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Android spoof mac address

It is common knowledge of MAC. However, you aren’t sure how to alter your Mac Address of Android. Sometimes, you have to be aware to change the MAC. This information will help you save your life. If you’re here, it indicates that you’ve been searching on the internet for an “android spoof mac address.” Don’t worry, start by reading the basics of the information in less than 2 minutes before moving on to the main issue. If you’re already familiar with the basics, then you can navigate to the main contents. Within minutes you’ll be able to switch your mac address to Android.

In today’s technologically advanced world, there is a need to be aware of some easy techniques and tips. They may seem insignificant at first, but they’re necessary to stay relevant in a world that is slowly moving towards total digitalization. People tend to stay clear of them due to the difficulty of learning these techniques and not remembering them. These tricks are simple and should be mastered by all to prevent any kind of cyber-crimes. They are growing at a rapid amount these days, as all things are moving toward digitalization.

What is a Mac Address?

Entirely a physical address used via any Mobile/Laptop/Desktop manufacturer to give a unique identification number(UIN) to network hardware.

Internet Hardware is a kind that is a computer network device, or an item of networking equipment that helps establish communication between various elements within the Computer Network. The computer system that generates data is referred to as “the host, and the users” are data collectors or data receivers.

These network hardware include the following:

  1. The Wireless Card is similar to an extremely small card connected to either or connected to the USB port or to the more prominent slot on laptops or mobile.
  2. An Ethernet card transmits information from a network to your PC and is referred to as physical expansion cards since they connect directly to PCI’s expansion area in the laptop.
  3. Network Interface Controller(NIC)is an electronic device used to establish communication between computers and the computer network.
  4. Wireless Network Interface Controller is an electronic device that establishes an internet connection for the device and the one connected with the network of wireless computers.
  5. A modem: transmits data using modulation and demodulation, and is ideal for altering the digital format of information contained in radio or telephone lines.

What’s the reason to Android spoof mac address:

When we complete a task, there is a motive behind its execution. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the main reasons to understand the process of changing our Mac. What are the advantages if we alter our original Mac supplied by the manufacturer of our hardware?

Before proceeding to the main goal: Spoofing the Mac, let’s look at these before proceeding to the primary goal.

  1. The primary reason for using a fake Mac is to shield it from hackers via the public network, such as airports, railway stations, offices, airports, etc. It protects our privacy and prevents our devices from being spotted by hackers via Mac Address. If it is not, the third party could use our data to carry out infamous activities and frauds. Or, they could pretend to be us and exploit our assets without our knowledge.
  2. Via changing the Mac or spoofing it, we can gain access to certain restricted Networks by purchasing a specific Mac that is required to access that network.

How to find Mac Address on your device?

Before we move on to the principal goal of this article, let’s look at the main objective of this, i.e., how to alter or alter to alter or spoof the Mac Address in Android. First, we need to know how to determine where the Mac address is within our Android device. Let’s look through the various platforms to discover the location of our Mac Address.

Locating your Mac Address on your Android Phone:

Google Phone(according to Redmi 7A, Samsung, you can have a change in the names depending on the model of your phone):

  • Visit the Settings on the phone. Select to open the About the phone.
  • Click to view all specifications. Scroll down to click status. Further down, you will find your WI-FI Mac Address.

Search for Mac Address Android Tablet:

  • A) You can go to settings on your tablet.
  • B) Select the About tab. Select to show the “Status” and then scroll down until you find the Wi-Fi Mac URL of your tablet.

Locate Mac Address On Windows PC:

Locating your Mac with an interface:

  1. Press the Windows and ‘R’ Key both simultaneously on your computer or laptop, Run Window appears.
  2. Then, enter ncpa.cpl in the Open Line of Run Window. This will open Network Connections in the Control Panel.
  3. The other method of opening Network Connections -> Directly by following the image below:
  4. Now, right-click in the Local Area Network or the Wi-fi Network you’re connecting to. Select the Status.
  5. In the Wi-Fi Status window, click to open the Details for opening the Network Connection Information.
  6. The physical address is not that of the Mac Address(a Star is placed next to it) and is hidden behind 2 blue boxes.

Another method of obtaining Mac Address is by using the CLD(Command Line Interface)

  1. Start CLI by typing cmd.exe on the Run Window or directly typing cmd using the Search Bar.
  2. Type getmac or /v The standard command to obtain an accurate Mac Address of your Laptop using your Command Line Interface.
  3. So, all adapters are listed, which I’ve hidden in the blue boxes. Here the Physical Address is Your Mac Address.

How Do I Change MAC address in Android?

