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Phone Charging Slow- Make It Fast

Why my Phone Charging Slow? How to fix slow charging of Phone? The key to maintaining any relationship is communication. It is very important to stay connected with people to know what is going on, in their life. Mobile Phone plays an important role in communication. Be it, talking with people from the other corner of the world, sending text messages or images, the mobile phone has become an invention that has changed the world. With internet facility in the mobile phones, the features are increasing every day.

Videocalls, audio messages are some features of the internet in a mobile phone that has opened new ways of communication. The mobile phone has now become an important part of our lives. It has saved many lives in cases of emergency. With Mobile phones, people have a feeling of security with them as it helps in a lot of ways to keep their communication intact. 

Phone Charging Slow- Make It Fast
Phone Charging Slow- Make It Fast

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Mobile Phones in Todays Life:

Technology is advancing and we see that in mobile phones too. From a cellular phone to mobile phones, today there has been a vast technological advancement in the physical appearance as well as the software specifications of mobile phones. As mobile phones are becoming smartphones, they are replacing every other thing in a person’s daily life. There are new mobile phones with higher specifications launching in the market every day. Customers get to choose from a large variety of products which is also budget-friendly. Smartphones range starts from a minimum budget of 3000-5000. 

As the advancements are going on, the new release of phones under minimum price is becoming very common. Mobile phones are marketed in such a way that it targets all range of audience having low, medium as well as high budgets. One issue that has been common with people buying all kinds of mobile phones is that they start charging slowly when they are used for a long to medium period of buying. This issue is faced by all the buyers after a certain period. There can be a lot of reasons for this issue depending upon the condition in which the phones are being used.

Reasons for Phone Charging Slow: 

An issue common to all users of mobile phones is its slow charging after buying it for a medium period. People experience a decline in the speed of charging after a year or so, of buying mobile phones. This issue is faced by all of the users. There are various conditions in which mobile phones are used. This can contribute a lot to the reason for it charging slowly. Let us see the reasons, why phones start to charge slowly:

Applications Running in the Background:

Android phones come with different features. One of its features is to run multiple applications with different tabs at once. Users can open an application and shift to another application in another tab. The application keeps running in the background when users forget to close it sometimes.

Some applications run in the background as they are installed in such a way. These apps not only drain the phone’s battery but also keep processing in the RAMs. The main reason why your phone might be slow at charging can be the applications running in the background.

Charging Port Problem:

 When we plug our phone for charging and experience a very slow charging, then one of its reasons might be the charging port. If the phone connects and disconnects to charging with slight movements in it then there may be a problem with the charging port.

Sometimes, if a user tends to spill the phone in water or spill a drink in the phone then the liquid might get inside the charging port and cause problems in the charging. This is known as corrosion which can also be caused by humidity or sweating. A film is created over the hardware and charging is prevented or slowed down. There are also chances of the port getting broken. 

USB Cable Faults:

 There are a lot of USB cables available in the market for each type.

The wire in the cable can get tampered with and cause low charging of the mobile phones.

Low Power Supply:

 Low Power Supply causes phone charging slow. There are times which everything works fine in the mobile phone and its charger it has slow charging because of the charging outlet supplying low power.

Charging phones with a laptop also has slow charging as the output supply of the laptop is less. The low power supply can lead to the slow charging of phones.

The problem with Battery:

 If everything is working fine including the charging cable, port, and power supply then the battery of your mobile phone can be damaged. With removable batteries, I can make out from their appearance if they are damaged.

Nowadays, we do not get removable batteries in mobile phones, instead, they come with built-in batteries. For these batteries, we can feel them bulging at the back of the mobile phone. A bump in the backside of the mobile phone is also a sign of battery damage.

Faulty Adapter:

 Sometimes, the adapter we are using to charge our phone can be at fault. The adapters can be damaged leading to a slow charge of our mobile phone. The wires inside them can burn because of some external issues leading them to a fault.

Software Update:

 When mobile software is updated, it can have glitches sometimes, which can lead to slow charging or faster draining of the battery.

User Negligence:

 The negligence by the user can play a large role in the slow charging of mobile phones. If the user has too many applications that take a lot of storage then it may cause slow charging of the phone. Using the phone or playing games while the phone is on charge can also slow down the charging speed. Keeping the screen brightness at the full while watching videos on streaming platforms can also be a reason for slow charging. The user needs to change these habits to have healthy charging of the mobile phones.

