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Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll


    When the new updates come for this OS they also brought up some problems. Users face issues like a black screen appearing after updating, too much time for booting, etc. but we are here to discuss and find a solution for the error that came to the newly released update on November 2020 gave the error of intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll.

 Hello everyone, in this topic we will dive deep into Windows functionality. For the functioning of any computer, we need an operating system. An OS bridges the gap between the user and computer for smooth human-machine communication. They are Windows, Macintosh, and Linux OS. Each one of these had gone through independent updating and personalized features. One has an easy-to-use interface while the other has security.

The list of popular OS beholds many names and one of them is the Windows Operating system. It is very popular among the new techies due to its simplicity, reliability, and easy availability. Bill Gates developed this. He was a student of computer science and engineering from Harvard University namely. He took a drop out of college to follow his passion. During those days the computers ran on Disk Operating Systems (DOS). After taking a permanent leave, he started analyzing the inner computer process. Bill found it too complex to use. He started to work upon such a system that will make the user understand and operate it easily. The name of that OS was Windows. He founded Microsoft and after that Windows took many modifications and improvements. The version started from Windows 1.0 in 1985 till Windows 10 and still going. Also, read one more article unable to load DLL iaStorAfsServiceApi.dll.

    The definitive statement behind this OS was: A system that creates an Interactive Window for the proper user and machine communication.

intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll
intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll

What is the connection between processor memory & OS?

Now, you must be thinking that what is the connection between the processor memory and an OS? Well, just discussed before the OS is just an interface for a user to access a computer. The proper memory binding with a processor and system is handled by it. Earlier computer processors handled tasks related to ALU. Arithmetic and Logical Unit operations involved the mathematical analysis of binary numbers. These also included memory allocation in hexadecimal form.

The problem was, multitasking was not possible with such computers. Memory-related operations created a lot of problems while computing big problems. But as research techniques developed, the Random Access Memory types changed:

Two types of memory sets got developed:

  1. Static Memory
  2. Dynamic Memory

The following flowchart describes the topic more detailed and fluent way:


Soon, processors got into the race. The functioning of those processors got updated. From just handling ALU operations they carried out graphical image rendering and supported high-quality video settings. One of the key improvements was that a smart ‘cache memory’ in joint with the new processors was added.

What is cache memory?

The cache memory scans the system and stores the information which is frequently used by the CPU. Its clock speed syncs with the processor clock speed. Then CPU accesses that information from it. This also reduces the time which it takes to process the information. The memory is regarded as the fastest memory existing today. It is also called SDRAM.

Let us understand it by an example:

You are preparing your favorite food in the kitchen and you cook it every weekend. For this you need ingredients. So, you go to the market every weekend to purchase it. But, someday you think that going for an everyday trip to the market is not reliable. You need to store the ingredients in advance. Then you built up a rack in the kitchen that stores those extra ingredients. And the problem is solved.

This means what, the smart memory learns about your computer’s daily tasks it performs. Then from the data collected stores the info which your computer needs daily. This stored data is then provided to the processor whenever it needs. For this, the smart memory first syncs its clock speed with the processor speed. Thus, it reduces the processing time by making it more efficient to use.

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What is Intel Smart Memory?

    Intel is producing the best computer processors from the beginning for a powerful motherboard. Whenever it launches its processors they all gain a quick market share with a growing trend. One of them is the Intel Optane Memory chips. They were launched on 17th May 2021. The company designed it under the concept of smart memory management, access, and storage.


  • Quick access to the tasks
  • Easy multitasking
  • Easy memory management
  • Improves computer performance


  • Costly
  • Only supported for Intel motherboards
  • Intel processor integration needed

Windows update issue:

Windows updates from version 7 to 10 are one of the most awaited updates. These came up with awesome features like

  • system support
  • graphics optimization settings
  • improved web surfing with Alt + Tab keys
  • Microsoft Account for a safe and password-free login
  • Snip sketch for image creation, screen capture

The windows 1902 update released in November 2020, popped up with a problem of intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll.

The connection between Intel optane drivers and Windows 10 updates:

As discussed before the intel optane memory provided the relevant data to processors for improved performance. But, one of the important functionalities is that it also pins the tasks on your Windows taskbar. Then it sends the notification when you start your computer.

To know more about how memory pinning works this is a two-step simple tutorial:

  1. Go to the bottom right corner of your windows taskbar and click on the message icon:
windows taskbar
  1. There you will see some of the notifications waiting for you. This is Intel’s rapid storage technology for Windows.
Intel's rapid storage technology for Windows

I am sure these types of notifications pop up when you boot your PC:

How to fix Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll

Set of Solutions for a Single Problem:

Many of the users faced the issue of intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll while they updated their Windows operating systems. So, to tackle this I have found out a solution for you, I am sure this will help:

Solution 1: Modifying the app settings

  1. Go to the search bar and type Apps and Features
  2. Navigate or search the Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions
  3. Right-click the mouse button on it and then on Repair

Solution 2: Directly uninstall the Intel Optane Memory Pinning App

Note: Uninstalling this app will not affect your computer.

  • Open the windows search bar and there start typing: Control Panel.
Control Panel
  • Go to that option and in the search Programs.
  • Find the Intel Optane Pinning Memory Option:
Locate Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll option
  • Right-click on it and click uninstall
  • Wait till the process completes:
Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll

 These solutions are one of the most tried and succeeded types.


In this way, I conclude this topic. I am damn sure that you got to know how to solve Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll and will get no error after having these processes done on your PC. This is a very traditional type of problem users face. Trying to provide solutions to them is my job.

Computer made our half-life easy and tech makes our full life easy. So, I suggest you use it accurately. Most of us use computers only for gaming, this machine is not meant only for that. It can do better, build better. Remember it is a result of connected research and development. This can make your life taste the skies of success if you appropriately use this name.

These types of obstacles hinder us a lot. But, those who take the right path, find the right option. Future has a lot to give us, and we have a lot to perceive. There is no one most immeasurable than you. Improve yourself, find errors, solve them, and then iterate the cycle. Never stop the continuous updation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Intel optane memory pinning unable to load dll error occurs?

This error is due to the driver update. The windows 10 drivers for Intel optane memory version are between 17.5.x and 17.8.x gave no problem during the update. But those who had Intel driver versions from 16.x.x received this problem.

How do identify this error?

After updating your Windows 10, restart your computer. Then after opening any app of your preference the error message will pop up.

When we uninstall Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions will it affect my system?

No, there will be no effect of this action on your system. Please take a note: Do restart the computer after performing these tasks.

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