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How to run exe files on android


Well, how are you guys? I hope you are not facing a problem with the topics which we have discussed earlier. We have a new topic: run .exe on android. We got your request to write an article on how to run exe files on android.

After collecting the important questions for this topic, we are writing the solutions and important points on this page. Just read about both of these exe and APK files.

Let’s read about the exe file and how to run exe files on your android system. Just keep reading the article till the end. You can run all android applications on your android phone. 

But how can you run an exe file on your same android phone? There is some software available. You can download any one from them to convert the exe file into APK. 

We will learn about the app available through that we can run windows applications on our android devices. Just read the whole page and know the name of that app.

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What are the .exe files?

Exe is an executable file format. There are many types of files, and executable is one of them. It is a type of file with a program that helps to execute files. It is a type of executable file that includes the programs and runs them as a computer program.

What do you understand about the APK?

APK stands for Android package kit. It is also a type of extension for android files. These APK files are used in google android os apps. Suppose you need to update your APK files. You have to update them on the google play store.

How to run exe files on android?

Suppose you want to run exe files on your android device. Then you need to download the Inno setup extractor. It will allow you to open exe files on your android device.

  • Open your play store.
  • Search Inno setup extractor.
  • Download and install it.

Then download the exe file which you want to see on your android.

You can directly download Inno software from the given link below. 

Download Inno setup – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.armed pineapple.innoextract

What is an exe runner app for android?

Based on research, there is the best DOS BOX app, to run exe on android.

You do not have to search from where you can download it because your friend is here to help you.

  • Just open the play store on your android device.
  • Search for the DOSBOX app on the search bar above.
  • Download and install it.

Just follow the given instructions above. And open your exe file on your android phone. 

How do I get Inno Setup Extractor?

As the same as the other apps, it is also available on the google play store. Just visit your play store and type the Inno setup extractor app. You will get the name of it on the first stop of your display. Click on download and then install it. Do not worry about the subscription plan. It is a free app that you can use without paying any money.


What is the difference between APK files and exe files?

One thing is most common in both of these files. APK and exe both are executable files for your different devices. But we are going to learn only a basic difference in both of these.

APK – As I told you earlier, it is an executable file like exe. But its purpose is different from exe. APK files are used in android devices.

Exe – Exe files are used for windows. You can not run these files on your android. If you hardly want to run it on your android, download any app to execute exe files on your android device.

Can you convert your exe file to APK?

Yes, you can convert an APK from your exe files. It is just like an image to a pdf file converter. There are many tools and apps available for the image to pdf converters.

Similarly, exe files can also convert into APK. You can use the best converter tool. I want to suggest to you an APK Installer and launcher tool.

You don’t have to search on another page to download the APK Installer and launcher. We have given the link below.

Link for download APK Installer and launcher –


Note – there are some other ways also to convert exe files into APK. You can convert your exe file through other software as well.

How can you run a .EXE file?

You can run your exe files in two ways. The first way is just double tap on the exe file. The file will be open, and you can see it on your display.

Another way is different from the previous. Here you can select a program from given pop options. Exe file will start to run with the selected option.

What do you understand about the EXE file on your android?

As you have seen, a similar answer is above. You will have to download an exe extractor on your android device. Only then you can download your exe file and run it.

Because APK files are supported on your android device, but no exe files are supported. Android devices can not allow you to work with exe files without having any exe files extractor.

What are the steps to convert the EXE file to PDF?

Most of the time, You convert your images and word files into a pdf file. Here we are telling you how you can convert your exe file into a pdf file. Just download a free PDF24 tool on your device. It is a good way to convert your file extensions.

  • Download a PDF24 tool
  • Open the .exe file with a reader from your device.
  • Click on Print the file on the virtual PDF24 PDF printer.
  • The PDF24 assistant will open, and you will get these options to save it as a PDF, email, fax. And you can edit a new file.

Can you download windows apps on your android devices?

You can run many apps on your android phone simultaneously. But Android devices support android programs only. It is not capable of running any other operating system’s programs. 

What are the XAPK files?

XAPK files are also a type of package used to download and install the android app on your android devices. It is a new file format that helps you with your android packages and games. It is the same as an APK file. But it is a little bit smarter than the APK file. It has some extra content that may not be in APK files.

How do you convert XAPK files to APK?

If you want to convert your XAPK files into APK files, there are many possible ways to convert them. For example, there are different ways to convert XAPK into APK on your windows, mac, and android.

Let’sLet’s discuss your android device.

  • Go to the play store and search for the XAPK installer app.
  • First of all, download and install the XAPK installer app on your android device.
  • Once it is installed. Please open it and select those XAPK files which you want to install.
  • Click on the installed button.
  • Finally, the XAP installer installs your XAP files on your android device.

How can you convert APK to exe?

It is very easy to convert an APK file into exe. Suppose you want to run your APK file on your computer’s windows. Here is the best thing which can help you to convert your APK file into exe. 

You have to download the android emulator on your computer. It will run your APK app on your windows.

There are few other ways too, which are also useful to run APK files on your windows. But we have discussed an easy way. So go through with it.

Can you run Windows 10 on your Android phone?

Yes, you can run your windows ten on your smartphone. Many smart engineers utilize smart technologies and features. They have built a Microsoft launcher app for running windows applications on your android device. You have to download the Microsoft launcher app on your phone. Do sign in to this app with your Microsoft username and password.

Set it as the default home screen of your smartphone. If you want to open your other windows’ applications like word, excel and PowerPoint on your android device. You have to download an office app to run these things.

Can you install android on your Windows 10?

You can just run your android applications on your windows. If the app supports only the android device, I can say that an app is created for access only android devices. It can not download and install without changing its extensions. We discussed above to change your APK into exe. You can again read that paragraph carefully. 


To conclude the discussion, let’s briefly review what we have studied in this article. We understood exe and apk files. How do we convert one extension to another? We have learned about the tools through which we can convert our exe files into apk files. You have two different ways to convert your file extension.

In the above content, we have included all the necessary steps and guidelines to study the exe file conversion into apk. I hope you did not do anything in the exe and apk file. After reading the above text on this page, you got many things. For example, now you must go about exe runner apps and convert your exe extension into android.

Every person has a time when they need to access their Windows application on their androids like word, excel, and PowerPoint. We have completed the discussion for access to these types of files on your phone. It can also happen that you are facing any different issue. So don’t worry about it. Just look at the comment box below. Type your issue and share it with us. We will try to solve them.

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