There are many ways to accomplish the same task. We always choose the simplest or easiest one. In this article, we will review three of the most reliable and straightforward methods to use Android to hack into a mac address:-

By using the Terminal Emulator as well as busy Boxapps

Before we can move on to these two options, it is necessary to verify your root level on our smartphone, and by using it, we can choose one of the two methods, whether rooting or not. To do this, the simplest method is to download the root checker application from Android. I installed Root Checker Basic (v 6.5.0 for my Android 7.0). This is a no-cost app and will tell you if your Android Phone or Tablet is Rooted or not.

As you can see in the image below, my device is not root. Therefore I’ll first explain how to access it Without a Root access method.

Also, remember that you shouldn’t alter the first six numbers that make up the Mac Address because that is given to you by the manufacturer of your android device, so changing it will create problems later when connecting to any wi-fi connection. Therefore, you should modify only the last six numbers in the Mac Address for Spoofing or concealing your identity.

Let’s explore the first situation where there is no need to root our Android device to alter or spoof the Mac address.

Method 1: With root access

If your Android device isn’t root, it’s not a problem. It is possible to change Your Mac Address. You need to download your Terminal Emulator program, which is available for free download from Play Store.

Once the app has been downloaded, follow the steps below to deceive the Mac. Once you have downloaded the app, follow these steps to Spoof the Mac address on Android:

  • A) Note that you have the initial Mac because it’s very beneficial not to alter one of the six first digits of the number, as previously discussed.
  • B) Open the emulator and type ” Ip hyperlink show ” on the terminal.
  • C) A wide range of information is displayed on the terminal screen. Select the one that is compatible with the initial Mac structure.
  • D) Now enter the IP Link Set WLAN0 MB:MD:AX:BY:CY:DY. This is the latest Mac address. Or, the Mac that you spoofed and wlan0 is the name of the interface card you have installed.
  • E) The above steps have already altered the Mac Address; just check it by going to Settings and checking the Wi-Fi tab for what’s the latest Mac Address.

Method2: Utilizing the Root Access

If your Android device is rooted, then it’s all good and well. However, you’ll require two apps to perform the Mac Spoofing. The two applications are the following:

  1. Terminal Emulator
  2. and and Boxapps

Install and download the two applications. Then follow the steps below to complete the Mac address change.

Utilizing Terminal Emulator

  • A) install an emulator called Terminal Emulator, type the superuser’s command su, and press Enter.
  • B) The app will require root access, and you’ll need to permit it to continue.
  • C) Then, type this command: ‘IP link show.’ It displays what the IP address of your network is as well as the interface name. Let us suppose that the interface is ASXD.
  • D) After you have completed the steps above, type the following command” busybox Ip Link Show ASXD’ in order to show the current Mac Address.
  • E) Now, to switch the present Mac, use this command:

“busybox Ifconfig ASXD hw ether: AY:AB:QC:WD:ED:RD.

Enter any character or digit you like in the position of the six digits. Be sure to preserve your first six numbers.

Check the new Mac Address in your Settings> Wi-Fi Address> Mac address.

With Busy Box application:

We are using the Busy Box App together with another free Mac alteration software known as the ChamaeleMAC application. It’s not through the Google Play Store, but you can locate it on the web everywhere.

  • A) Download, install and run ChamaeleMAC. Then install. Follow the steps following the installation of the.
  • B) Allow the app root access once it requests.
  • C) Because, it is a GUI application, you need to type in fewer commands than the earlier interfaces that used Linux Terminal. Press the buttons to create an inaccurate MAC address before switching to the actual MAC address.
  • D) Alternatively, you can create a random Mac or create one of your own. The application makes these procedures incredibly simple for the layperson or novice who’s not comfortable with Terminal’s interface.
  • E) Once you’ve finished, the app will request confirmation. Please give it to the app, and you’re good to go.

Do I change the Android Mac Permanently?

Sometimes, we must change the settings on our Mac Permanently for using a specific Wi-Fi in a particular location that is not available. In this situation, it is necessary to burn the Mac if it is removed from the hardware and replaced permanently with a new one. For this procedure, follow these steps:

  • A) Make sure that your device is Rooted for life by purchasing the appropriate rooting software for your Android. If you aren’t able to, install the Terminal emulator, and you must connect to the root user and not an ordinary user.
  • B) Then install BusyBox
  • C) Use ‘ adb shell’ on your device or on the Terminal Emulator.
  • D) Execute the’ su’ command to access the root shell before and after disconnecting from all Wi-Fi networks connected to it.
  • E) Then, run these shell commands:
    • ‘ifconfig ASXD down
    • Ifconfig ASXD what is ether the AX:AY:AX:AD:SB:EZ
    • ifconfig ASXD up

Use your network now since the newly changed Mac address won’t allow you to connect to previously connected networks. Directly, you can connect to the restricted network or your personal Android devices network.

I hope you’ve found these three ways to have your MAC changed or even spoofed quickly. If you have other methods, please leave a comment below. Thank you for spending time here.

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