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com.samsung.android.bixby.agent- How to fix?


Bixby is a virtual assistant, which makes it a lot more convenient to operate your device, allowing you to spend more duration on the stuff that really matters. Bixby’s studies evolve and get adapted to your preferences, aligning with your favorite programs and assistance to the support you do more. Bixby will take a note of your interface with it in order and can give you a more convenient crafted experience. com.samsung.android.bixby.agent will get better at owing according to your needs, the more you use it.


What is com.samsung.android.bixby.agent?

com.samsung.android.bixby.agent is Samsung’s artificial intelligence speech assistant package name, which debuted with the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Bixby Voice is an intuitive software that makes it smooth to run the device. You can effortlessly control the gadget with just a voice command, minimizing the number of steps required.

Bixby recognizes your lifestyle habits and clearly suggests an automatic regular task routine, so you don’t have to waste time simply repeating the same old jobs and chores. With a Quick Command, you can relieve some stress. When Bixby hears a signal you’ve set up, it does a series of tasks in a specified order. Start your day off right by having Bixby read out your messages, remind you of the days’ time schedule, and play your office soundtrack, all while greeting you with a ‘good morning.’ You can regulate your smart gadgets with your voice only. com.samsung.android.bixby.agent is ready to listen and continue to carry out any requests if your gadgets are connected to SmartThings. Bixby can do everything from changing the Television channel to turning off all the lights at night.

With Bixby, you can make your Galaxy gadgets more accessible and usable. You may be using your voice to turn on or off Accessibility features, have Bixby read all your unread messages aloud, and even use the Bixby Vision’s Scene describer function to describe what’s on-screen.

Bixby assists you in maximizing the capabilities of the Samsung device. Bixby helps you get more done by knowing whatever you like and integrating with such as your favorite apps.

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 How do I use com.samsung.android.bixby.agent?

Depending on the device you’re using and your desired settings, you’ll have to activate com.samsung.android.bixby.agent in a unique way. com.samsung.android.bixby.agent could be accessible by pressing the side key or the Bixby key on the left side of your device, which is both positioned beneath the volume buttons.

If your device has a Bixby key, tapping it once will launch Bixby home, regardless of what you’re doing with it. By pressing and holding the Bixby key, you can activate the Bixby’s voice.

If your device has a side key, you can use it to start Bixby Home by pressing and holding it.

Bixby set up on your Samsung device:

  • Bixby can be accessed by pressing the Bixby key or a side key.
  • Select the next icon.
  • You will be requested to sign in if you are not already signed in to your Samsung’s ( profile ) on your device.
  • After reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, check the box.
  • Tap the next icon.

You will now be guided through a demonstration of Bixby’s capabilities and will direct you to how to use them.

Bixby Voice may be launched from the same key which regulates Samsung Bixby Home. Hold down the button and say your order before releasing it. It’s like conversing on a two-corner radio. You may also activate it by saying “Hi Bixby,” but you’ll need to activate this feature first by navigating to More Options > Settings > Voice wake-up in Bixby Home. 

Which devices are com.samsung.android.bixby.agent compatible with?

Samsung Bixby, unlike Google Assistant, is only compatible with Samsung devices. It first appeared on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series, but it’s now found on all of the company’s devices. It should be available on every Samsung device released after 2017. Bixby is available on Samsung Family Hub fridges and a few other devices, in addition to smartphones and tablets. Other devices with the digital assistant include smart speakers and televisions.

Which languages is Samsung Bixby compatible with?

Bixby speaks British, American, and Indian English, as well as Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Italian, German and Korean.

How to fix com.samsung.android.bixby.agent not working?

  • Just go Settings and open it, then tap Apps.
  • After that, touch the Show system apps button next to the Sort icon. Select OK.
  • After that, tap Bixby Voice, then Storage. After that, tap OK and then Clear data. Bixby will be restored and resume normal operation once you’ve purged the data. Conduct a factory data wipe if you’re still having problems with Bixby.

As you will go through different reviews on the internet, then you will find out different answers moreover mixed reactions about Bixby, and the major issue which is found more frequently is that it lags (slow working).

What does “Used com.Samsung.Android.bixby.agent” mean?

The “com” prefixed to the name is simply a tradition of how Ios packages are titled, which may cause some confusion. Rather than referring to the app by its name, Google refers to it by its package name, and that’s how the app is housed natively on the gadget and the bundle in which the Bixby developers operate. (The first portion of the package is typically comparable to the company’s website, for example, Samsung (dot) com > com.samsung.

Bixby Voice

As per Samsung, the assistant will be capable of comprehending commands such as “Show me today’s weather,” “What’s the temperature like today?” and “What’s the prediction for today?”

After you’ve installed the tool and gone through Samsung’s Bixby Voice tutorial, you may use the voice assistant whenever you want. You can smoothly access it by speaking, “Hey, Bixby,” or by giving command while continuing to hold the Bixby button.

 You can interact with Bixby by holding your phone next to your ear like a phone call if you don’t want to appear like you’re having a talk with your phone in public.

  • Bixby can also perform more complex activities such as running an app in split-screen mode, rotating mismatched photographs, reminding you where you left, streaming clips on a connected Screen, and sending emails.
  • The Bixby Voice also has a personalization function, with the ability to alter the assistant’s gender and support for shortcuts.
  • According to Samsung, it supports over 3,000 requests, including app-specific actions for Instagram, Facebook, Google, Uber, Hotmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other services.

What instructions can Bixby execute?

