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How to charge phone without charger?


We all know the importance of mobile. If you are out of station or away from your loved ones, you can contact them in a few clicks using your phones. But what if you forget the charger at your home. Many of you rub the battery or switch off their mobile to increase the battery percentage. They do not know the consequences, and it might blow up the battery of your phone.

Read the articles to know the correct way of charging the mobile. Ways to charge Mobile without a Charger-

  1. Car Charger
  2. USB Ports
  3. Wind Charger
  4. Battery Pack
  5. Hand Crank Charger
  6. Solar Powered Charger
  7. Use AAA Battery
  8. Portable device charge

8 different ways to Charge your phone without a charger- 

There are various ways possible, lets see one by one:

Tip 1: Car Charger to charge your phone.

No one carries the charger in the car. But the mobile loses its battery in the car also, for that car has a charging board. Nowadays, cars and all the other vehicles have their charging boards. You can charge your mobile in a USB Port or buy an adaptor. You can get a Car charger from any offline store or online store. It starts from Rs.200 and goes over 10000. The speed of charging may go up 15 volts.

Tip 2: Use USB Cable

If you have a USB cable, attach it to your mobile and USB port. Many hotels, hostels, hospitals, airports provide a USB portal from where you can charge your mobile. For charging your mobile using the USB Portal, you should have a USB. A USB is a similar device that plunges into the charger. Connect your USB cable to your laptop or PC if you have one. It will charge a mobile a little bit slow. But believe me, it will not harm your phone’s battery.

Tip 3: Wind Charger to charge your phone.

  • If you are an Apple hyper, you must be familiar with iFan. We are seeing the rising trend of non-conventional sources of energy, and now Apple has also contributed to it.
  • iFan is a wind energy charger, and it uses wind energy to charge smartphones.
  • Place the iPhone in the charging case, mount it to the handlebar of a bicycle, and ride for six hours to charge it with an iFan. You will have created enough energy to fully charge your iPhone after six hours of riding. Only iPhone provides the service of iFan. Many android companies are also working on Wind energy chargers.
  • You have created enough energy to fully charge your iPhone after six hours of riding. Currently, the iFan is only accessible for iPhones; no Android models are available.
  • It cost around Rs.5000 to Rs. 25000. But it is effective. You can get your mobile charges in 6 hrs. The R&D department at Apple is trying to innovate its product. Upcoming 5 years, we can see the evolution in the non-conventional charging industry.
  • Other companies might compete with Apple in the race.

Tip 4: Battery Pack to charge your phone

The Battery Pack is also called a Power Bank. It is a rectangular device that charges your mobile. It would be best to keep a power bank with yourself when you are not at home.

  • The latest power chargers have a fast charging ability.
  • You can charge your mobile at a faster speed.
  • Also, You can charge more than 1 mobile from one charger.
  • You just need a USB cable. Using a Power Bank is easy.
  • You just need to charge your power bank. Once charged you can charge 2 to 3 mobiles. It depends on the quality of your Power Bank.

Tip 5: Hand-Crank Charger to charge your phone

Hand-crank chargers are great since they do not run on electricity. In an emergency, a hand-crank charger will come in handy. Connect one end of the charging cable to the hand-crank charger and the other end to your phone. Then begin cranking and continue to crank until you have a usable charge. You may have to crank the charger for a while before you get a usable charge. Some hand-crank chargers, on the other hand, include a built-in battery. As a result, you can charge the battery and then use it to charge your phone.

Tip 6: Solar-powered charger to charge your phone

Another great option is a solar-powered charger if you don’t have access to your phone charger. This type of charger is great because it only needs sunlight to work. There are two types of solar chargers. Some solar chargers have a built-in battery that is charged by the sun, allowing you to use the charger to charge your phone. The other type of solar charger has no batteries and relies on sunlight to charge the phone. Set up the charger in a location where it can collect sunlight, or attach it to your backpack if you’re going to be outside in direct sunlight. Once the Solar chargers are fully charged, you can plug them into your mobile cord.

Tip 7: Use AAA-battery to charge your phone

The AAA battery charger is an interesting device. It is a kind of power bank that does not require power to get charged. You just need the batteries and a cordless phone. The battery that you use will be rechargeable. Plug your USB cable into the mobile phone and connect to the AAA battery charger. Pop up the battery compartment and plug in your device to use it. You must keep it with yourself on the journey. It costs around 5000 to 10000+. The more you pay, the better device you will get.

Tip 8: Portable device charge to charge your phone

Nowadays, portable charges are used to charge the phone. The portable charger is a wireless charger. Wireless chargers have a magnet, and the magnet is attached to your phone. Most of the portable charges cannot be connected with all the devices. It just supports a few devices. On the iPhone, you will only get the portable charger. A simple charger may burst out the battery of your iPhone (iPhone 12 and above).

How to charge iPhone without charger?
How to charge iPhone without charger?
How to charge iPhone without charger? If you are out of station or missing loved ones, but forget the charger at your home, then? You can not reach them in a few clicks. Use our tips and tricks.
By Awill Sir


If you are going on a journey, purchase any of the products. This might cost you but will help you throughout the journey. Check the list of Frequently asked questions given below. If you have any other queries, feel free to comment to us. Our team will revert to you. Thank you for reading!

Q. Why is my mobile not charging fast?

Ans. There is a misconception around the mind of the people. See the Dos and Don’ts that you should follow while charging your phone.


1. Airplane mode –

Charging your mobile in airplane mode will charge your mobile fast. In airplane mode, the background apps are in sleep mode. Wifi, Bluetooth, location, etc., will not work, and it can charge with 2x speed.

2. Charge mobile at night

Most people think that mobile phones might get overcharged at night, which damages the battery. But It is not like that. New models of the smartphone come with the functionality of 100-detection. Your mobile will automatically detect when 100% of the battery is charged and close itself.


1. Switch off while charging

If you have old model smartphones, you can switch off your mobile while charging. But the new model does not require switching off. Switching off and charging can damage your phone’s battery.

2. Close the background apps

Never close the background apps. Restarting the app requires more battery, which consumes more power.

3. Cover the phone while the charger

Do not cover your phone with a pillow or bed sheet. Your phone needs ventilation.

Remember these points. It will keep your phone’s battery safe.

Q. Can I remove the battery and rub it to charge the mobile?

No. There is an attachable battery in the latest smartphone, so it can not move from its place. However, do not do it if your battery can be plugged out from your phone.

It will swell your battery. Your phone may blast during a phone call or in case of any heavy use. Instead, if it is an emergency, you can follow any of the above equipment to charge your mobile. It will help you.

Q. Why does my mobile get discharged fast?

Ans.The two major reasons behind fast discharge of battery are-

  • You are using your mobile too much. If that is not the reason then,
  • Your mobile is old. When the age of humans increases, productivity decreases. Similarly, when the mobile becomes old, its efficiency reduces.
  • Data transferring. Your data is transferred to someone else. Your location, messages are shared. This will not harm you in any way.

To solve this problem, you can factory restore your device.

Q. What is the best phone with the best battery?

Ans. Almost all the latest phones have a long-lasting battery. However, If you want to buy a phone in 2022, then the best option available to you is a phone with a 6000mAH battery. Many Samsung phones under budget provide the feature of fast charging.

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