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How To update ElvUI?

Have you heard of ElvUI? People who are into gaming might have little idea about it. But other general people might know very little about it. In this article, we are trying to give the readers basic knowledge about ElvUI. So, let us get into how To update ElvUI?

How To update ElvUI
How To update ElvUI

What is ElvUI?

ElvUI is a user interface that is designed to provide a user-friendly user interface with some extra features. These features are not provided in the standard user interface. It is an add-on that allows the users to make any kind of modification for their private use. However, the users cannot make it public. The users are not allowed to alter the name of ElvUI or any folders in it. ElvUI replaces the default user interface with a new and better user interface. There are many add-ons in it and it is integrated with many plug-ins as well. The plugins include Tidy Plates and Dominos action bar. ElvUI makes the user interface flexible and practical.

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How to Download and Install ElvUI?

1. Download:

 The users can download ElvUI from the Tukui website. There are two options in it. The users need to select ElvUI and click on download. Then the users have to unpack the downloaded folder to the World of Warcraft folder. If ElvUI is already installed in the device, the users get an option to replace it. Now the users have to log in to World of Warcraft. They will get an option as Add-Ons. The users need to click on it. They must make sure that they have enabled ElvUI and ElvUI Config. Then they will find the option “Enter World”. The users can go to the ElvUI config from the main menu. 

2. Installation: 

The ElvUI installation will start now. The users will find an installation screen. If it does not appear then they can type /EC in the chat and click on the install option in the ElvUI config. Now click on continue. A new dialogue box will appear, click on Setup CVars and then press continue. Now click on the Setup Chat option and again press continue. A theme setup will open. The users can choose between Classic, Dark, and Class and click on Continue after they choose the decided theme. Now, the resolution option will appear. The users can choose high or low resolution according to their desire and click on continue again.

The layout option will open now. There will be many options including player, healer, target and target of target. The users can choose the desired layout and then click on the unit frame option. They can try each role and decide on which role they want to choose. If a user chooses the “Healer” option, they will get a prompt asking them to install the Clique add-on. They can ignore this prompt and just click on the “Yes” option. They need not install any add-on.

Now they can click on continue again. The users will now get the option for Aura Bars and Icons. They can select any option from it and click on continue. It is recommended to choose the “Icons only” option as there are a million bars and timers that are not needed. The basic installation process is finished. The users can now click on the Finished option and reload the user interface.

3. After Installation:

 The users need to restart their devices after the installation is complete. A prompt will appear with support and tips for the announcement after restarting. They can simply click on Disable. If the users do not want these tips to come again, they can click on the Hide option. But the users must not hide them until they have become familiar with the user interface.

How to configure ElvUI?

The users to open the config window by typing /EC in the chat. In the config window there will be many options:


 In the general window, there are many options. The first option is the ‘Announce Interrupts’ that should be set to none if the user is not using it as an add-on. The other options in it are Say, Party and Raid which the users can select if they are using the add-on. Now they need to select Auto Repair and put a tick on Vendor Gray. If the users want to automate green rolling, then they can tick Auto Greed or Auto DE option. The users can even disable the Order Hall Command Bar and change the length of the Objective frame in its tab. The user must go through all the options to see what he can enable more.


Maps used to be a dropdown option. It is recently changed to a config window. There are two options to configure in Maps: The World Map and the Mini Map. The World Map is an easy option to configure. The Mini Map option is a little tough. The users must be careful and pay attention to options like Calendar, LFR Queue, Garrison and Mail. The buttons can be moved, resized and hide/hide in combat. The users must be careful with the Hide button as it is ticked by default. The users have to untick it for every button in Mini Map.


Databars used to be a dropdown option in General Menu. It is also changed to a config window recently like the Maps. The Faction Reputations are configured in this window. The users can choose options like move, mouseover display, resize and show vertical or horizontal. It has the Artifact Bar which is used to show the need trait for the Artifact. There are many other options, which users can see and configure in it.

Moving Elements:

 In the moving elements window, there is an option as Toggle Anchors. The users must click on it and drag it to a proper position. The users can choose to untick “Stick Frames” if they do not like their bars to stick. In the Nudge option, they can see the arrows and numbers on the bars when they are clicking on it. After the users are done, they can choose to lock the setting by clicking on the “Lock” option. It is available on the central menu.

Key Bindings: 

Key binding Mode is available to configure hotkeys that are present on the Action Bars. The users can click on specific key binds to change the position of hotkeys. This position changing can be done for various characters as well. The users must not forget to save the changes that they made.


The Bag option should be enabled to use the bag system of ElvUI. The bag system can be resized and repositioned. It is flexible to use and looks nice. If a user has added Bag Add-on externally, they have to disable this option. If they do not disable it then they will face some errors. The users are advised to use external add-ons for the bag system. The graphic style is the same but it has better section division smartly including gear sets. The users can also add currencies to the bottom line.


 The chat window has many options. The users can see the options to move or resize the chat window. They can add timestamps or remove them. The chat history can also be enabled. The users can also ignore this window if they do not wish to make any changes. 

How to update ElvUI?

The users can use the Tukui client window to update the ElvUI. The steps to do so are:

  • The users must delete the old ElvUI file from the WTF folder. The users must keep in mind to never overwrite the Add-on files and delete the old files always.
  • Go to the Tukui website and download the add-on. The file will be downloaded as a zip file.
  • After the download is completed, they must right-click on the file and click on the Extract All option.
  • The extracted file is opened and checked for capitalization. The file should be in uppercase for ElvUI.
  • Then this file should be moved to the World of Warcraft folder where the original add-on was present.
  • To check the correct folder, the users can open Battle.net.app and tap on World of Warcraft. There will be an option named “Options”. The user has to click on it.
  • Now they have to click on the “Show in Explorer” option. They will see the correct folder for their World of Warcraft. Now update ElvUI.

Note: There is a way to update ElvUI, the add-on without deleting the old settings. The add-ons are in the Add-on folder and they can be updated without wiping the settings. The user as to use the Tukui client window or download the updates manually. Now the users have to go to the add-on folder to delete the ElvUI and ElvUI_OptionsUI. A new version should be downloaded from the website and place in the add-on folder. The user must back up the ElvUI profile regularly and save it in external storage to avoid any kind of loss.


ElvUI is a user-friendly user interface with features that are not available in the standard user interface. Users can alter their user interface with the help of this add-on. This is only available for the private use of the user and must not be released publically. There are many add-ons and plugins in it. It makes a flexible user interface. ElvUI can be downloaded from the Tukui website and installed on a user’s device. The various steps to do so are mentioned in the article above. After the installation is completed, the users have to restart the device to use it. There are few steps mentioned in the article above to help the user configure ElvUI. The users can also update ElvUI with the help of the steps mentioned above.

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