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Message blocking is active

This article offers you complete information about message blocking is active: a popular term in your android/IOS/T phone. And what to do if message blocking is active for you.

I am sure that you people regularly use messages. You use your smartphone, mostly, you stay active on messages. When you eat the food at that time, you are also active in messages. And when you are sleeping at that time, this has clarified that you all know now about messages.

Now it’s time to understand the one most important feature of messages. That is message blocking.

So sometimes you face some problems with any person’s message or anyhow. Then, you want to block them. Still, you are facing a problem. Then don’t worry. You are reading an excellent article to avoid your problems. You will read how to check if message blocking is active or not. How to prevent its problems and all?

And we’ll also suggest to you the solutions and problems that come with this message blocking feature. And just we told you that the two most used messengers are SMS and WhatsApp. So we will talk about both.

Message blocking is active
Message blocking is active

Let’s start from the very basic understanding regarding this topic: Message blocking is active, but do not miss one of our articles: com.samsung.android.incallui

What do you mean by message blocking is active?

It is 21 century, so you all must know about messages. And we all know that there are so many messenger apps available on the play store. Each has its different kinds of interface and features, but one thing is common in all. We use messages to communicate with each other via a messaging app. That is why we use messenger apps.

So, two leading messenger apps are prevalent everywhere. The name of those apps is Whatsapp and SMS messages provided by the company or installed on your phone when you buy a new phone.

So sometimes you people add any fake or wrong user. Then you want to block that user. That means the person can’t send any message to you. It is called message blocking. If it persists continuously by the user then it is known as Message blocking is active. Also, every messenger app has this message blocking active feature.

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What is message blocking?

Message blocking is nothing to do, but it does stop the communication between two users. Who blocked each other’s contact Numbers. That means they can send and receive messages to each other.

What kinds of messages will stop if I turn on message blocking?

There are many types of forms in messages. Suppose you activate a message blocking any contact. Then it can stop sending and receiving any form of massage—whether messages in text format, video format and voice message, etc.

Why do we need to block messages?

When we don’t want to see unwanted messages, at that time, we need this powerful message blocking feature. If we check unwanted people’s messages, then it will waste our costly time. To avoid wasting your time, you should use this message blocking feature.

How can you do message blocking on android?

We have told you that there are so many apps available. You can use anyone according to your choice. 

Now here I am going to tell you about a top-rated messenger app, “WhatsApp.”

So let’s see how to block someone’s contact number from WhatsApp. 

Just follow the given points.


  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Choose and open the contact which you want to block.
  • You will get the option ‘More.’
  • Tab on the block.

Finally, your contact is blocked.

Same with these steps, you can block any user on your android phone.

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How can I do message blocking on iOS phones?

Mostly the process is the same to block anyone from the IOS device also. But we are providing steps below.

● Open your messenger.

● Go to the message conversation of the specific person.

● Click on the proper top conversation of that particular person.

● Click on info.

● Scroll down. You will get an option ‘Block.’

● Click on the block. It is a way to block someone from your IOS device. You can do this very quickly.

So there are no more changes in message blocking on your android phones and iPhones. You can use the steps discussed. And you can easily block unknown or unwanted contact from your contact list.

How to turn off message blocking active on Samsung phones?

You are using Samsung phones. So don’t worry, you can block the person easily who is doing unwanted communication with you.

● Open the setting on your device.

● Go on the top right.

● Click on more.

● Go on all sections.

● Click on messages

● Then you will find a drop-down menu.

● Then you will get three options for sending premium SMS.

● Choose one option.

What kind of problems can I face if message blocking is active?

There are many kinds of issues that can come up in it. But, after reviewing most of your problems, we got some specific issues that most of you are facing. 

● Unable to send a message.

● Message failure.

We have provided the solution to both of these problems. Just read this article till the end. And try to understand the issues and their solutions.

Solution to message blocking is an active problem?

While Answering this question, we are giving you some instructions. Using those instructions, you can get a better solution to this problem on your android. You will have an idea to fix the issue on your android device.

● Open your home screen.

● Go to settings.

● Click on the setting icon.

● Click on messages > Blocked > Edit.

You can do these same steps again to block the following contact number.

Is there any need to download any party app for the message block?

No, there is no requirement to download any third-party app to block the messages because each company provides an inbuilt feature with their smartphones. Whether you have an android smartphone or iPhone, using that inbuilt feature, you can block any contact, which you want to block.

But yes, there are some third-party apps available on the play store. So, whoever wants to use them, can download and install those apps. And they can block their contact using any third-party app also.

But we want to suggest an easy way. You do not have to download any third-party app. Just use the settings of your device and do this job with easy steps.

Name of two popular third-party apps to block messages –

Nomorobo and RoboKiller

Once you blocked someone, then can you see if they sent a message to you?

No, once you have blocked someone. Then you can’t check the message of that blocked contact. It is a fixed condition. And this is for every smart device user.

Neither you can see nor send it.

If you want to connect again with blocked contacts, then you need to unblock that blocked contact. Only then you can see their messages.

How can I avoid the problem of being unable to send messages?

As in this article, I told you about two primary messengers, simple SMS and WhatsApp.

So I will tell you about both. That means how to solve this inability to send message problems in SMS and solve this inability to send messages in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp – sometimes you people face problems such as being unable to solve messages on WhatsApp. And you all know that we need internet connectivity to send and receive messages anyhow. Then firstly, you need to make sure about your internet connectivity whether you are using the internet via wifi or your device.

SMS – if you are using simple SMS to communicate with your friends or relatives. And you are facing problems like being unable to send messages or message failures. There is one solution for this problem too.

And the solution is very simple: you should restart your device. Then resend the message again. Or, if you want, then you can copy the message and paste it again. 

How to recover the deleted text messages?

We are living in a technological world. So here everything can happen. That means nothing is possible. 

So yes, you can recover your deleted messages also. You need to think smartly, and you need to work carefully. Now I will tell you about that if you have deleted the conversation of any important person. And there were some of your essential things. Then don’t worry about this. You can recover the deleted text messages. 

And don’t think that this feature is included in any specific brand’s phones. Every brand provides this inbuilt feature with their smartphones. So you can recover your deleted messages whether you have an iPhone, Android phone, or IOS device.

And the name of this inbuilt feature is ‘backup and restore.’

● Go to Settings on your device.

●There you will get an option.

● Backup and restore.

● Click on that option.

But there is a better suggestion that I want to give you. You should choose an external storage device to store the messages.


This article was all about a prevalent problem. But most of you are facing so many issues with this message-blocking topic. And you know that we use messages in our daily communication style. 

So if you are facing a problem with this, it can affect your daily life schedule because you can get stressed or angry by yourself if you cannot block disturbing you. Then it will not create a good impression on your work also.

And in the conclusion part of this content, I want to say that you feel free from this problem. We have discussed most of the points from this ‘message blocking is the active’ topic.

We have discussed what kind of problems can come in front of you. And what are the most significant issues maximum users are facing?

we have suggested some solutions to avoid those problems. So please use that solution and take a long breath after solving your problem. Suppose you people are facing any different issues with this feature. Then tell us. let’s end the discussion and we will come back with the solution to your problem.

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