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Are you unsure what you should know about SKMSAgentService that is available on your mobile phone? Are you worried about the app taking your personal data? Are you confident that there isn’t malware that has been installed on your phone and is taking your personal data? Learn about what SKMS can do and how it’s utilized to do in your smartphone. Find out what are the benefits and drawbacks associated with SKMS agents? Learn how you can get rid of the application without losing any important information. Find out how you can make use of Android Debug Bridge to remove the app. Android Debug Bridge to remove the app from your device.

Before we move on to the Q&A, it is important be aware of the SKMS agents do and why we should need it in the first place.

What exactly is SKMS Agent Service?

It’s called SKMSAgentService is an internal or system application that is pre-installed on Samsung phones. But, you won’t access the icon of the app or launch it as you would with normal apps as it’s not intended for users but rather to the device. The “system apps” are crucial to the functionality of your phone, so that removing them is not an alternative. There are many different apps that handle your ability to use the screen in a way that is less significant than changing the font.

The SKMSAgentServive can be used to help support it to support NFC (Near Field Communication) actions in your device with an electronic service element (Embedded Service Element). SKMS is a shorthand in the form of “Service Knowledge Management System comprised of databases and tools which can be used to manage data in your device. eSE means “Embedded Secure Element” and is accountable for ensuring the data is kept in a secure location We can also think of it as a tempered chip inside our device.

What exactly does SKMSAgentService do?

It is accountable for overseeing its SKMS protocol and the eSE command that manage interactions between SKMS applications, client apps, eSE.

In simple terms, we could say that it’s employed to carry out “silent recording” in your phone. This allows your device communicate with other devices through the NFC chip. To do this, you need to be aware of NFC. It allows you to transfer any data with just a tap of two phones or using the tap to pay function on your phone and also using your credit card.

Without this application and the app itself, we would not be able to make use of the NFC feature of our device. Therefore, that in the end SKMSAgentService can be used to communicate among NFC along with eSE chips, or NFC and applications.

What are the benefits that come with SKMS Agent service?

We’ve discussed the advantages of this app in the earlier sections and you are aware that it’s utilized for NFC as well as eSE services. However, in addition to these functions it also provides the protection of data while transmitting information using the eSE. This should take the worry of whether it is worth having for your smartphone or not. We’ll discuss its value in the following sections.

What are the drawbacks that come with SKMS Agent service?

We’ve talked extensively about the advantages and benefits of this app. But what are the drawbacks of the app? The main issue that most people have problems with is the excessive battery consumption of the app that you don’t have control over. This can impact the battery life of your smartphone significantly and get more severe over time. You’ve probably noticed when you check the battery usage, Android OS is using greater power that you thought. This is because there are numerous various apps, such as skms, which consume more power.

Alongside the first problem, the app makes use of a lot more RAM than you’d think it would. A higher amount of RAM means your device will begin to freeze and seem slower and slower. The app, however, isn’t responsible for all of the memory Other apps in conjunction with the app are.

The downsides aren’t so bad when compared with the benefits as you can cut down on the use of RAM and battery by removing the NFC option off the menu at the top.

More information on SKMS

It is possible to skip this section If you’re not interested in learning more about SKMS as well as its various layers. If you choose to continue we will learn about the basics of SKMS.

Presently, SKMS generally is commonly used as a synonym for “collection that includes databases and tools” or a repository that provides IT services. The repository we’re talking about is responsible for providing data, collating, updating gathering, analyzing information, and sharing data with other businesses. There are a variety of layers within the SKMS:

  • The Data Layer and the Information Layer It’s responsible for collecting and processing of raw data into valuable information.
  • Information Integration Layer It’s responsible for processing and integrating information of the layer.
  • The Knowledge Processing Layer It’s responsible for separating the information from the information layer and preparing it to be used in specific areas.
  • The Presentation Layer is the final layer, and is responsible for assigning services clients.

What kind of permission is required?

There’s just one permission the app requires, and that is Storage for those who want to verify your identity. Follow the steps below to find the permissions:

  1. Open your phone and navigate to Settings.
  2. Find the Apps you want to install and then click on them when it is open, then click the three dots on the top of the screen.
  3. A menu will appear Tap on “Show System Apps” and additional apps will be listed in the list.
  4. Find SKMSAgentService and tap it when you locate it.
  5. Then, tap Permissions to verify if the Storage access or is not.

