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ChromeContinue- Continue where you left off


Google Chrome is a single web browser with a wide range of functionality to appeal to a wide range of users. All these elements work together to provide consumers with a pleasant experience. Google Chrome is one of the highly utilized browsers in the world. You can search for things on the internet easily since it has a smooth feature. It has a user-friendly UI that makes it one of the finest browsers available. Google Chrome includes several unique features, like ChromeContinue, where it goes off or left off, and several other features that make life easier for users.


The “chrome resume where you left off” function, which works in practically any chromium-based browser, has elicited varied reviews from users. Opera and Microsoft Edge users will be able to make use of this functionality in Chrome. However, some users have recently expressed dissatisfaction with the function Chrome continues where you left it before closing, claiming that it opens more tabs than the ones you had open when Chrome shuts down. Some users have reported that the function opens fewer tabs than before Chrome crashes. 

We all live in the epoch of the internet. We are dependent on it for nearly anything and everything. From completing our tasks and assignments to making something special for dinner, from ordering food to chatting with someone special. For everything, we need the internet nowadays. As we all know, technology is advancing day by day, and every device has the internet. All big hotels are having Wi-Fi because it is a necessity. Now to search for anything, we need Google Chrome.

It has recorded itself as it has another high for the fifth year consecutively. Google has launched a new version with some special features. Using this, the users can change the color, rename, and move tabs in the bar as per their choice. This version is even safer than the last one. Everyone these days have multiple devices. So, if you are looking up for something on a laptop, we must go somewhere else right away. On reaching there, you found out that there is a big queue, and you must wait. So, you will surely want to continue from where you left, but all your data will be lost. That is where Chrome continues to come into the picture. 

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What is ChromeContinue?

All Chrome browsers include a feature called ChromeContinue where you left off, which allows you to reopen all the tabs you had open the last time you used that browser before your PC shut down suddenly or Chrome crashed. This functionality has proven to be beneficial for customers who have lost data due to a power outage or a device that goes down unexpectedly.

If you are unfamiliar with the Continue where you left off function, it reopens all tabs that were open the previous time you used the web browser. That might not appear like a good deal but think about it. When the power to the PC/Laptop is turned off, or the device goes off without warning (at least most of the time), the function has proven to be quite beneficial. If you want to hang on from anywhere you left, there are a lot of ways to perform this task. Search history will also be transferred from one device to another. This will enhance your browsing and surfing experience. So, in this article, you will know basically everything about Chrome continues. 

What is the use of CHROME-CONTINUE?

ChromeContinue is used as it allows you to restore your data from your last chrome usage. Your data will be restored from where you left browsing, and now you must wonder how all this is done? This is done with the help of history and the cache data collected from the websites that you were surfing when you last used the browser Google Chrome.  

You can continue browsing not only on one device but on all devices where you logged in with the same Gmail id. So, it would help if you were not concerned while you are hobbling between devices. The best part is that you do not need any other application or APK for accessing this feature. It is an in-built feature.


  • switching between devices while searching and restoring your data is a plus point.
  • no additional application or software is required.


  • You must have the same email id synced to all the devices where you want to use ChromeContinue. 
  • When you restore your Google Chrome browser, the data cannot be recovered. 

How to enable the ChromeContinue feasture?

Using the in-built chrome continue feature:

Here, we will go deep into the browser’s settings. You must follow the steps if you wish to enable the feature. It is an easy method, so let us begin:

a) Open the Google Chrome browser. Try to open the browser on any laptop or desktop as it will be convenient.  

b) Go and select a new tab or click the “+” sign after opening the browser.

c) Click on the “three dots” on the right side and then click on the Settings option.

d) Once you open settings, scroll down and search for “On Startup.”

e) Now click on the option that says, “continue where you left.” Now you have enabled the feature so that you can close the settings. 

f) Whenever you will use Google Chrome from now on, the latest visited site is stacked and can be opened after the settings are changed. 

