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YouTube Not Working Fix: Android And Browser

You have stuck on the problem of YouTube Not Working, let’s fix it. Why doesn’t YouTube work on my device? I have some helpful tips and tricks for fixing your YouTube problems if that’s what you’ve looked for on the web lately. You may know that YouTube is probably the world’s largest video hosting service. Every minute the video uploading hours are handled by the Google company. Actually, because you all have to look at yourself, according to one calculation

With more than 1.5 billion logged-in users per month, YouTube is the largest online video platform worldwide. Video is posted over 400hours a minute and videos are downloaded over a billion hours a day. And, how do you discover that YouTube doesn’t work?

Google does an outstanding job of maintaining YouTube, but sometimes the service goes down. Unfortunately, you’ve never had a YouTube on Google App Status dashboard. It can be hard to decide whether you’re the only one. Normally, we recommend going straight to the mouth of the horse–at least on Facebook.

There are some common problems that can disrupt your service if everything is up and running. The most common question? Videos will not play. Videos won’t play. For obvious reasons, this can be a real pain, especially for those who regularly use YouTubes.If your access to YouTube and viewing videos is difficult, read on. There are several remedies here for Android devices and PCs for the most common issues with YouTube.

YouTube Not Working
YouTube Not Working

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YouTube Not Working in Android

Fix1 : Reswitching On the device

A restart of a computer solved several smartphone-related problems. This closes apps, among others, that can cause the problems you have in the background.

It takes just a minute or so to find an easy and fast solution. You can simply push and hold the power button on your smartphone if you consider YouTube not running and tap on the reload feature on the phone. Open the YouTube app and see if the problem is solved after the screen turns on.

Keep and tap the device’s power button > Click the reset option on the phone > Try to play a YouTube video when the system is switched on.

Fix 2: Scan the connectivity

This may be attributed to connection problems when videos do not play on YouTube. When you see YouTube not working, then you can see whether or not the setup screen — Wi-Fi or wireless networks is linked to the internet.

You’ve never found the problem if you aren’t. So when you’re connected, see if you really have internet access, start searching for something on Google. In certain cases, you might have Wi-Fi links, but for several reasons, there is still no Internet access— router concerns, network operation…In the view of Google searches and other activities connected to the internet except for YouTube, you mustn’t be responsible for the link.

Launch the device’s settings menu > Hook up to Wi-Fi or the network of your carrier — if not > Unlock the Youtube application and attempt to play a video.

Fix 3: Modernize Your System

There’s a risk, although a slight one, that an obsolete version of Android will cause you to find YouTube not to function. Open the software settings menu, pick “Device Updates” and, if available, download the upgrade. note that, in the “Service Changes” menu, then the “About Phone” option may be found depending on your computer.

Tap the Install button and allow the system to boot again once you have downloaded the update. Then open YouTube and test whether the problem remains.

Switch the Configuration screen for the device > Press “Device updates” in the “My computer” tab, > Uninstall and upgrade if appropriate.

Fix 4: Keeping the clear cache

The following patch is for clearing the cache and data on Twitch. The former eliminates temporary data, while the latter removes all device data, including different settings.

Open the device’s settings menu, click “Games” and choose YouTube. The next move is to pick “Clear data and Clear cache” that will have two options. Delete the cache and check if YouTube is running now

Open menu range of the app > Select YouTube and tap “Download.” > Select the option ‘ Clear Cache / Clear Data ‘ and tap ‘ Clear Cache.

How can I patch a black screen failure on YouTube?

If you have a mistake on your Computer in YouTube black screen. Now, in this case, the problem might be that YouTube does not load the video. But on your side, it might be.

You will try to sign out and log in again from your YouTube account. Below, if you have an ad-blocker built on your computer one important thing that you might cause for problems. Attempt to uninstall it in that situation.

The same procedures as clearing the web cache and upgrading the browser to repair the black-screen bug on YouTube.

Youtube Is Not Working in Browser

Let us just think about certain different channels now. You can take care of the following if YouTube doesn’t fit your PC running a Chrome browser.

  • A. Restart your PC and Google Chrome Indeed, it is the cliché guidance you get from customer support. Nonetheless, it is most often helpful to restart your computer and your browser.
    • Here is how Google Chrome can be restarted. In the address bar select the following and press Enter. Make sure all your effort has been preserved.
  • B. When YouTube doesn’t work, you may want to clear your Chrome cache after reinitiation when YouTube doesn’t work, then the old cache on your Chrome browser can be removed. How can I do this—
    • Go to Setup by pressing the menu > Tap on Clear Browsing Data and scroll down for the privacy and security header > Use as All-time the time range > Check photos and data saved. You can also click Cooked and other web features if you like.
    • Click Open data. Press Clear data > It is also helpful to delete the cache in your browser when your YouTube site is not loaded entirely on your computer.
  • C. Sometimes a bad plugin might be the reason why YouTube doesn’t operate on Chrome. See if there are fishy Chrome extensions enabled. You may also search for the incorrect plugins the browser could mess up.
    • Tap on the menu of 3 points > Click on Additional Options and then click Extensions.
  • D. Try to ensure you’re upgrading Google Chrome This too is a key tip for youTube to work correctly. By go to Support > For Google Chrome, you can search if you have the new version of Google Chrome.

YouTube Not Working in Firefox

Method 1: use another browser

Always try to check that if you can use another browser available in your system to run the YouTube application properly.
The first move is to decide if the “YouTube doesn’t work” issue is only present in Mozilla Firefox or in other browsers enabled. Finish this process. Open any other Web browser and search if you can see videos from YouTube, such as Internet Explorer. Check Internet Connection for yourself when the same problem occurs. If it is OK, update your display adapter drivers. Continue to take the next step if you can see YouTube videos using a different browser.

Method 2. Deactivate Firefox Hardware Acceleration

The next step in addressing the “Firefox’s Non-Loading YouTube Movies” issue is to uninstall Firefox’s hardware Acceleration. Select Options from the Firefox image menu > Uncheck the “Use Suggested Performance Parameters” box and then uncheck the “Use Hardware Acceleration While Kept” box under Performance Setting > Restart Firefox and try playing a YouTube video. Continue the next step if the problem continues.

Method 3. Clear data browsing (cookies/cache).

To do so: 1. Open Firefox, and press Ctrl + Shift + Deletion. 2. Select Everything above, then click Remove. The next step for resolving the “Youtube video not loading” issue in Firefox is to delete browsing data > Again start your firefox and play youtube videos

Method 4: Set the default settings for Firefox.

Sometimes, because of a corrupted Firefox extension, YouTube videos won’t load in Mozilla Firefox. Press do continue and reset options available. Choose Help > Fix information from the Firefox image menu > Disable Ads On and start it again. When Firefox restarts, try to watch a movie, video song, or simply a video on YouTube. And take the action, according to the effect.

  1. Instance A: If the videos can be run. One by one they deactivate all the extensions and take a deep look at which of it was causing the problems and try to fix it usually.
  2. Instance B: When you still can’t watch YouTube videos, switch to the “Information troubleshoot” page again to restore the browser to previous configurations by clicking on Reset Firefox.

Friends I have covered all the fixes related to YouTube Not Working Solutions issues. But still, if you have any queries comment down and let me allow you to help you.

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