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How to change the color of your apps


Many people nowadays use many apps or Applications. These apps are built somewhere else with their own interface and icon. Have you ever felt bored of seeing the same icon all the time when you unlock your mobile??? Yes, of course, many of us, including me, felt that. It is quite boring to see the same icon, same logo to open an app. How to change the color of your apps?

You may sometimes think, why can’t we keep a name of our wish for the app on our phone? Why can’t we do that?? Absolutely you can do that without any effect. Who doesn’t get bored of seeing the routine app color and routine icon? So let us dig some more and go deeper into the solution to achieve these. We not only have one solution for this, but We can also achieve it in many ways. I am going to discuss some below. So, Why late? Let’s start

How to change the color of your apps
How to change the color of your apps

How to change the color of your apps?

We are presenting different ways to change the color of your apps:

Using mobile, without any app

Firstly, decide which app you want to change. You can change multiple apps, not only a single one. There is no limitation for built-in apps in mobile. You can even change for the built-in apps along with apps that you download from the google play store or any other store. I want to clarify to you that you can change for any app, even if it is pre-installed on mobile. Follow the below steps carefully

  • Decide the app you want to change
  • Press and hold the icon until you get a pop-up of some options like short cuts on the above and followed by remove, edit, info in the below.  
  • So, click on the edit option. 
  • By clicking on the edit option. You can change whatever you want, either name of the app or the icon of the app.
  • By clicking on the icon, you can edit the icon with any other icon on your mobile. You will get lots of other icons. 
  • You can keep the icon of the gallery to the camera. Yes, that is possible.
  • By clicking on the text, you can change the name of the app. You can keep whatever you want as of your wish. You have the right to keep any name without any effect. 
  • Once you’re done with the editing part, click on OK

So, Finally, the icon and name of the icon are changed into your choice. You can share it with everyone. Just like a normal app, you can open the app and do whatever you want. Everything remains the same inside the app; just the external look of the app (icon and text) will only change.

So, after changing the app, you may not like the changes, or due to some reason, you want to keep it as before only. In those cases, reset the changes. 

To reset, simply click on edit and then, You can reset. After that, the app will look as it was before(pre-installed).

With using the app

Though you see many icons, you may not like the icons on your phone also. You want to see some more icons. Actually, when you want to make changes to an icon, like adding color to the icon or rotating the icon, whatever it may be, it is in your hands to add much more creativity to your app and create it as you wish. 

In these cases, you can make use of some of the below-given apps which were available in playstore

  1. Icon changer
  2. App cloner

Icon changer

Icon Changer is an application that is used to change the icon or name of the app, but it doesn’t affect inside the app. We can make many changes with the help of an icon changer. We can even make our photo as an icon with the help of this application. So why late? Let us follow some simple steps given below to achieve our goal.

  • Firstly download the app icon changer in the google play store
  • Now open the app, we’re now able to see a list of all the apps on our mobile
  • Decide the app which you want to edit and click on that app
  • We have two options here, to change the icon and to change the title
  • We can even decorate the icon and add filters to it as of our choice
  • To change the icon, click on change and then default icons. By selecting the default icons, the icons of our mobile will appear so that we replace them with any other icon of default icons
  • To change the title, click on the title and keep text to it as of your choice. You can keep any name.
  • After completion, click OK, and your application will be changed as of your choice.

Keeping our photo as an icon using ‘Icon changer.’

Instead of replacing it with any other app, we can keep our own photo as an icon. Yes, you heard correctly. To know how to keep our photo as an icon, just follow the below steps. It is an effortless task, and you can change it easily

  • Click on change, and then instead of choosing default icons, choose gallery.
  • After choosing the gallery, you can get a list of all of your photos, just click or select any photo of your choice and then crop it according to the required dimensions and just complete it by clicking CROP
  • Even you can edit the icon by using other filters over there
  • After finishing the edit, you have to click on OK and then add to the home screen by placing manually, or it will add automatically, by clicking on Add automatically

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Using the app ‘App cloner.’

App cloner is also an application like an icon changer, but both are differentiated with small changes. The main difference between app cloner and icon changer is that using app cloner. We can create another app by changing the icon and name. That is, we can have two different apps. The other will be cloned according to our requirements(changed title and icon). Follow the below steps to clone another app according to your requirements.

  • Firstly download the app ‘App cloner’ from playstore
  • Open the app, and you can see all the installed apps
  • Choose the app you want to change, and click on the app
  • Now, by clicking on the name, you can edit the name of the app and keep it as your wish
  • Below that, you can see a list of options that are used to edit the icon. You can rotate, flip and change the color of your apps (of the icon)
  • By clicking on rotating the icon, you can rotate the icon and keep it at your desired angle 
  • By clicking on change the icon color, you can change the color of the icon by decreasing and increasing its hue
  • After changing the name and title of the icon as your wish, you can click the tick mark available on the top right 
  • We can clearly see that the app was cloning. It takes some time
  • After that, you were asked to install the cloned app. Just click install
  • Finally, you now access the cloned app, which you designed in your desired look.

Resetting the changes

Like the above cases, if we don’t like the changes that we made to our app, we can reset it by clicking on reset. 

  • Select the app first, and then click on change
  • After clicking on the change, we can see that the first option is to reset
  • After clicking reset, the icon and text of the app will become as they were before.

In this way, we can make use of the app ‘Icon changer’ to edit our app’s icon and the name and color of the apps.


  • You are now able to change the color of your apps, using many ways, either by downloading the app or without downloading
  • Able to edit the icon as well as the title of the app
  • Creating our face as the icon for the app
  • Using the apps Icon changer and app cloner
  • Changing the color of the apps
  • Resetting the changes, if we don’t like them

Finally, we are now able to get answers to all the questions that were raised at the initial level. We’re now able to know all the ways to make changes to the app’s icon and the title of the app. So, don’t stop until you create your desired icon for the app, and also don’t compromise in increasing the knowledge.

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