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Fujitsu Error Codes- How to fix?

Fujitsu is a renowned Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company. It is famous for its array of servers, peripheral devices, PC’s, and Air Conditioning systems. While all of these products have highly sophisticated devices, times that they exhibit errors aren’t uncommon. Error codes are cryptic messages displayed to tell us there may be possible faults within the system. These error codes provided by Fujitsu products are no different. This article will guide you through common Fujitsu error codes and how to fix them in a few straightforward steps.

Identify the Fujitsu Error Codes

The first step to solve a problem is identifying it. Different Fujitsu products display various error codes, yet some are shared across multiple devices. For example, with Fujitsu split type air conditioners, error codes are given through the operation and timer lights on the indoor unit. While Fujitsu servers might display error codes via the system’s event log accessed through the system management software. Knowing these codes can help you recognize the problem and implement the appropriate solution, saving you time and the cost of unnecessary repairs.

Common Fujitsu Error Codes and Solutions

Error code: E:EE. This fault code is often seen on Fujitsu air conditioning systems. It is a generic error that can signify several potential issues like a faulty remote, indoor PCB fault, or a communication error between the indoor and outdoor units. You can try resetting the AC by switching it off and on from the circuit breaker. If the problem persists, it’s best to contact a qualified service technician.

Error code: 0x1002800A. This code, commonly seen on Fujitsu servers, signifies a BIOS error, usually attributed to an incompatible device. The recommended solution is to use the ‘BIOS Setup Utility’ to disable optional settings or removing newly installed hardware.

Error code: 4011. This code is common with Fujitsu scanners and means the paper feed rollers have reached its life expectancy. Replacing the pad assy or cleaning it can often resolve this issue.

Individual Device Solutions

Sometimes, issues arise due to the specific Fujitsu device you are using. Here are some common models and ways to resolve their frequent error codes:

For Fujitsu Air Conditioners: An error like “OO” denotes a sensor error. The device must be serviced by a professional.

For Fujitsu Scanners: “Error 2204” implies a duplex mismatch. Correcting the IPV4 settings should help.

For Fujitsu Servers: “Error B7F,” means there’s a fault in the Internal Disk Drive. Replacement or service is advisable.

For Fujitsu PCs: Windows error codes like ‘0x0000007B’ may suggest a hard drive error. Booting in safe mode and using the ‘chkdsk’ command in cmd can identify and fix the issue.

Fujitsu Technical Support

Dealing with error codes can be intimidating. However, understanding what these codes mean and how to deal with them will eliminate a lot of stress and uncertainty. It’s important to remember that those DIY solutions may not be enough for some complex issues. For those scenarios, reaching out to Fujitsu Support is the best course of action. Their team of specialists is experienced and well equipped to handle and guide you through any issues related to Fujitsu products, ensuring an optimal user experience.

With this guide and the provided practical solutions, you should be better prepared to tackle most common Fujitsu error codes. Remember to always practice caution when implementing DIY solutions and do not hesitate to reach out to professionals if needed.

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