by many users, but it should be remembered that every error has a fix. The error of “net::err_cert_weak_signature_algorithm” is nothing when compared to the other big problems. Just try to do the right step. Be wise enough to have antivirus software and also to create a backup of your valuable and confidential files, before doing anything mysterious.

Keep this in a geographically isolated place. This issue is just small enough.

I hope that the article was useful to you, and it solved your problem. Keep looking for new articles on basicknowledgehub.

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