Here you can check whether the application has permissions for storage If not, you need to grant it permission.

Note If the app is running with another permission, you are able to remove them as the app doesn’t require these permissions.

There are additional apps like com.wssyncmldm and com.tmobile.pr.adapt together with SKMS that require permissions for their tasks. Some applications need more than one authorization. You will have noticed this you use any app that requires multiple permissions.

How do I get rid of SKMS Agent Service?

In short, yes, however, you shouldn’t take it off since it’s an internal app that is necessary to continue using the NFC feature in your smartphone. You utilize NFC throughout your day and do not even realize that you are using it for such things as access control, transportation and ticketing, payments etc. This application is therefore extremely essential to the Android OS and its removal could create problems in the near future.

This is the reason it’s recommended to not delete the SKMSAgentService If you decide to do so, then it’s not an easy task.

If you suspect that the app could be a type of trojan or virus be assured that it is 100% legit. It is preinstalled to the Android OS and can be available on nearly all Samsung phones. Some believe that it is an bloatware program or even a virus-like OMACP. This is not completely true. The app doesn’t take any of your personal private information or personal data. So, it is not necessary to eliminate the app even though we believe it’s taking up valuable space. However, if you feel strongly about taking the app off the market, we’ll be discussing the steps to take in the following section.

How do I remove SKMS Agent Service?

We must carefully delete the application without losing any crucial information that is involved in the process. The best way to do this is to delete the files connected to the SKMS app , and will not alter any other crucial files. Follow the steps listed below to delete the SKMSAgentService:

  1. Open your phone and navigate into the Playstore.
  2. Search then run “App Remover” It’s not required to download any particular app. You can download any app you like.
  3. Once you have installed the app, launch the app, and it will display all the apps available on your device.
  4. Then select skmsagentservice in the menu and press on the button for uninstalling.
  5. Click “yes” when you are asked to confirm, the app will be uninstalled, and you should not appear in the list.

If this method isn’t working for you or you’re not able to see the app at first within the app, proceed to the other way to remove the app.

Alternative method

We can get rid of skmsagentservice an alternative method with the aid of ADB “Android Debug Bridge” This will enable us to build the UNIX shell that will remove the application. If the first method does not work for you, then you should consider this. Follow the steps below to delete the application:

  1. Open your phone, then go to Settings > System> about phone.
  2. Then, tap”Build Number “build number” approximately 10 times, you’ll get this message “You are only 9 clicks away from becoming an official developer”. Repeat this process until you see that message “You are now an official developer”.
  3. Go to Settings> Developer Options and select USB debugging. If you’re unable to locate it, then type for developer options using the bar for search.
  4. Download ADB onto your Windows desktop, and then download the file.
  5. Download the zip file, and then open the folder, select SHIFT, then double-click on black space and then select “open this PowerShell Window here”.
  6. After the PowerShell is opened, type “ADB services” and then connect the phone to the USB cable and connect your phone to the desktop.
  7. Type “ADB shell pm uninstall -com.skms.Android.agent” on your device and wait for the skmsagentservice app to be uninstalled.

It is now deleted and you should no have access to its settings. However, if the app is yet to be removed, then there’s no way to get rid of it, other than the deletion of other important files.


In this article, we discussed the SKMS as well as the advantages of using the skms service. It is an extremely important application if you wish to make use of the NFC feature in your device. That is the reason why we don’t suggest users remove the app in any way. It is not possible to use this NFC feature directly, but indirectly, such as making payments using Samsung Pay , or connecting to your Bluetooth devices with just a gesture.

There’s plenty of use for NFC chips. You might not be tempted to use these today, but in the future, you might be tempted to utilize these chips. In the future, you’ll have no option but to reset the entire device as you are unable to download the app separately. In addition to all the advantages that come with it, there is no disadvantage of having the app installed on your phone as it doesn’t take up much space or utilize any of your personal information in any manner.

If you are still that you should remove the app, adhere to the instructions, and DO NOT delete the application directly since it could trigger a range of issues you’ll never be able fix without resetting the device.

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