Samsung’s Bixby understands thousands of commands. Like-

  • Hi Bixby, show Martin’s contact information.
  • Hi Bixby, change the camera to a panorama.
  • Hi Bixby, turn off the flash.
  • Hi Bixby, open messages.
  • Hi Bixby, please remind me to drink water at 7:00 a.m.
  • Hi Bixby, add my most latest image to the most current reminder.

These are some common commands; apart from these, there are still many more advanced functions (commands) that Bixby can always perform smoothly.

Bixby Home

Bixby Home is a digital assistant that helps you get more done by integrating with your favorite apps and services. To get the most out of Bixby Home, you can install applications and customize app settings. Bixby House can be modified to a certain extent. By touching the 2 Lines in the top right-hand corner of a Bixby Home card, you can change or pin it. Swipe a card to the right to hide that for now, reject it permanently, or undo your swipe if you wish to get rid of it.

The number of 3rd party software that works with Bixby Home is rising all the time. Once you’ve connected your Spotify account, a Spotify card gives you one-tap control to your tracks and songs. CNN and Flipboard provide the most popular media articles from around the internet. The most recent posts from your social circles are displayed on Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook. Uber will display a list of your most recent rides.

Bixby Vision

Location, Phrases, Images, Meals, QR Codes, Drink, and Retail are among the segments identified by Bixby Vision. Bixby Vision’s Image search, Google (Lens), and Amazon Flow attempt to figure out what’s in front of the camera and can provide information about what it finds. Bixby Vision starts up in Text mode by default, allowing you to convert a foreign language to your preferred language. It works similarly to earlier cases of its kind, such as Google Lens, and supports a wide range of languages. Align up the content you want to translate in the field on the screen, and the translation should appear in real-time. It’s a little buggy at times, but we eventually got it to operate.

If you’re ever seeking for somewhere to explore or something to do nearby, Bixby Vision’s Locations leverages Foursquare to detect sights and major attractions around you via waypoints. With the Food feature, you can point the camera at a meal to get calorie information, which you can then save to the Samsung Health app.

 Bixby Routines

Machine intelligence is used by Bixby Routines to learn your individual usage habits and preferences. Bixby may then utilize this information to alter your setup, manage apps, improve battery life, and more. You can also create your own routines depending on where you are and what you are doing manually. For example, you may set up a ‘good night’ routine in which your phone goes silent, night mode activates, and your lock screen icons change at a specific time.

Bixby’s prospects

Bixby may be removed from Samsung smartphones and substituted with Google Assistant as U.S. rules regulating tech 

monopolies change. But, for the time being, Bixby is still going strong. We don’t know what will occur in the future, but Samsung is currently committed to Bixby.

 Bixby Voice Vs. Google Assistant

 Let’s now have a quick comparison between Bixby Voice and Google Assistant.

In the one basket, we have Google Assistant, the world-leading AI voice technology served by Google, and then in the other, we have com.samsung.android.bixby.agent. Whereas both Google Assistant and Bixby have smart assistant functions in general, Google home Assistant is unique in that it is consolidated with the Google Home ecosystem and is accessible for Android as well as for iOS devices (with lesser features on iOS), whereas Bixby is only available on Samsung gadgets and apps. 3rd-party apps (like considering WhatsApp) is well-integrated with Google Assistant. com.samsung.android.bixby.agent is quite good at performing voice commands linked to phone and app control tasks.

com.samsung.android.bixby.agent Vs Siri

Let’s now have a quick comparison between com.samsung.android.bixby.agent, and Siri(Apple’s voice assistant).

Nonetheless, Bixby performs admirably in the voice control arena, whereas Siri excels in detail-oriented tasks. Bixby can clear up the notification bar, display scrolling, and swipe the display screen, but Siri can’t perform any of those things. As a result, many of us agree that this is the winner.

Bixby Vs. Alexa

Let’s now have a quick comparison between Bixby and Alexa.

Alexa is more compatible with third-party apps, while Bixby’s performance is more smooth than Alexa when it comes to the QnA part.

Bixby Dictation (notes on tips)

When you need to write down quick observations just after a meeting or a to-do list for later, Samsung Bixby Dictation always comes in very handy.

 Bixby Marketplace

Bixby Marketplace is a fantastic way to upgrade your voice assistant. In 2019, the service was first introduced in the United States and Korea. It’s the only location you can get new Bixby parameters to improve your assistant’s intelligence. While it may appear that Samsung should provide some of these connections without further steps, you will need to add aspects such as Samsung Email, Contacts, and Texts, or use Google Duo as a video chat option. Bixby Marketplace has a plethora of valuable Capsules that will enhance the customer experience of your favorite apps and services. To customize specialized services to your needs, discover what you enjoy and establish your preferred Capsules.

The main interface is identical to that of the Galaxy Store, where you may browse categories and add whatever you want. Here on the Bixby Home screen, you’ll also receive app and skill recommendations.

Is Bixby safe?

According to the terms, certain of Samsung’s services allow users to contact others, and those other users may be able to view stored information or published in association with a customer’s profile on the social networking platform with which they are connected. However, a user’s account privacy options may allow them to limit who can access their user profile information and/or what data in their profile page is exposed to others.

Does Bixby have any limitations?

Yes, although it is a smooth application, it still has some limitations.

  1. Extensibility without a server
  2. Bixby’s lack of an open NLP-AI framework is another drawback.

 How to reset Samsung’s Bixby?

  • To launch the apps, swipe up from the home screen.
  • Go to the Settings app and then go to Apps > Bixby Voice > Storage > Clear Data > Ok.

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