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Samsung Charger Not Working-How to Fix?

Samsung charging not working issue is commonly found and there are a lot of ways to solve this. Some of these are software-related, while others are hardware-related. In those kinds of circumstances, fix the difficulties using the techniques provided. There may be a reason that Samsung Charger Not Working. Hardware issue: Connector, Charger Port, or AC adapter failure. Software issue: 3rd party app, update, etc.

Visitors are not the only ones if the Samsung cell phone refuses to charge. Lots of Samsung cell phones not charging difficulties are recorded every day. To assist users in resolving vexing Samsung cell phone not charging problems, we have included a list of potential practical solutions mentioned below. and even though the causes of Samsung cell phone not charging issues vary, one of the methods listed below might undoubtedly be of assistance.

Samsung Charger Not Working
Samsung Charger Not Working

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Latest Iteration Before Fix

Test to see if the device’s os and accompanying applications have been upgraded to the latest iteration before attempting the solutions listed here. 

Go with the steps mentioned below to install the software on the cell phone.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings and then proceed to Software Update initially…
  • Step 2: Choose Download and Install from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 3: Adhere to the guidelines on the display.

The reasons mentioned here are the most common reasons why the smartphone would not charge or Samsung Charger Not Working, and almost all of them may be resolved without the need for any additional assistance. The following seem to be the most prevalent explanations for a device’s failure to charge:

  • Connector, charger, port, or AC adapter failure.
  • In the charging station, there is dust or detritus.
  • 3rd party applications are interfering with the charging process.
  • It is important to modify the software.

Check your Samsung charger

The very initial step is to determine whether the issue is caused by the power adapter or charging cord.

One can use a reputable power adapter.

It has always been best to go with the power adapter that comes with the cell phone or an official Samsung alternative, as both are custom-made for the cell phone and intended to extend the life of the battery. Inspect to see if you’re utilizing any counterfeit equipment.

  • Look for any signs of problems.
  • Look to see if the wire or socket has been impaired in any way. If you discover any harm to the charger, cease using it right once.
  • Attempt a different cable.
  • Even when the wire or socket appears to be in good condition, try an alternative cord and plug to rule out this as the root of the problem.
  • Once again to make sure that your cord or plug is working, charge a different cell phone to see whether it works.
  • Attempt using an alternative source of power.

Replace the power socket for the Charging Input

It is quite possible that a broken socket would not give adequate power to enable fast charging causing Samsung Charger Not Working. In the lack of sufficient energy, the charger will not be able to fast charge the cell phone at the desired speed.

To test if it makes a big difference, try a new charging port.

If you are working with a different source of power, such as an external energy pack, make sure it is capable of supporting rapid charging on the Samsung smartphone.

How to clean the charging port

If somehow the charging outlet is blocked with dirt, grit, or detritus, it is among the most typical reasons for charging issues. Dust or grit can accumulate somewhere inside the charging outlet, preventing the charging cord from adequately connecting with the charging connections. This could also make it unreal for the cell phone to charge smoothly or at all.

  • Step 1: Turn your smartphone off.
  • Step 2: Insert a flashlight further into the charging port and examine the interior. The charging outlet should be cleaned if dirt or grime can be seen, particularly if that is simply covering the metallic charging terminals.
  • Step 3: To clean dirt and grime from the charging port, softly continue to blow into it.
  • Step 4: If somehow the charging outlet is still blocked, simply take this to a repair shop for further technical assistance.
  • Step 5: Please do not put anything in the charging outlet. The charging outlet may be damaged as a result of this.

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Water and moisture check-in your Samsung device

In case moisture is still there in the charging outlet when the cell phone is plugged in, this would cause Samsung Charger Not Working. This is indeed a corrosion-prevention reliable measure that has probably been added. One will still be allowed to use wireless charging equipment to charge your cell phone. If an adapter is plugged in even while moisture is available in the charging outlet, a pop-up window notification will display.

The majority of the humidity will disappear on its own in a few other hours, but you might also attempt lightly blowing just on the outlet or introducing it to chilly dry air from the atmosphere. If the water droplet indicator has not vanished after actually turning the cell phone off and on and so then you will be confident that the charging outlet is dry, try switching it off and on repeatedly.

If the indicator persists after this, delete the USB cache:

  • Step 1: Navigate to Settings then further move to Apps.
  • Step 2: Select Show system applications from the More possible choices (three vertical dots) menu.
  • Step 3: Then slide down the page to USB Settings and touch it.
  • Step 4: After that go to Storage and then browse to clear data and cache and click it.

Caution: just do not charge your cell phone when it is damp or in a location where that might get moist to prevent electric shock and harm. During charging, avoid handling the cell phone, adapter, or wires with damp palms. No objects should be inserted into the charging outlet. The charging port may be damaged as a result of this.

We have another tutorial on how to fix a charger port on a tablet.

Try restarting your cell phone

Whether your gadget seems to have a charge, consider restarting it to see if the problem is related to software.

  • Step 1: Switch off the cell phone and wait patiently for 10 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Step 2: Connect the gadget to the charger that came with it by the company provider.

