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The actual issues that arise are the articles in the form of suggestions in chrome into android systems or iOS systems, and how to fix using chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions. Although, when a person or its user opens chrome for some quick information regarding something like hospitals near the area, He disturbs with these types of articles appearance on window or chrome tab. But actually, it helps to gain knowledge and helping to make or grow a reading habit in users. But like the most needed time of chrome, these articles make a disturbance to particular customers. To remove these types of article suggestions users, search and apply different measures.

Most peoples or users don’t like these types of features provided by chrome on android or iOS devices. So, the best option is to make a hiding system that means hiding the particular article options in chrome that appear on mobile devices, mainly in smartphones, through this hiding mechanism. It helps to complete cleaning in the article section. Simply we can say that click or press the button option for disabling action in the article section. This can be done in both iOS and Android systems.

By checking the previous experiences in users, the article issue can be seen more in mobile device users when compared to pc or computer systems, or this article section doesn’t tolerate users in pc or computer systems. Thus, it doesn’t need disabling action or other methods. The only best solution to disable the article section from android is to enable the NTP remote suggestions by using chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions features. In iOS, we can simply disable it when we compare it with android.


To define chrome, we can say that it is a fast web browser. In other words, it is the most secure web browser in the world of technology. The main users of chrome are android users. And more than that, its chrome stands entirely different because it helps to get links or sites very faster, and also articles like personalized.

Role of chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions in android devices

Among the mobile users, mostly all were used android devices. Because of its ease to use, but iOS have more salient features. These salient features help iOS devices disable article suggestions, etc., which can be done directly in there.

But in android mobile devices needs flags type features. Chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions helps to disable the article section or suggestion in android devices. After all the processes or steps, the chrome tab will be undergoing reboot or restart options when only the changes we have made will store it. Like iOS devices, android can also use the settings option from the chrome tab to remove these article sections or suggestions.

But for most practical purposes, the technical prefers flags features in chrome. This is also a simple method. But we have to remember these flag features. In the case of settings or general methods, we can easily disable this action. Chrome is an essential thing for all students, not only for them workers ordinary peoples also needed its service. It can be seen on desktop also, but chrome hides large numbers of these types of offers on computers.

Generally, it hides on the menu of chrome web browser; for example, in desktops, the bookmark contains or history contains in the chrome web browser are in just like hidden form. That’s why usually these suggestions of articles to be seen can’t appear on the pc or computer chrome web browser. Usually, we can either remove or can turn off these article sections in that particular mobile device.

Flags were mainly used due to these types of users like to get free from all disturbance while browsing in chrome. Flags can be used like turn on or turn off. Many mobile device users don’t know the flag’s features because it just like a hidden form. That means, in the chrome web browser, these flag features are always hidden in its settings. The main aim behind this is to provide help to the application developers while they are doing specific tests. Mainly they apply flag features in chrome, web browser the user can simply turn off the article section, or see all together form like rid.

The articles can be seen when the peoples used chrome after the appearance of the new tab. It gives an articles section. This will be creating a feeling of distraction in their standard program. For a disturbance-free browser or particular tab, we can use these flag features. The problem can be seen in, no, it is not a problem or issues an unwanted feature in google chrome. So, google itself providing the easiest simple method. Usually, straight methods or direct methods don’t give by google. The major way is enabling the chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions features.

A general method to remove articles suggestions: –

To remove article suggestions on the particular mobile devices, as a primary step: –

  • open the chrome web browser in android smartphone.
  • Then press the button-like menu bar on chrome options which can be seen in android phone.
  • Then click the settings option from the settings in chrome tab select the article suggestion option from the settings in chrome tab after it selects the turn off button from the position of turn on.
  • After all, these steps, press the done button and come from the settings option of chrome.
  • This is the general method that can be seen in all types of smartphones.
  • This is the easiest method and helps to free from all types of various article suggestions that appear on the device’s screen.
  • Or, if we don’t want a turn-off option, then we can choose the hide option.
  • If people want to read these types of articles but not at this moment, they can opt for this hiding option by press the hide button on the chrome settings.
  • But its disadvantage or drawback is it doesn’t help to complete removal of article suggestions.

