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com google android trichromelibrary | com.google.android trichromelibrary

  By reading this weird name, “com.google.android.trichromelibrary“, the first question that arises to mind is what is this? We thought that this was some mistake while writing the name. But “NO,” you are not thinking right. There is no mistake while writing this name. Let’s go and check out this com google android trichrome library.

  It is the core app of android, known as the android system webview. It is used for displaying web pages. This app was very useful and vastly used to open web pages quickly and efficiently. It is preinstalled in android and needs to be updated after a particular time. For example, if you open a Facebook page, then webpages do not directly load in our default browser.

Com.google.android.trichrome library always displays web pages or web content inside the app. It is the android package file of the trichrome library, which is part of the google chrome app. 

If you type the trichrome library on the play store, the page will look like this.

com google android trichromelibrary | com.google.android trichromelibrary

What is Android System WebView?

  Google develops it to display web pages separately only inside apps, without changing browser web pages. It is commonly used with the google chrome app.

Suppose you open the Instagram app and load many web pages, then that data can only be stored inside Instagram, and there is no effect on the browser app.

     Android system webview was used by google chrome browser app for displaying web pages or web content, and now it is replaced by trichome library app.

What is Trichrome?

Google develops the trichrome library for a quick and reliable display of web pages.

Due to the invention of the trichrome library app, the data required for page download is reduced. It requires fewer resources to show off web pages.

What does com.google.android.trichromelibrary Mean?

Android devices running on android ten or below were using chrome as web implementation. But after the android 10 version, it is replaced by the trichrome library. The trichrome library is an inbuilt preinstalled app on all devices. Com.google.android.trichromelibrary (com google android trichromelibrary) gives the facility that web pages open within the app, it does not affect the browser. It is commonly recognized by the name ‘android system webview.’

How to fix downloading issue of com.google.android.trichormelibrary

It is the most common issue raised by users. Updation of trichrome or android webview is necessary for the smooth working of a web browser. If you have any problem downloading and updating trichrome or android webview, you are on the correct post. Any single method does not solve issues raised during downloading and updating. We have to do a combination of techniques to resolve this issue. Following are some useful methods for fixing downloading or updating issues.

1. Restart your device.

Restoring or resetting is the most common solution to every problem of android. It is always the first method for overcoming any problem related to the android system. By restarting, you may notice that the notification gets muted. It also removes the crashing issue of android webview. Problems associated with downloading and updating will be overcome.

2. Update your device

It would help if you always kept your android up to date for its smooth and quick access. If you are not updating your android, you may face compatibility problems with webview. So, keep your android updated. You may check for a new update in the settings of android. Updating takes only five minutes but adds more useful features in android. After updating, you may notice your android is working fast and easier to handle.

3. Enable auto-update

 In some cases, it is a very useful method. Turn on auto-update to update every app when a new update is available. The Android system starts updating when connected to the network automatically. It will keep your smartphone updated every time. 

4. Clear cache storage from android system webview

Clearing cache storage is the most adopted method for solving problems related to the trichrome library. In many cases, clearing cache storage of google play store also helps.to clear cache storage, follow the above steps-

  1. First of all, go to your smartphone’s “apps settings.”
  2. Select “menu” or three dots.
  3. Click on “show system apps.”
  4. A list of all system apps will be shown.
  5. Check for com.google.android.trichrome library or android system webview.
  6. Click on the app, then click on storage.
  7. Now press on clear cache.
  8. Restart or reboot your android. 

This process will clear all cache and remove all errors from the android system webview.

Is com.google.android.trichromelibrary safe?

    Yes, it’s safe. Com.google.android.trichrome library is developed by Google for smooth working and high performance of web browsers. So, it is a very safe and useful app. If you see a notification of downloading and updating com.google.android.trichrome library don’t get frightened by seeing the weird name. It is the most important app on your android. 

Crashing Issue Caused By Android WebView

In March 2021, a new update for android webview was released by Google. Some people do not update. The latest version, so they were facing a problem of crashing apps; Gmail, Amazon, Facebook etc. When they complained of this problem to Google, they advised users to update android webview and chrome and then restart or reboot their smartphone to fix that problem.

Following steps to be used while updating chrome and android webview-

1. Click on the google play store app.

2. Search for “chrome” or” android webview.”

3. Press on “update.”

 4. Restart or reboot the smartphone


Some people may get frightened when they see an unknown app is downloading in the background. Com.google.android.trichrome library is a strange word, but it is responsible for a very important function in the smartphone. It is used for displaying web content neatly and in an ordered manner. It does not disturb the main web browser.

 Android webview should be updated when a new update is available. For that, turn on auto-update in the google play store. Sometimes you may experience issues in downloading and updating android webview. But it can be easily fixed using the methods mentioned above.

 Android webview plays a vital role in displaying web pages in-app. It is an inbuilt application for all smartphones. Take care that you will not disable android webview at any cost; if you do, you will face compatibility problems when accessing web content.


What happens when you uninstall the android system webview?

Answer: You can uninstall webview if you wish, but you may not be able to operate the web browser properly. When you uninstall the Android system webview, only updates are uninstalled, not the whole app. Uninstalling updates causes errors while enjoying web pages. Android system webpage is designed to give the best experience when handling web browsers. It would be best if you kept an android webview in your android for smooth working.

How do I find android system webview?

Answer: You can easily find the android system webview from settings. First of all, go to the settings of android. Now scroll down and select “application manager” from the list. Now click on system apps. Here you can see the status of the android system webview. You can easily start or disable, as you wish. You can also check for updates are available or not.

What happens when the android system webview is disabled?

Answer: You should keep the android system webview enabled every time; it is necessary for the smooth working of the browser. If it is disabled, you may experience errors while viewing web pages. Disabling android system webview conserve battery and the effect on the performance of android. Hence it is always best to ensure that android system webview is enabled.

Is webview virus?

Answer-  No, webview is not a virus. Android webview is described by google. It is safe to use. The main function of this webview is to display web content within the app., so be relaxed .webview is useful for easy handling of smartphones and gives a high-performance rate.

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