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Have you ever received an unknown error whenever you are on a call? Do you know anything about com.samsung.android.incallui? In this article, you will learn about incallui error and if someone is spying on you using incallui.  


So, let us talk about com.android.incallui. It is the call UI seen while calling someone. Most people prefer it as the call screen where you see holding, calling, muting, and other options. The above-mentioned options are available in-call-interface. Incallui is an application that helps you interact while you are on call with someone. See, this is like any other app; for example, let us talk about WhatsApp. You need WhatsApp to send a message, similarly to press the call button, you must have incallui.

Samsung is an enormous company producing one of the best smartphone manufacturers. Always among the top 3 companies, Samsung in 2018 made “ONEUI” for their smartphones. OneUI is for android devices and provides some special features. One important feature in OneUI is the calling user interface. So, whenever a user tries to make a phone call, the screen he/she looks at is the call UI known as com.samsung.android.incallui introduced by Samsung. This screen helps you interact and whenever you receive a call, it shows you the called id. Everything you see on the screen is because of incallui.

Now, you must be wondering that where is com.samsung.android.incallui. It is available in the file directory of android. Another important thing is that it is available only on Samsung phones and the user must not delete it, as it will cause trouble and make your device work slowly. Incallui makes your work easy and works mediator between you and android. Incallui gives your information when you receive a call or send messages or save notes etc.


Why is com.samsung.android.incallui used in smartphones?

By now, users must have noticed how InCallUI makes our life uncomplicated. It gives us so many features like changing volumes, recording the calls, muting the call, and taking notes while making a call. You can also lock your screen while you are on a call through sensitivity like when the smartphone comes closer to your face, it automatically turns off the screen. All these features are quite useful because of incallUI. 

Usage of com.samsung.android.incallui

Some of the important things that we use while making phone calls are: 

  • Cutting or hanging up.
  • Recording the call.
  • Call automatically going on hold when we pick someone else’s call.
  • Putting the call on mute.
  • Putting the call on Speaker.
  • Using the smartphone while staying on the call.
  • Merging call or Conference calling.
  • Using notes to save details.

But many of you must be thinking if Incallui can be used for cheating or not. The answer is loud and clear, NO.

Incallui performs only special functions related to calls. It acts as a mediator between android and the user while calling as Android cannot cut or pick up the calls for you directly. Incallui is used only for calling purposes. It is to avoid calls, hang-ups, or opening apps while staying on call. You can record your calls and save and sends data for billing. 

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Why is com android incallui used?

This software keeps logs of all the calls and experience, and more. We can generalize that it deals with the call interactions. But it has gotten very smart recently. Like if you are enjoying a video on your device and suddenly you receive a call, it pops on the top of the screen. This is very helpful for users as they can ignore calls while enjoying the video. 

NOTE: com.android.incallui is not a virus.

Uninstall com.samsung.android.incallui?

No, you cannot remove incallUI from your android device. It is a built-in software application hence you cannot remove it. You will not receive calls and it cannot be fixed as there is no third-party application. 

However, you can always use a custom ROM on your device if this is bothering you. 

How would you stop Incallui?

As mentioned above, you can not remove the incallUI but you can always stop it from running in the background. Just follow these:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Search for the apps.
  3. In apps, go to all.
  4. Search for com.android.incallUI.
  5. Click on “show system apps.”

Click on each and then wipe each.

How to fix com.samsung.android.incallui? 

Some Samsung mobiles are showing errors where com.samsung.android.incallui is not working but you can solve it by the following the steps.

  1. Open your phone.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Selects apps option.
  4. Search for incallUI.
  5. Select it and you will see a lot of information.
  6. Clear the cache data of the application.
  7. For the safer side, select the option that says “Force Restart”. 

This will solve all your issues and your device will run easily.


So in this article, we came to know a lot about com.samsung.android.incallui. We learned about the problem, how to solve it if it is crashing or not running properly. Hope you have enjoyed it. Subscribe to the YouTube channel of Gossipfunda. Have a great day ahead.

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