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Stuck with the error com Samsung Android app telephonyui stop, unfortunately? Do you wonder why the app was being used in the first place? Check if the app is collecting your data behind the scenes. Are you able to see if the app is calling you at your back? Find out the features of com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui on your phone, and how to remove the application, if you’d like. If you’re stuck, go to the YouTube channel.

The app comes with Android OS (Operating System) already installed, and it is the one responsible for making sure you are in a position to make and block calls. This application is known as ” server.telecom” and is responsible for calling from VoIP connections, managing sims as well as other network-related tasks.

Android.telephony is sometimes referred to as “InCallUI” which is why we will explore the purpose and use of the app in this article. It is important to be aware that the application only on phones running Samsung phone. Therefore, if you’re using another phone, the name may differ, however, the function will be identical.

If you’re confused , don’t worry as we’ll be talking about the subject further during the piece.

What does com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui mean?

Before we get into the meaning of the word, we need to look at the name we’ve got here. Com.samsung suggests that it is a file or package that is part of the Samsung folder. It means only Samsung phones can have it, and only Samsung phones will have it. The name may differ for other phones. Android.app suggests that it’s an application that runs on our phone. You can find it within the “system application” list. We’ll be able to learn more later about it.

TelephonyUI is a different name to refer to ” InCallUI” that is evident in its name. If you divide the two words, In-Call-UI. You’ll notice that it’s in charge of it’s user interface (User interface) when you’re in-call. This application is responsible for being able see the name of the caller, the telephone number, and also being capable of cutting or picking calls.

Like every other app you have for your phone It is also an application that allows you to call, but it’s an app that runs on the system. This means you’re not able to delete or modify the app in any way as it is also a system app that provides additional essential functions.

If you try to find it on your phone chances are that you will stumble upon the same app with a different package name “com.samsung.android.inCallUI” or “com.samsung.android.telephonyUI”. The name may differ between devices, you’ll be able to be aware of the usage of the application by reading the name.

Therefore, we can say that telephonyUI can provide the caller with a variety of options for calling, accept and button to reject, recording, switching audio output, and much more.

What is it used to do?

We have discussed in the earlier section The app is the one responsible for showing the Phone app’s user interface (User Interface). It is possible to define UI as the look and feel of the app. The core of the app is distinct. TelephonyUI is a phone application that does the job of showing the call screen as clearly as other options. The screen shows caller ID, the option for mute/hold, options to reject and pick up calls, and more. The app also offers the option of denying calls and send a message to the caller. you may have seen the option on your mobile.

You should now be aware of the app and the reasons we install it at all on our phones. Also, you should be aware that the app does more than show the screen, and so it’s essential for the experience of making calls. The complete description of the app will be found as the apps are systems that were created internal to Samsung.

Then we can get to the real-world applications of the app, which you may not be aware of. As we’ve already talked about the app offers many different functions for your phones, which are listed below:

  • Muting of calls
  • Accepting calls
  • Rejecting calls
  • Conference (group) calls
  • Noting down the memo/notes during the time you are on call
  • It is possible to send messages without the app for messaging
  • Holding a phone call
  • Call Recording
  • Switch off the screen, then you place it in your ear. You can turn it on after you take it from your ear.
  • The app is minimized and you can see the bubble
  • You can save any number you want to keep on the phone

My device doesn’t have inCallUI or TelephonyUI?

It’s not likely that your phone doesn’t have the app since If that is the case, you won’t be able make calls using your phone. As you can see in the previous section the app could have various names, such as the InCallUI or telephonyUI, for instance. The name of the app will depend on the phone model and may change as software updates are released as time passes.

It is now possible to comprehend that each phone comes with an alternative version of this app. Moreover, since it’s a system application and cannot be modified it. Systems apps are applications that come pre-installed in an Android OS and we can not delete them, as opposed to other apps. If you manage to delete the app, your phone will stop working while making calls, or the Phone app won’t be able to start at all.

If you are looking to locate the application on your phone look up the following section since we’ve covered the entire procedure there.

How to remove com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui?

The answer to the question is no You cannot ” remove” the telephonyUI application from your phone. But, you are able to remove the app if you would like for any reason. It is important to remember that the app will cease to function for a short period and will come back on when you receive a call from your phone. It is possible to claim that the application will be in sleep mode until you need it to be used on your phone.

We suggest that you do not close the app since it doesn’t consume an enormous amount of battery nor do they occupy any memory space. Therefore, stopping it will make no difference in the performance of your phone. We should also not modify the applications on the phone because they are vital for running the phone flawlessly and correctly.

However, if you wish to get rid of the app take the steps outlined below to remove the application:

  1. Open your phone, go to Settings where you can search for apps or Notifications and apps.
  2. Start it, and then watch for the listing of applications to be displayed, tap on three dots in the upper right on the display.
  3. A menu will appear Tap the ” Show system apps” and then wait for additional apps to show up.
  4. Now look for “android.incallui” or “android.telephonyui” in the list.
  5. Click on the app when you have found it, then tap Force Stop..
  6. Its Force Stop button should be not active at the moment, however in case it isn’t, tap it again.

The app has been shut down and it’s in a state of sleep however, it will turn active when you receive a phone call.

How to fix What does com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui stop unfortunately?

If you’re experiencing issues with your application not functioning properly, there are some solutions you can try to resolve the issue. Take each step in turn and see what results are available to you. We suggest you read the book first and then see if it fits your situation, this will help you save some time.

1. Restart your phone

It’s a simple concept, however, we often forget that phones are seldom restarted. This could cause problems because the cache gets full with time, which can slow down your phone, or make certain apps fail to function properly.

Restart your phone, and then check whether the issue is still present, if so then you can move on to the next step.

2. Make sure you have enough storage RAM

Most often it is due to the storage becoming clogged that makes it impossible for other applications to run. Check first whether the storage space in your phone is with more than 95 percent full. One way to tell is to send a notification ” Your storage is close to being filled“.

If the phone’s memory is not fully loaded make sure that it is the memory of your phone is fully loaded or not. But, on the majority of phones, there is no way to verify it.

3. Update your phone’s software

If you do not update your system for long periods of time this could cause numerous issues for you and your phone. This is worth the time as security patches are essential regardless of any issue functioning properly.

Update your phone and restart it, notice if the problem of com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui stoped unfortunately still persists. If you find that the issue is present, then proceed to the next step.

4. Revert the app’s updates

If you’ve recently upgraded your phone and have discovered the issue right following the update. It is likely that the issue lies with the update itself. In order to fix it, we must restore to the earlier version. The process, however, is different on different phones. Samsung phones are not able to allow users to change back to the previous version. The only solution is to perform an unintentional factory reset. However, you should only perform it if not able to operate your phone in any way. (Factory reset will delete all settings and data.)

5. Call the experts.

The last thing we should do is because all other methods don’t work for us. Call an authorized service center and have the problem addressed. The most likely cause will be in the software, and you shouldn’t be charged any amount any. This will surely fix com.Samsung.Android.app.telephonyui stop, unfortunately.


In the article, we learned about the com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui app which is also known as InCallUI. The app’s utility and everyday applications are also discussed in the previous article. If you have missed something, we highly recommend that you return and complete the reading.

One thing to be aware of is that the app works only available on Samsung phones. If you’re using another phone, then the name of the app is different. It is still possible to locate the application by making use of the keywords “InCallUI” as well as “telephonyUI” under the “search” area.

We’ve answered all your questions in these sections, which won’t require a Q&A section. However, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section. We’ll be willing to assist you with your query.

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