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Hide apps in android


Hello everyone, today in this article, we came with new knowledge of hide apps in android. Maybe you don’t think about it. But I am sure that this feature will be very helpful for you all. Because this is a kind of feature which Most of you guys can’t even imagine could happen.

This article will tell you about the new technical feature “Hide apps in android.” So as we all know that this time is technology-based, and everything can happen. So don’t think that it cannot occur.

Ultimately, let’s go and talk about some points, which we will cover in the article. So guys, in this article, we are going to study all the topics related to hiding apps in android.

Suppose you think that it is not possible to hide apps on android. Then don’t think like this. Just read this entire content, and do a practical reading on your phone. I am sure that you can do it quickly. You need to pay attention only. Then you can do this task by yourself which you could not imagine before. 

So in this content, you will learn about how you can hide apps on your Mobile phone. Is there any technology to do this task or something else? You will know about the apps which are the best hider apps to hide android apps on your phone.

Hide apps in android
Hide apps in android

What is hide apps in android means?

The app hiding is nothing, but it happens to hide apps that we use to hide the application, and we want to hide those apps which we want to keep private. It is a very simple definition of app hiding. I hope that you people now understand what this is.

Is app hiding possible or not? 

Yes, why not. There are some tips given below. 

So, it is possible to hide apps. And you can understand by reading the tips and steps to hide apps.

You need to be attentive by reading the content. You can do this on your device. And you can keep your apps private. I am saying private because if you hide apps on your phone, no one can see that app except you.

Can you hide apps on android devices or IOS devices?

Yes, as we have explained in the above post that it is possible to hide apps, and now we will understand whether we can hide apps only on Android devices or if, in other words, say whether we can hide apps on iOS. 

So the answer is that we can hide the app on both Android and iOS phones, and in the below content, we will also read about all the steps by which we can do this work.

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What technology or apps are there to hide apps on your android?

You do not need any high-level technology to hide apps because we can easily do this through apps. We have to download a third-party app, and then the app will help us to hide any app. which we want.

And if you understand it, then to hide the app, you need only one app. which you can download from the play store. And we need to understand some steps and also need to do practical things on our phones. By using those steps, you can hide apps on your android phones or IOS phone easily.

Let us understand which app is required to hide apps. And what are the steps to be used to hide the app by answering the questions given below?

If there is an app to hide apps on your android, then what are those apps?

As we have explained to you in the above content, you do not need any high-level technology to hide apps. You can do this work using an app.

Now we will know that what’s the name of that app by using it. We can hide apps, then the name of that app is nova launcher prime, and we can download it by going to the google play store.

How to hide apps in android?

You can complete the task very quickly, so now we will tell you about some steps by which you can do this.

  • So, First of all, you need to go to the play store on your phone.
  • Enter the name of the nova launcher prime app on the play store. 
  • Then it will download and installed then set it as your default app launcher.
  • Now, Go to this nova app setting.
  • Click on ‘App & widget drawers.
  • Next click on hide apps under the drawer group.
  • Click on the check box of that app which you want to hide.

Which one is the best app hider for your android devices?

There are many apps to hide an application on your phone to download and use from the play store. In the research so far, the world has been considered a good hider app, which SwiftWifiStudio develops, and the name of this app is Notepad Vault.

Why are we calling this app is different from other hider apps? If you are using this app, you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of your data. In this app, users need a password, and they can access their data through that passport. That means others can’t access their hidden files and apps.

Can you hide apps without any hider app?

It is possible that you can hide the apps of your phone without any hider app, but your phone should have this feature because people have this feature in their phones so that people can hide their app on the screen of an android phone or app drawers. 

And when they want to use their hidden apps, they do not need to search much, but people whose phone does not have such a feature need a third-party app through which they can hide the app. And we have already told you about those third-party apps and how to use them, through which app you can hide apps in your phone.

How can I hide apps on my android device without disabling the apps?

Some people might think that you have to disable that app if you want to hide any app, but it is not correct because you can hide your app without disabling it.

Now we will tell you some such essential ways by using you can hide the app without disabling it.

  • You can use any third-party launcher.
  • Choose the app according to your need. 
  • Change the app name.
  • Also, change the app icon.
  • ● Rename the folder name.

Can you hide apps in any brand’s phone?

Yes, you can hide the app in any brand phone, whether the phone is from Samsung or Redmi, or Vivo. The only difference is that some brands give their features to hide the app, and in some brands, you need to download a third-party app to hide the apps. How can you hide apps on your Samsung phone?

You can follow the given steps.

  • Pinch the home screen to view more options on your Samsung phone.
  • Go on to the setting of the home screen.
  • Select the option of hiding apps.
  • Select that app which you want to hide.
  • Click on apply changes.

How can you hide apps in vivo brand’s mobile phone?

There are some instructions given by which you can hide an app on your Vivo phones also.

  • Go and Open the Settings Menu on your Vivo phone 
  • Open the Face and Password section of your phone.
  • Tap on Privacy and app encryption settings.
  • You will get the list of hiding Apps.
  • Select the app which you want to hide.
  • If the process completes, then tap on Apply. 

Finally, the app will be hidden on your Vivo mobile phones also which you want to hide.

If you are using the Redmi brand phone, then how can you do this on your smartphone?

You are using a Redmi smartphone. Then don’t worry; you can also hide apps on your smartphones.

  • Go to the smartphone setting.
  • Go to the app settings on your phone.
  • Then You will get an option “App lock” under app settings.
  • Open this app lock setting.
  • Go on top and click on hidden apps.
  • Then you will see a list of installed apps on your phone.
  • Choose the app to which you have to hide.
  • Apply the hidden app feature.

Finally, you have done the process.

Is there any apk to hide apps?

The apk (Android application package) is nothing but its application. And I have told you about all the important apps and ways to hide apps.

And there are so many apk to hide apps on your android phones. But we have discussed some popular apk. And we have discussed some other ways to hide an app.


After reading this entire content, you must have understood what the app heading is? And how is this possible or not. If possible, can you hide the app only on any android device, or can you also do it on an iOS device?

And you must have also known what technology we need to hide the app or what Features we use, and there are also some other ways available. 

And we have told you that you can hide any app in your phone by using hider apps and if you have read this article well you must have also seen some steps you should use. You can do this work easily. And in this article, you have also come to know. Which one is the best hider app? And who has made it?

You’ve also learned that you can hide apps without uninstalling or disabling them. Now you must have also understood that it is not certain that you can use this feature in a particular brand’s phone. You can use this feature in different brand’s phones in different ways. So you can use other launchers, and some phones already have some features to hide the app.

So this was the actual knowledge about app hiding on android.

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