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How to use youtube.com/activate


Our lives are in desperate need of entertainment in today’s world. This entertainment can be in the form of videos, web series, images, movies, or any other kind. All this makes our life easier and filled with pleasure. How to use youtube.com/activate? Moreover, there are many platforms such as websites, apps, or other things, which gather and present all this before us in a single place. These platforms are loved by people and their users, to whom they provide the utmost and the best user experience. But in all these apps and websites, there are some of them that are different from others and whose services are the best and unique.

But when we try to rank these selected apps too, then the one which is truly outstanding is “YouTube”. It is an app that is liked by all, loved by all, and used by all. We can watch something informative and gain a good amount of knowledge. Also, we can also watch our favorite movies and view our favorite stars in action. We can also view the lengthy, yet amazing web series. Due to this amazing app, we can keep up with the pace of this quickly changing world. Providing us with all the facilities we need, this is one of the most used services in the entire world. Learning, entertainment, and enjoyment have been taken to a new and extraordinary realm by this single app. Everyone is aware of it for it is the best and amazing. However some time YouTube Not Working properly on Android & some browsers.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a service and a website that has been launched much before and is currently provided by Google. It provides the users with various services and features. Some of them include watching videos, making videos, changing the quality, conducting podcasts, watching live videos, and many more. It also provides some features that help us to view the videos in the way we want to. These are changing the quality of videos, changing its playback speed and switching on the subtitles, or switching them off. These help us to do many things.

We can also make our own YouTube channels and upload videos. Further, we can also see the views and likes or dislikes that a video has got. This all helps us to keep connected with the outside world, which is changing rapidly, so that we are not left behind. YouTube is a free-to-use service which can be used by anyone who has an internet connection and a device to use it. But there are some in-app purchases that are optional to be used. They give access to newer and more advanced features that are not available in the simple version of YouTube.



YouTube has just recently rolled out a new ad useful feature, the YouTube.com/activate. This new feature must be completed by following a specific protocol. This service of streaming videos can be used on any kind of device. We can make or view videos and use other services on our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or computers. But as we know, these are not the only devices nowadays. In today’s world, we have smartwatches, the smart TV, and many more devices which can prove to be better than traditional ones to entertain ourselves. We can now use the services of YouTube on our TV also. But the condition is that your TV should be smart and must support the system of using these services, the way it is in most of the TV that are rolling out of factories today.

What is the YouTube activation?

YouTube is a service that is not confined to a single device. When we first use the app, we are asked by the server to sign up with an ID. This can be our email Id, Gmail ID, or any other which is appropriate. This is done so that we can use that ID to log in to google on any other device. We can also use YouTube on different devices with the same ID also. For instance, we might want to use YouTube on our smart TV. Then we must sign in or log in. If you want to use the ID you used on your mobile, then this can also happen.

But to keep the intriguers away, there is a short security test. The user who is trying to log in must use an eight-digit verification figure. This is displayed on our device’s screen. Then the system asks us to use that eight-digit code to log in by filling it in the required area. If the code you have used is correct, then you will log in successfully and you will be able to use the services. This process of using that unique eight-digit code is known as the “YouTube activation”. And that unique reference code to activate YouTube is known as “YouTube activation code”. And activation is done through “YouTube.com/activate

How to use the YouTube activation code?

Further, there is a specific protocol to use this unique code. You will have to enter the code in the area that has been specified by the system. Further, there will be many steps that must be completed in order to connect the devices and activate YouTube via youtube.com/activate. The further steps will include signing in with your Google account and then providing the password, then selecting the YouTube channel. Then finally your device will be connected to YouTube.

The various steps

The steps that are involved in activating the YouTube are described below.

  • First, you will have to switch on your smart TV or any other device.
  • Then open youtube.com/activate.
  • Then you will have to choose the option of sign in by remote or any other way that is appropriate for the device.
  • After choosing the option of sign-in, you will be asked by YouTube to fill the unique eight-digit code that will be displayed on the screen of your device.
  • After you will have correctly filled the code in the specified area, you will be taken to another page. Here you will be asked to choose the google account through which you want to sign in and then run the YouTube.
  • After selecting the account, you want to use, you will be asked to fill in the password. You might also be able to spot the option of “Forgot password” that can be used If you do not remember the password of the account.
  • After filling in your password, you will be asked to select the YouTube channel you use. You will have to choose the one that is currently used by you.
  • Finally, if all the information provided is correct and all the steps have been performed, you will be able to see the message which will read that the device has been successfully connected.

If you see that message then it is good as your device has activated the YouTube and now, you can use all the services and features of YouTube.

How to solve the issue when YouTube activate does not work?

There are chances that one or another step might go wrong and the whole process might end up by showing an error. The error might be that the YouTube activation was not successful. In this case, you will not be able to use YouTube on the device on which you are trying to activate it. This might stop you from enjoying the amazing services of YouTube and might also keep you away from entertainment. So, it is important to find a solution to the problem and then use it to remove the issue.

There are many methods to resolve the issue and activate the YouTube via youtube.com/activate. Some of them have been described below.

1.) Retrying to use the activation

The problem might be presented due to a temporary condition. So, retrying to use the app can help to resolve it. This will not take any extra effort or time. So, you should first of all try this method only as there are high chances that the problem will be removed.

2.) Restarting the device or phone

There might be a problem with the system or the device. Mat be the networks are not coordinating. So, restarting the device you are using can also help you to resolve the problem. Just remove the running background apps and then restart the device you are using. In the case of a smart TV, you can simply switch it off and then turn it on. But remember, it would be good if you will turn it on after soma time, like after one or two minutes. If you can wait more than that, then the chances of resolving might increase.

3.) Use troubleshooting

If you are able to spot the option of “Troubleshooting”, then you can use it. If it detects any fault or something wrong in the process, then it will inform you. You can then correct the wrong things and try to activate YouTube again via youtube.com/activate. There are high chances that your app will start working as the problems have been detected by the system itself. So, this method is an effective one.

In the XBOX

The above methods are for nearly all the devices, as the app is same on all the systems. Moreover, the systems provided by the server will function in a similar way. The process to activate YouTube on XBOX is almost same. But there are some slight changes.

First, go to the app and open it.

Then put in the verification code. The system will ask you to follow the processes that have been told above. The further process is same as the ones in Windows, Android and Apple TV.

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Tips and tricks for YouTube.com/activate

  1. If the YouTube activate (youtube.com/activate) does not work on using the methods, then you can try to remove the cache. It can be done by going to settings, then going to apps section, selecting the app, and then clearing the cache.
  2. if the methods are not working, then check the quality of the internet connection you are using. A poor connection can also raise the error. If the connection is good and the app is not working, then try to switch to another network. This can resolve the issue.
  3. You can also try to activate the app on any other device and also check if there any faulty setting in the current device.


There are many apps without whom our lives might slow down, at least for the ones who love them. YouTube is one of them. The good updates, the amazing services, and the entertaining videos raise the level of entertainment. Further, if this amazing app is used on an amazing device like the smart TV, then there is no limit to the pleasure. But inevitable, some issues are faced by the users. The most common of them, the issue in YouTube activation via youtube.com/activate has been described and resolved in this article. Now, maybe the problem will never ever trouble you again.

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