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We have come with a trending issue. Do you tripped upon the strange app com.hancom.office.editor.hidden in your machine and performed a Google hunt? No problems, basicknowledgehub has it all included. Accordingly, in this piece, we are performing to handle everything regarding com hancom office editor hidden. Because it is a package, it is inclined to freezing. In the completion, we will incorporate remarkable well-familiar methods of fixing “com.hancom.office.editor.hidden has stopped, unfortunately”. So, make sure you go into this complete 5 minutes view!


What is com.hancom.office.editor.hidden

From its title, you are well conscious of the point that this is a package name that deals including the Hancom Office suite. The office suite outputs rendered by well-renowned tech behemoths like Google, Microsoft are mostly practiced. Moreover, WPS Office goods are economical among Android users. Honestly addressing, these goods are more generally practiced than Hancom office commodities.

As a decision, this package is determined pre-built in nearly all of the android machines assembled in South Korea. Some of the corporations include Samsung and LG. Henceforth, if you are using a Samsung or an LG appliance, the possibilities are that this package is pre-installed on your phone.

Moreover, first things first, to understand the term, let’s break it into its constituents. It comprises “Hancom Office Editor”. Now, what is Hancom?

About Hancom

Hancom is an office suite computer software programmer in South Korea. That’s to say, the very first software this company created was Hangul, which was a native word processing application for the Korean language. The background of Hancom is quite remarkable. At that moment, the company was facing bankruptcy due to various factors. Software piracy, the Asian financial crisis, and poor company management had practically got it broke. To improve this, Microsoft (the company that had 15% market penetration in office package software) provided $20 million USD into Hancom.

This was because Microsoft needed to prevent Hancom from producing Hangul. They needed them to pay off the Microsoft Word Program. On the other hand, the company fought back with just a small support in the government and its own people. Koreans began paying for the top softwares they employed. To rescue the company, they increased approximately $10 million, and all this has been done through a nationwide effort. This means that it turned into a federal issue. It was on 27th May, 2020 which Hancom introduced into notice, the coming of the most recent edition of Hancom Office.

The Hancom Office Productivity Suite saves around 60 percent the price when compared to Microsoft Office, according to the Hancom Group. As a special incentive, Hancom can also be offering a 30-day free trial. This can be done for the customers to go through the product providing all Hancom Office Word, Hancom recorder shell, demonstration applications, Hancom Space, and internet office.

The Office Suite is made accessible in two chief languages, both English and Korean. It remains Hancom’s most important product. The product listing contains:

Hancom’s main product

The major international partner of Hancom includes Samsung, Google, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Polycom, iFLYTEK and Fibercorp. The Office Suite is made available in two main languages, English and Korean. It still remains Hancom’s main product. The product list comprises:

  • HanCell – which is a spreadsheet application, just like Microsoft Excel
  • HanShow – which is a delivering program, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Hancom Office 2020 International Version
  • HancomOffice Hanword
  • HanWord – which is a word program, related to Microsoft Word
  • Hancom Office Hanword Viewer (the software that serves for viewing)
  • HancomSpace
  • Documen
  • Docs Converter

Any of them can be hold com.hancom.office.editor.hidden package mainly Hancom Office

Here’s a list of some products that are discontinued by Hancom.

  • NetHangul
  • HanTex, or Hangul TeX program
  • Hangul Print, which is a printing program
  • HanMaek, which is a Hangul I/O program
  • HanGrim, which is a vector drawing program
  • HanArum, that includes Office products

Samsung and LGE Gadgets

They are some famous corporations headquartered in South Korea. Hence, the Hancom package is essentially pre-installed in android machines produced by these troops. In one of our prior articles, we have previously reported LGE devices(com.lge.shutdownmonitor– The shutdown monitor), so make sure you check them out. In this section, let us see some exciting data about Samsung.

