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MIP 67


We all know that the internet is necessary nowadays. And that cannot be done without a device or a smartphone. Smartphones are handy and imagining no internet is fatuous. But sometimes, an error occurs when to try to connect your android device to the internet. MIP 67 is one such error.

What is MIP 67?

MIP 67 is an error that is common in android devices that restricts a user from using the internet. People say that this error pops up every time and users are not able to use the device properly.  This error occurs because your cellular account is needed by the CDMA devices. Many of you must be wondering what a CDMA device is.  Code Division Multiple Access is basically used by various technologies for transmitting signals. So, your device will not be able to verify and validate your network if the account is not registered and checked by an internet service provider. Thus, you can see a MIP67 error, and your device fails to register with the provider’s network.

How to fix MIP 67 error?

MIP67 has caused a lot of trouble to the users as their internet has become feckless. But let us talk about solutions. Given below are solutions that can help you remove this issue from your respective android devices.

Changing the network settings:

  1. Open Settings on your android device.
  2. Select mobile networks and click on network tab.
  3. Pick the option that says LTE/CDMA.
  4. Press Ok

This error mostly occurs when the network mode is wrong. When you will change the network settings, the MIP 67 error might get resolved.

After this, you need to

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on About and then General.
  3. Once you reach there, select the option “system update”.
  4. Then click on update profile.

Once you have updated your profile from settings, check the problem is resolved or not. If not, you can try other methods also.


Try to restart your android device as sometimes some small issues may cause MIP 67 error to arise. As soon as you restart your device, try to connect it to internet.

Update your System:

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Click on about.
  • Select system update.
  • If you can see any update pending, do it immediately.

It is not confirmed that this error may arise because an old software, but an update can resolve small bugs and errors so you must keep your device up to date.


MSID is a mobile identity. Every mobile has a different MSID issued by the reputed company stands for Mobile Station ID.

  1. You should get the correct ID number. Try to contact your service provider and get the new ID.
  2. Enter ##847446# on the dial pad and then click edit.
  3. Once you are done by step b, press call and click ok and then MSID.
  4. Replace the ID with the new one and click Done.
  5. For the safer side, restart your android device and it might resolve the problem.

HBOOT recovery:

 This is software that can solve the error or bug by holding you to the bootloader screen. The internet issue can be resolved as this software can be used to as an accolade.

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Removable battery:

If your device has a removable battery, then try this method. Nowadays, most of the android devices have non removable battery. But if yours does not have a non-removable battery, then try to take out your battery slowly, wait for some time and put in the back. Switch on your android device and issue might be fixed.

Connect to a WIFI:

Sometimes the mobile network may not work and constantly show MIP 67 error. If you have an emergency task to perform, try connecting to Wi-Fi for some time. But try this only if you have something important, else try the other steps. If nothing works, you can also switch your data service provide to another company or PORT your mobile sim to other networks.

APN settings:

MIP 67 error can also happen due to connectivity problems. You can change your Access point names from the settings to resolve this. If you change the APN, the carrier or the network provider may treat your mobile phone differently. Thus, it can help into some level.

If this does not help, try contacting the customer care services (number available on google) and file a complaint the issue that you are facing. They would help you or at least they might help you in increasing the network speed. Suppose they say that the connectivity in your area is weak, try changing the provider as you do not want to spend money on things that gives you unnecessary trouble.

Factory reset:

If nothing helps, you can always factory reset your android device. This will help you resolve your bug, but all your important data may get lost. If you are not having a Wi-Fi connection, and none of the above-mentioned steps have helped you so far, try to reset your device. Back up your data somewhere safe and then reset the device. It will resolve all the unnecessary bugs including MIP^& internet issue error.

  1. Open settings
  2. Go to the additional settings option.
  3. Click on “Backup and reset”
  4. Select the option that says, “Factory reset”.
  5. Click ok.


MIP 67 is a common error for android devices that will cause trouble while accessing the internet through mobile data. You can try these steps one by one. I am quite sure one of them might help you in resolving the bug.

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