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com.tmobile.pr.adapt: What is the solution

Sometimes our phones behave in a way that was totally not meant to be. We might or might not know the real reasons behind these issues but we relentlessly try to undermine them.

Understanding what can affect your device is a great way to realize how to fix unwanted problems with your device. Reading about the model of your device and getting to know its weaknesses is a better thing than getting tireless after endless searching for the cause of a particular problem.

Pre-installed applications or bloatware are a long regarded nuisance to our phones as most of them are not good for anything and might cause many issues. Rooting the phone or invading the warranty of our device is a malicious attempt to get rid of this bloatware.

T-Mobile is a network service provider with services across various countries. But as in the case of many pre-installed applications, the service apps of this provider also cause some problems to the users. Com.tmobile.pr.adapt is such an app found in the T-mobile devices that causes many issues.

In this article, we will address various concerns regarding com.tmobile.pr.adapt, what it is? How can it be removed? What if we can’t find it and so much more.

What is T-mobile?

T-mobile is an internet service and cellular wireless communication provider. It is active in various countries including Netherlands and United States. The brand provides a great deal of value-added services. Also, the monthly payment options on their devices are impressive and affordable.

T-mobile uses the Android 10 Operating System. The customized OS used will be preferred only by T-mobile.

What is com.tmobile.pr.adapt?

Com.tmobile.pr.adapt is the app that causes a lot of problems for T-mobile users. It is a system app that has no particular use in the phone. The issues might come up even if you root the device. This app has multiple versions and they all function the same way.

Issues caused by com.tmobile.pr.adapt

There are multiple problems caused by this application in a T-mobile. Let us go through all of them

  • Draining battery: As the app continuously runs in the background of the phone, it quickly drains the battery.
  • Unwanted apps: Sometimes you can find apps that you have never downloaded to your device. When you check the details, you can see “downloaded from com.tmobile.pr.adapt”. These apps can create issues like CPU usage, storage consumption, draining battery and so much more. The major app that com.tmobile.pr.adapt downloads is App Selector by T-Mobile.
  • Mobile data consumption: As the app runs in the background, it uses up mobile data and also drains data for installing bloatware. This will be a major problem for mobile data users.
  • Storage space usage: The bloatware downloaded by this app can take up serious storage space in your device. Even though, the com.tmobile.pr.adapt app itself does not take up much space.

App Selector by T-Mobile

App Selector by T-Mobile is the common app downloaded by com.tmobile.pr.adapt without your permission. According to the T-mobile website, App Selector by T-Mobile is its feature that allows users to install various T-mobile apps and third-party apps. Even uninstalling the app will not be enough. The com.tmobile.pr.adapt will install it again along with many other unwanted applications without the user’s permission.

How to disable com.tmobile.pr.adapt?

Uninstalling the system apps is not possible in Android devices without rooting but we can certainly disable them. Disabling the com.tmobile.pr.adapt app will prevent it from downloading bloatware and using up mobile data. There are numerous ways for disabling the app.

System Settings

To disable the com.tmobile.pr.adapt app from the system settings, follow the given steps:

  • Step1: Go to your phone settings.
  • Step2: Click on Apps.
  • Step3: Click on the three vertical dots.
  • Step4: Click on Show System Apps.
  • Step5: Find com.tmobile.pr.adapt.
  • Step6: Choose the option to Disable.

Package disabler app

Package disabler app can be used to disable malware, bloatware, or adware apps from your device. To disable the com.tmobile.pr.adapt app with the package disabler app, follow the given steps:

  • Step1: Download the package disabler app.
  • Step2: Launch the app.
  • Step3: The app will show you all the bloatware on your device. From that, choose com.tmobile.pr.adapt.
  • Step4: Click on the box next to it.
  • Step5: Choose the disable button.

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How to uninstall com.tmobile.pr.adapt?

If you want to uninstall the app, rooting your device is the only way to do that. Note that rooting the device will devoid you of its warranty.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process of gaining administrative control of your device’s Operating System. It is used to overcome the limitations posed by hardware manufacturers in your device. But, if not being careful, rooting can result in serious damages and security compromises to your phone.

How to root your Android device without a PC?

There are three major apps that will let you root your Android device without a PC. We will discuss those apps and how to use them.

Framaroot app

The steps to use the Framaroot app for rooting your phone is given below:

Step1: Download the Framaroot app on your device.

Step2: From the file manager, go to the APK file of the app and click on it.

Step3: Install the Frameroot app.

Step4: Open the app once installed.

Step5: From the dropdown menu, install SuperSU.

Step6: A success message pops up when you have successfully rooted your device.

  KingRoot app

The steps to use the KingRoot app for rooting your phone is given below:

Step1: Firstly, download and install the app on your device.

Step2: Open the app.

Step3: Click on the Start Root button.

Step4: Your device will be rooted within minutes. Then, you can restart the device.

Universal Androot app

The steps to use the Universal Androot app for rooting your phone is given below:

Step1: Install the Universal Androot app.

Step2: Open the app and intsall SuperSU.

Step3: Select the version of your Android.

Step4: Click on the “Temporary Root” option.

Step5: After the rooting is completed, restart your device.

How to root your Android device with a PC?

There are several options for you to choose from while using the PC for rooting. In this article, we will be discussing rooting your device using the KingRoot desktop app.

Follow the given steps to root your device using a PC.

Step1: Go to the system settings and choose About phone.

Step2: Enable the developer mode by tapping the build number multiple times.

Step3: Click on the Developer options from the previous window.

Step4: Turn on USB Debugging.

Step5: Download and install the KingRoot app on your PC.

Step6: Connect your phone to the PC with a USB cable.

Step7: Launch the KingRoot app and let it detect your device.

Step8: Click on the reboot button.

Step9: Remove the phone after the rooting is done.

Step10: Download System App Remover on your device.

Step11: After launching the app, you can uninstall com.tmobile.pr.adapt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we are discussing some of the common questions posed by the users regarding com.tmobile.pr.adapt.

Is com.tmobile.pr.adapt a virus?

No. com.tmobile.pr.adapt is not a virus but it behaves almost like an Adware and causes many issues like data usage and battery draining.

What to do when “Unfortunately com.tmobile.pr.adapt has stopped” comes up?

If the dialogue Unfortunately com.tmobile.pr.adapt has stopped pops up, you can follow the given steps to resolve the issue:

Step1: Go to your phone settings.

Step2: Click on Apps.

Step3: Click on the three vertical dots.

Step4: Click on “Show System Apps”.

Step5: Click on com.tmobile.pr.adapt and then force stop and clear data.

Understanding the possible problem creators is one thing, but misunderstanding them can also cause issues. If your device has faced any issues that are listed above, they can be due to an active com.tmobile.pr.adapt or some other reason. For example, the installation of unauthorized apps can be from any website by clicking links unknowingly. Also, battery draining and over-data usage can also be caused by any third-party applications.

Rooting your phone is not an advisable option all the time. It may cause serious damage to your phone along with security threats if not done properly. Hence, before trying to uninstall the com.tmobile.pr.adapt app, make sure that the issues in your device are caused by it.

System apps can be a headache but sometimes they can be useful. Understanding the uses and problems of apps are necessary to get a clear idea about them. Also, timely scanning of your phone for malware is a good idea. If any system apps are draining your battery or using up your data, don’t think twice about removing or disabling them.

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