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How to text someone who blocked you

Sometimes it becomes heartbreaking if somebody blocks you on SMS or WhatsApp, but it is impossible to text someone who blocked you. This tutorial will not be about hacking and illegal methods. We will use some glitches and legal ways to break walls between us in a very easy and fast way to complete the reader’s desires without hazardous methods. Please read and apply carefully to be entirely successful in doing that. You are using your precious time, then for what you all are waiting for. So let’s learn with me about how to text someone who blocked you.

How to text someone who blocked you
How to text someone who blocked you

Why does someone block you?

There can be many kinds of reasons possible for someone to block you.

  1. Misbehave
  2. By mistake
  3. By technical error
  4. Due to personal reasons
  5. Because of ending a conversation that doesn’t require any interaction.
  6. Long time no see
  7. Hurting someone
  8. Etc.

Ways and suggestions to solve these ( text someone who blocked you) issues

We can do many solutions to our problems even we can talk to someone offline to solve the matter easily and forever without having any interpersonal complexity because of no further interactions. For a case that you cannot talk to someone offline because of current situations and social distancing policies by our government, fear, hesitation, attitude, self-respect, or any other reason.

The priority is always to clear your issues in the way of communication, but before that, find the possibilities and sources of problems caused by you or a friend. If it is not working, then follow the second method.

First, you must know that if you have blocked someone, you cannot receive and see his messages in SMS form. You can send him a message but cannot get feedback again, so you must unblock him first, if you want to follow these methods properly. Before starting, we should discuss possibilities. What is possible and what is not possible?


Texting a blocked number is possible in only some cases. We cannot message via normal messages. We have to use some apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. If we want to message somebody with a regular message, we cannot do it without a different number if you have been blocked. We can message a person who blocked you, but we have to sacrifice something like our messages, files, and groups that cannot be rejoined again if we reset our accounts; also your followers may get to be zero.

Not possible

  • We can’t text somebody who blocks you.
  • Legally it’s not possible to message if you are blocked by someone on regular SMS.
  • We cannot recover files and messages and even groups that we will leave after changing our account method application so, backup your data first.
  • There is no guarantee you will always be unblocked if you use any of these methods.

First method: Delete and recreate your WhatsApp or any other social media account.

What are some general social media service providers on which these methods will work?

  1. WhatsApp messenger-this app is one of the favorite apps used by the current generation to perform online communication. That’s because of this app’s fabulous services and quality speed, and chatting experience. This app provides very safe and secure communication between both private and public texting.

We can even send many kinds of images and shapes to share our emotions and views, for that cannot be expressed in real life. Sometimes these emotional messages can make someone hurt too.

Private messaging that we hide from our parents can be expressed easily, and mostly this may make you an able man or woman to share anything and face problems.

  1. Instagram messenger-This app has made everyone be very frank in sharing messages. We can easily manage to share these kinds of messages that are not supported by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook is also a very famous social media app for video and photo sharing.

How to reset your WhatsApp account-

  1. Open your WhatsApp program.
  2. Click on the three dots on the very right corner of your app on the top side to open settings.
  3. Now click on the new popup appeared window setting option.
  4. Now click on accounts and click on delete my account, then click on the confirmation, and it’s done.
  5. Now follow the new step close and open WhatsApp again and then just create an account by entering your number, then confirm the tour number by clicking on the ‘ok’ button.
  6. Now a one-time passcode will appear in your SMS section or if you do not want it to be done manually, wait for some time your account will be created.
  7. Now enter your name and add a profile photo, and it is done text the blocked number as you wish if he does not block you again.

Non-recoverable items-

Unsaved data and messages cannot be attained back by any method if they are not backup somewhere ok done.

How many times can be the process repeated-

This process can be completed as many times as you can. You can always count on this method to work always.

Let us continue to the second method.

Second method: creating a group in the third-person help

In this method, we do not require a third person to text someone who blocked you. We just require a different account to be used for it. You may require a person’s device under his permission. You can create a group and add yourself and the person who blocked you in the same group, and from there, you can continue your chatting and texting again as usual.

In any case, you do not have an extra device for your friend or somebody else. Just download the dual space or use your phone’s inbuilt feature clone app to create a new account, as everyone today owns many contact numbers. To create a new account if you do not own one.

Now just create a new group by following the given instructions in the succeeding article.

  • Step1) if you do not have a secondary device, download the clone app, dual space, or any other app you want to. You can even use your phone’s inbuilt features like a duplicate app, clone app, etc. name may vary from device to device.
  • Step2) now if you have created a new WhatsApp account or using the used one follow further steps.
  • Step3) Click on the new chat icon and then click on the new group. Now add members by selecting contacts and conform by clicking create done chat any blocked person now as you want.


We cannot do private chatting if we create a group with the help of a third person as he can see your chats share your privacy and can destroy your chatting experience. He can kick you out of the group and can even add more to share your chats which can harm you and your privacy.

Sometimes you share very sensitive information; that is why using the third person is not safe. I suggest you use the secondary WhatsApp account and number for creating a safer and private environment for texting while using sensitive information or views or files, as I am informing you here.

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The person to whom you are talking cannot block you now. The person who creates the group has the power of kicking you or muting you out of the group, but the person can leave the group himself and can stop receiving new notifications.

Your chats and files remain unchanged and undamaged without creating any backup manually. That is the exception to these methods and better than the first one with respect to data loss and text message history.

This method works best for persons who want to call and text new messages to blocked numbers. If somebody is not willing to talk to you, he cannot sense your number, but sometimes it may be counted in spam calling and messages.

This method works well.

Using a secondary number

We can use the second number that is pre-owned by you, or you can use your friend’s phone to send a text to the person who blocked you.

It’s fast, safe, and easy to do with offline help and a fast response that doesn’t require that much knowledge and work to establish your plan.

Using a secondary virtual number

We cannot have multiple numbers every time because it may cost you too many problems or sometimes heavy bills.

Here, we go a use a very easy method by using this app named X call. This app is legal and safe to use here. We are faking our caller ID on outgoing to make your call private and message him very easily.

This has lower possibilities to work because we cannot message or call someone who has blocked us, which means he has cut your communication, as it is said by Google and many other websites and search engines. I am also using these functions, and they work and sometimes do not.

  • Step1) Download the x caller app from Google Playstore and sign in.
  • Step2) Allow the app service and permissions and enter your number, verify and follow the last step.
  • Step3) Click on send anonymously and enter your message and your receiver number. Now it will work or not work, but the upper method will work pretty well.


You do not need to create, reset or send a message to somebody while having your security errors and any other security purpose.

You are even allowed to call that cannot be possible in the second method, and it is a unique method, but it is first part is very easy and common.

So everybody, the conclusion after performing these methods is that you cannot message or call or unblock someone just like if someone has blocked or broken the pathway it is only possible by creating a new method like breaking the barrier between the road and your transport. Ways like running over the barricading, faking, and using different paths to reach a destination that can be many in the count. It is not that much big work to do, and it is common sense, but sometimes we require some different ways and like the same here to reach the right communication channel without somebody’s will is possible by the ways mentioned above. I am like an unknown person to you, like one on the road who can tell you the right path, and that’s how you can do this very easily.

Most of the searches may recommend you at the top that it’s not possible to make it. Somehow, I made it possible for you to do these very uncommon things with some very simple and unique ideas by glitch and using the presence of mind to text a number that blocked you.

Sometimes the solution is in front of your eyes, but you cannot identify it that easily.


At last, I am assuming that the first two methods are best known for how to text someone who blocked you. Follow these steps very carefully, and your desire will be fulfilled by these methods. I hope so.

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Thanks for your precious time.

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