Usually, the growth of chrome affects these types of article suggestions. We have discussed earlier why these types of article sections make an impact on mobile devices, smartphones than computer systems, the reasons are chrome which can be seen in mobile systems which is act as a modest than computer systems and at the same time the browser chrome have more strength than a computer system. It comes out from these issues developers or users search to find new or available methods. The best option is to turn off and hide the article suggestions, known as article modules or the recommended articles, by the chrome web browser.

Do not: Package android.support.annotation

Compared to the general steps, chrome://flags features ensure the complete removal of recommended articles option in the chrome web browser.

  • We have to open the web browser chrome then type chrome, flags in the form of chrome://flags/ then press the button go, and we use one crucial thing, that is using NTP enables the remote suggestions this can be typed in the search options.
  • Afterward, press the button menu and from there click the suggestions from the server-side.
  •  Finally, just disable the enable option that recommends articles from the side of the server.
  • Then, at last, tap launching like relaunch helps to make a wide of changes. At last, the chrome undergoes restart or reboot, and chrome web browser open with taking up these changes.
  •  Thus, helps to remove or disable the recommended article option on the display of the chrome tab.
Turn- off the recommended articles in chrome using flag

Usually, using flag features is known as a moderate method because of its processing methods. The advantage is if we want the recommendation of this article, bring back it will still there. We try only disabling it which means, it doesn’t come in the front or center part of the chrome web browser. These articles can be seen just as a collapsed form on the header option. Disabling action means similar to the turn-off option in chrome settings, removing recommended articles from the chrome web browser. For this, we use flag features chrome flags. After using it, we can select the suggestions like remote and then turn it off. Usually, these steps are followed by all developers and users.

Disable article suggestions by chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions

The article suggestions appeared just as a new feature provided by good chrome it can be seen more than in mobile devices. It makes to display article suggestions on the chrome browser or tab. The most drawback is it displays all-time whenever the browser is opened, not for onetime. The suggestions are displaying all time whenever we open the tab on some mobile devices. There is no button to disable action at that time. The importance of chrome flags comes. After encountering the remote suggestions, we can find the disabled button in server-side suggestions for articles.

  • The flag feature enables NTP remote suggestions to be applied in online mode, but it can be done offline.
  • We can go with the tabs offline and then open up the new type tab.
  • We can see the screen with articles that are available in offline mode, the activate flag feature and make it by enable the NTP but, have to go offline suggestions not remote suggestions
  • Because here we need the articles that are available in online to make mode like disable by applying these it helps to remove articles which can be seen in offline mode also.
Disable the article suggestions using chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions

There are numerous usages of flag features that can be seen, but we use them mainly to disable or turn off the recommended articles. But this flag feature can be applied to start a new page in mobile devices like android, which means it helps to set a new page in a chrome web browser. These chrome flags are used in settings and its menu bar on devices. Generally, all people’s response to chrome is it is fast and contains more numbers of features and more than it was efficient. The most important specialty is it contains a mode-like reader and more than its data saver. Chrome provides large numbers of learning experiences about huge numbers of topics. Internet is the hidden factor behind this suggestion but during an urgent opening of these types of tabs by users or developers creates a big impact.

The recommended articles’ appearance on display makes the peoples distract, as we discussed. We can use the URL like chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions together with it we use the header like expandable it helps to appear this type of articles in behind of the tab, not in front. This URL can be copied in the address bar of chrome. Then we can go with it. The most important thing that we have to ensure that the features are turned off or make enable by going with NTP remote suggestions. After all the operations, chrome goes to restart for the relaunch and make the changes more effectively. We can disable it after all the operations chrome goes to restart for the relaunch.

Re-enable article suggestions by chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions

We discussed the disabling of the article suggestions with general and flag features methods.

  • Using these flag features, we can re-enable or turn on the article suggestions. That enters the suggestions in server-side.
  • Means open the chrome tab then type chrome://flags after going with enable-NTP-remote-suggestions (chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions) then enter the suggestions in server-side.
  • Finally, we can make it enabled position from disabling or turn off.
Re-enable the article suggestions

All users in technology wish to grow their knowledge by reading habitat. The chrome web browser provides a chance to attain it by providing article suggestions. But it makes trouble like recommended articles shown every time whenever the user opens ups the chrome browser. At that time, they can choose the general method or flag features to disabling or turn it off. Using NTP remote suggestions is the most efficient method, and also, we can reenable it through chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-remote-suggestions method.

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