One could use the keys to execute a gentle restart. If the cell phone, such as with the Note10, Foldable, Z Flip, or above models, lacks a Home button or a different Power key, concurrently push the Sound up and Side keys. Discharge the keys when the cell phone vibrates and thus the Samsung symbol displays to reboot it.

Another option is to execute a soft reboot. The key configurations vary a bit depending on the brand of the cell phone but keep the Power and Volume Reduce buttons on many of these devices. Most of the time this simply fix Samsung Charger Not Working,

Go for a wireless charger

One can give an error log or ask questions through the Samsung Members app if you are experiencing unexpected behavior on Samsung cell phones, tablet devices, or wearables. This allows us to check the condition more precisely. The data is encrypted and only kept for as long as the query carries on.

Resolve Samsung Galaxy Not Charging Problems with Droidkit application

If you are having trouble charging your Samsung phone, you’ve come to the perfect place. Because a Samsung configuration wizard is advised in this section. It’s designed to fix problems with Samsung smartphones. There are also eight additional ideas below to assist you in repairing the gadget. However, once you arrive, you will be given the finest approach for resolving the Samsung charging issue. Let’s get to know DroidKit!

DroidKit is devoted to resolving Samsung-related issues that you may encounter when using Samsung smartphones. There is no utility to be worried about because it doesn’t need rooting or data loss. It takes no time or effort to resolve the Samsung Galaxy charging problem in moments.

Now all you have to do is go with the steps written below to receive the full tutorial.

  • Step 1: Downloading and installing the most recent edition of DroidKit on your desktop. You might very well have to use a high-quality USB cable that connects the cell phone. You might very well have to use a high-quality USB cable that connects the cell phone.
  • You can download this application for zero amount as it is not a payable application which is 100 percent clean and safe to download.
  • Step 2: On the desktop, open the DroidKit app and go to the center of the page to Fix System Problems.
  • Fix System Issues is the next option.
  • Step 3: To begin the repair journey, select the Start button in this step.
  • To continue fixing, click the Start Button.
  • Step 4: Simply follow the directions on the display! As a result, you must install the firmware and place the cell phone in Download Operation as instructed. Afterward, the Samsung cell phone will begin the process of being repaired.

Position the device in a variety of positions. During Charging

The USB cable outlet is prone to becoming free. Realigning the cell phone if the USB port becomes slack may improve the contact between both the cord and the receivers. You can also try moving the phone’s end of the cord up and down or sideways.

Just go for connecting to any desktop to troubleshoot.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot Samsung Charger Not Working via desktop:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the wire from the source of electricity.
  • Make sure the system is turned on and linked to a source of power.
  • Step 2:Use the cord that originally came with the phone to link your cell phone to the computer’s USB socket.
  • Step 3:Allow 10–15 minutes for the process to complete.
  • Step 4:About 10 seconds, remove and try to reconnect the cord from the cell phone.
  • In under a moment:
  • Step 5:The cell phone is powered down and charging if you can see a battery status indicator.
  • Step 6:The battery is entirely depleted if you can see a red light. There is not enough power to switch on when the red light is blinking.
  • Step 7:Give at least 30 minutes for the cell phone to charge.
  • Step 8:Keep pressing the power switch button down till the cell phone reboots. It is possible that you will click Restart.

Set the cell phone in power-saving mode

Every other Samsung cell phone nowadays comes with a power-saving option. It can significantly reduce the number of background applications and activities that consume system capabilities, allowing your cell phone’s battery to last for a longer duration.

It may also help speed up the charging time due to the low battery depletion. As a result, think about charging the cell phone with a power-saving function. Navigate to Settings then browse to Battery and device maintenance after that go to Battery and then switch on Power saving mode is where you will discover it.

Check whatever mobile software you downloaded frequently on the cell phone if rapid charging functioned great just several days ago. Once you have identified the ones that seem to be using a huge amount of power, consider momentarily stopping or deleting them to make sure they’re the perpetrators.

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Disable Mobile Data or Wi-Fi 

While charging your Android device, cellular internet is switched on.

In Android, you may enable Flight Mode by going to Settings and then navigating to Airplane Mode.

Switching off Wi-Fi and cellular data could be a reasonable compromise if users do not want to leave their cell phone on power-saving standby each moment users put it in. Such links may be consuming energy even when you are not utilizing the cell phone. Switching these off could shorten the time it would take for the cell phone to charge.

Always switch the cell phone in Airplane mode previously attaching your charger to make things easier.

As the very last resort, perform a factory reset

Users really can attempt factory resetting the cell phone if any of the other solutions do not work. A factory reset, as even the title indicates, restores the cell phone’s default configuration.

This restarts the cell phone and might even resolve the issue with rapid charging not functioning. Make a thorough backup when you conduct the reset because it erases all of the data.

Visit Samsung Care

If your charger is in warranty then visit Samsung care ask them why your Samsung Charger Not Working? They will provide you with a new charger if any issue is found in the previous one.

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