How to fix slow charging of Phone?

Slow charging of mobile phones can be annoying at times. The user may face a lot of problems if he has to urgently leave for some location and the device has not been charged properly. Slow charging can also cause heating issues with the mobile phone. If the device is not charged properly then the users can also face the crashing or freezing of applications or the phone itself. Charging has a huge impact on device performance. We have learnt about some issues which can cause slow charging of the mobile phones. There are some ways to fix these issues.

Check Background Applications:

Reasons for Phone Charging Slowly: Applications Running in the Background

 The users need to check if any applications are running in the background when they keep their phones on charging. They need to clean the RAM so that no applications run in the background and slow down the charging. So, stop unwanted Apps running I the background for fast charging.

Check Charging Port:

Phone Charging Slow due to Charging Port Problem
Charging Port Problem

 If the user feels that there is some problem with their charging port, they need to fix it by taking it to a service center repair. Most of the time loose connection of the port causes slow charging, due to connecting and disconnecting problems. One more thing that needs to be fixed for the phone charging slow is the rusted strip of the port. You can rub it with sandpaper or any cleaning chemical, This will fix the issue.

Change Data Cables:

USB Cable Fault

 The data cables need to be changed which are not charging the device or having a slow speed of charging. The users need to notice if their device has suddenly started to charge slowly. If so, then they must check the data cable used for charging and replace it if found at fault. Break of wire cause loose connection and this will slow down your charging, if you want to save money then solder the wires perfectly otherwise change the cable immediately, this may damage your phone too.

Check Power Supply:

Low Power Supply cause Phone Charging Slow

 Users need to check the power supply so that the correct power input is coming to charge the mobile phone. They must avoid using a laptop or PC to charge the device. You need a multimeter or voltmeter to check this. We have indicated the level of voltage in the image. To fix this issue you need a voltage stabilizer or contact your electricity department.

Replace Battery:

problem with Battery

 Damaged batteries must be replaced for smooth charging. If your phone dropped from your hand then many electronic components can be damaged, even your battery too. You need to check the connecting strip of the battery and fix the issue of Phone Charging Slow.

Change Adapter:

Faulty Adapter

 The user needs to buy a new adapter in case their adapter has stopped working.

There are many issues found in the charging adaptor and you can fix it

Strip has brokenChange the USB port
The charger pin has broken Do Soldering
Strip has rustedRub it by Sandpaper
Charger/adaptor Burnt outChange it immediately

Check for software updates:

Software Update

 If the slow charging is because of any software update, the user needs to fix it by downloading patches to the update. Go to software update-> click on download & install

No Use on Charging:

 The user must keep in mind that he should not use the phone while it is on charge. The parallel consumption of battery while using the phone eventually degrades the overall charging.

Check Battery Consumption by Connectivity Features:

 Sometimes, connectivity attributes like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS can increase the consumption of the battery and reduce the charging speed. The user can avoid turning these features on, while the phone is on charging.

Turn on Airplane Mode:

 The users can also consider turning on Airplane Mode while putting the device on charge.

Turn on Airplane Mode
Turn on Airplane Mode

This will stop most of the activities on the mobile phone like receiving calls, text, notifications which can drain some battery power. Turning the Airplane Mode on can improve the charging.

Use Correct Chargers:

 Users can be using the wrong chargers to charge the mobile phone. They must check this issue and get the right charger.

These are some of the tips to fix the slow charging of mobile phones. Users can check the tip according to the problem they are facing and then try to fix the issue. If the issue is not solved further, the user must consider replacing the old phone with a new one. Mobile phones with old specifications do not support some features that are needed today. Slow charging and heating issue can be a result of the phone not supporting the features. The user should change the device in such cases.


The mobile phone plays an important role in communication. As technology is advancing, mobile phone features are getting bigger and better. One issue that the users face after buying and using mobile phones for a certain period is its slow charging. Many factors contribute to the slow charging of the phone. Some of them include background applications, problems in charging port or adaptor, faulty data cables. The other being, low power supply, updates in software, damaged battery and user negligence.

The users need to address these issues and fix them, by finding a solution for them. If the issues are further not solved, then there might be a problem with the mobile phone itself. In such a case the user is advised to change the mobile phone itself. The user needs to upgrade to a new mobile phone. The device should be advanced enough to support all the features needed in day-to-day life. 

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