using third party applications:

This is the second method where you will be using a chrome extension provided by the browser to use the Chrome continue to feature. This is also an easy method. All you must do is to install the extension, and you will be set to use one of the best features of the Chrome browser, which is Chrome continue. Just follow the steps mentioned below carefully:

  • a) Click on the Google Chrome browser on your desktop.
  • b) Open a new tab by selecting the “+” sign at the top.
  • c) Click on the “three dots,” which can be seen on the right-hand side of the page, and access the settings.
  • d) Select the more tools option and press the option that says extensions. 
  • e) A new window will open in the browser itself. That page is known as “extension store.” Like play store, it has many extensions instead of available applications that come in handy and can be helpful to users. 
  • f) Search for “Continue where you left off” in the search option. 
  • g) Add it to Chrome by pressing on the button (which is visible on the right side). 
  • h) Once you have done this, you are all set to use the Chrome continue to feature. 

send to phone option:

When you are using a PC and want to use the mobile phone to surf the website, you can also use a feature. Although this is not a chrome continues to feature. It is a somewhat similar feature. This feature is useful when you are writing a research paper or making a website so that you can check how it looks on a smartphone? Or even when your battery percentage is less, and you do not have a charger near you. This method will work only when you have synced the same Gmail id to the mobile device and the laptop. Here is how you will do it.

  • a) Open Google Chrome browser on the desktop or laptop.
  • b) Open a new tab. Press the “+” sign on the top. 
  • c) Now, for instance, search for any website you want to visit.
  • d) Once your search is complete, before opening the link, right-click on the selected link, and a small dialog box appears.
  • e) Select the option that says “send link to phone.” 
  • f) After doing this, you will get a notification on your smartphone device about that website.
  • g) Scroll down the notification tab, click on that particular notification and start the website on your mobile.

These are some of the easiest ways to use the special features of the Google Chrome browser, but only if the devices are synced. There are some alternatives to ChromeContinue as well. They are applications which the user must install. 

Alternative to ChromeContinue:

This alternate choice is quite advantageous only if you use Windows. There, you can use the Edge browser, which is quite different from launched by Microsoft. You will need an application known as “Your Phone” on both the desktop and on your smartphone. Generally, this application is pre-installed in Windows 10. Once all the applications are installed successfully, you are good to go. Follow the steps carefully:

  1. Search for Play Store on your device and install the “your phone” application.
  2. Download the same application for Windows as well if it is not pre-installed.
  3. Log in or create your Microsoft account only if you have not created one yet.
  4. You have to pair the devices via Bluetooth settings.
  5. Once the pairing is complete, both the devices are connected. 
  6. To check the feature, open any website on your smartphone.
  7. Now select the menu option of the website. 
  8. Press the share option and click on “send to PC.” 
  9. Once you have done this, Hurray!! You will see the website will spontaneously appear on the browser. 

It is an amazing feature and a perfect alternative to ChromeContinue.  

Fix issue of ChromeContinue: 

Continue where you left off in Chrome is a feature that allows users to regain the data which they were researching before their devices went down or Chrome failed. However, some of the users earlier have reported that ChromeContinue is not working properly and resulting in fewer tabs to open than before. There are a lot of complaints that when they reopen the application, the data of only one tab is retrieved. 

So, to fix this error, all you ought to do is clear out the application’s cache data. Go to settings > click “advanced” option > The user will see many options available there. After checking all the boxes, just select the “Delete Browser data” option and the “clear data” option. After this, it should work properly as the data storage can be full. If this also does not work, try to re-install the browser. 

Search for control panel > Select uninstall a program > Select Google Chrome then click on uninstall > Press okay. 

Now re-install the application using some other browser that is available on the laptop like Microsoft Edge. This might resolve the issue as well.


In this article, you have learned a cool feature of the Google Chrome browser. Using this, you will never lose your important data, and a lot of time will be saved. We all know “time is money.” Hope you have enjoyed the article.

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