  • The Samsung Group is the most comprehensive South Korean multinational conglomerate.
  • Lee Byung-Chul established Samsung as a trading company in 1938. As far as global label value is involved, Samsung has a fantastic rank of 8 in it! (as of 2020)
  • Samsung has globalized its enterprises in manufacturing electronics products. Mobile phones and semiconductors are Samsung’s chief source of income.
  • Back in 2008 or so, when Samsung shares fell, Apple sought to ban sales of seven-eight smartphones. These added Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 AT&T, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 TMobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Prevail in the US. In 2015, Samsung was awarded more US patents than some tech titans, including IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, and even Google.
  • The Galaxy range of Samsung is its most successful smartphone series.

Hancom Office Application

  • Hancom Office is an office application, comparable to Microsoft Office. It enables its users to inspect and edit documents (you do it often in MS Word). Documents generated in Hancom Office and Microsoft Office are established, which can be done on various mobile devices. This makes the Hancom Office extraordinarily portable and straightforward to use.
  • It passes a complete PC-like experience. It’s similar to that of Hancom Office for Windows.
  • It is reasonable to view all kinds of documents (HWP and PDF) without even signing up on Hancom space.
  • However, if you require to enter the editing features and functionality, you need to contribute to the Hancom service. Subscription of Hancom Space can be exercised either every month or every year. If you are enthusiastic about going for a subscription plan, check out the rates, they offer on their official website.
  • You can take the subscription from within the Hancom Office app. Installing Hancom Space is not essential. You can then experience the fully-featured Hancom Office.
  • However, please regard that if you are not signed in to Hancom Space, the Hancom Office will work as a spectator only. You won’t e able to use their other cloud services either.
  • When you’re signed in to Hancom Space, other cloud assistance would be made available.
  • Finally, after a premium recommendation to Hancom Space, Hancom Office works as an editor.

Is com.hancom.office.editor.hidden a virus?

  • The “hidden” in its signature may present rise to the question in your mind that it’s a virus. However, it is not.
  • It is an official package of Hancom made pre-built into various devices manufactured by partnerships headquartered at South Korea.
  • So, even if you haven’t placed the Hancom office app from the Google Play store, this package is likely to remain in your device.

How to fix “Unfortunately, com.hancom.office.editor.hidden has stopped” working?

This problem won’t really arise if you do not usually use the Hancom Office app in your android gadget. However, if you are a routine user and take advantage of the app, you may have a problem. Repeated popping up of such system package failures is really irritating and deserves a Google search to be fixed. Here are some of the well-known approaches to restore ‘com.hancom.office.editor.hidden’ has stopped working.

  • Head on to Settings > Apps.
  • Then, find and click on All Applications / Running Applications (the page where you get to see all system and installed apps).
  • Find “com.hancom.office.editor.hidden” and click on it.
  • Then, snap on “Force stop” to force stop the application. On the warning message, “if you force to stop this app, it may misbehave”, click OK.
  • This force stops the app, and the failure is likely to get fixed after this.
  • Unfortunately, if the fault persists, click on “Clear Data”. This clears all data for the app, including its Cache memory.

Clear cache and data of com.hancom.office.editor.hidden

  • Factory resetting is the final option if this error retains on disturbing you still. A factory reset deletes all of the necessary data in your device. Hence, take a backup of your data before completing a factory reset if you do not want to lose your data.

Last words

Amidst this pandemic, where numerous corporate divisions are offering work from residence, using Office Suite has converted significantly. Microsoft and Google Office outputs are more generally used because of their excellent characteristics and brand value. However, now that you know all regarding the Hancom Office suite, you may view their policies and contributions and give it a try.

To close this article, we have noticed that com.hancom.office.editor.hidden is an in-built package that has to do with the Hancom Office app. If you’re practicing Samsung or LG devices (companies headquartered in South Korea), this package is likely to be pre-installed. The Hancom Office app or Hancom Space is also possible in the Google Play repository for download. Hancom also offers Office suite software for Windows. As they claim, the android app supplies you with a complete PC-like experience. That is to say, do not trouble about the “hidden” in the package name; it has zero to do with the package being a virus. There is no statement saying that some antivirus has proclaimed that it’s a virus. Nevertheless, do not try to mess with it or uninstall it if you have root admittance. This may make other strange difficulties as outcomes.

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