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Process system isn’t responding

A bug in Android causes the “Process system isn’t responding” to appear when an app crashes. To resolve the error, you need to use professional apps to solve the problem. I have written this article about “how to fix process system isn’t responding [Android] by yourself”; hope it can help you out. Of course, this happens when some sort of malware enters your device.

The malware will block the operating system processes, which will result in a wide variety of errors, including the processing system isn’t responding. Shockwave Flash, Adobe Reader, Flash Player, etc., are the most commonly targeted programs. Identical in its symptoms with numerous other errors. The “process system isn’t responding” is one of the bugs that can seriously affect your phone. It lacks the proper response to any process on your device. As a result, you can neither use your phone nor you can move it around freely.

Process system isn’t responding
Process system isn’t responding

What is the process system isn’t responding?

Android device users have reported this error in almost all the devices that run the Android operating system. The good thing is that most of the users who have registered the processing system aren’t responding. The error could solve their issue by rebooting their devices as an average user would do when an application fails to respond or freezes, but rebooting your smartphone isn’t something you can afford to do very often at regular periods. 

Google has worked continuously towards improving the Android operating system, and for that reason, many of the errors were resolved and were no longer causing any trouble to its users. But as you can see, there are still some ones that haven’t been solved yet. We will try to explain to you the whole process and how you can fix this error and quickly get rid of it. But, of course, the Android system is not the only culprit. There are a lot of other causes that can lead to this error. But whatever the reason is, it is pretty frustrating for users. Fortunately, there are a few fixes available now.

What are the causes of this error?

Your Android phone freezes, and a message telling you that the error, the process system isn’t responding, pops up on If your device is stuck outside the home screen with the processing system not responding and stays like that for a long time, it doesn’t settle until you force it to quit or reboot it. Unfortunately, fixing the process system not responding to errors isn’t always that simple. The first thing you need to do is, update your operating system and check if the problem still arises. If so, try restarting your phone. Now, let us go through some options you can explore when trying to fix this issue.

How to fix process system isn’t responding?

Tip 1: Clean your phone

The first and foremost thing is to clean your phone periodically. Cleaning it from time to time will help keep your Android phone free of unwanted junk files. Another important tip is to cache data on your phone after performing a master reset on it. This way, you won’t have to reencounter this error after clearing out the memory of your phone.

Tip 2: Restart the phone

If you get this error prompt often when operating on your device, the solution is to restart the phone. It might fix the problem. But sometimes, the error can occur due to other reasons. In that case, below are some common ones listed for you.

Tip 3: Force stop

On many occasions, we update our apps for new features, upgraded compatibility, and more. But this can sometimes cause your phone to experience a sudden app crash issue. Some are quick to use “Force stop” to fix it, while others prefer restarting the device. With the rest of the methods listed below, you can try anyone to fix your error “process system isn’t responding” effectively.

Tip 4: Press the power button with volume

Many Android users encountered the same problem, and the reason is that they did not follow the correct action and could not turn off their Kindle fire. You would not be able to find any button or switch to turn off Kindle fire. If you want to turn on your Kindle, you may press the power button. If you hold the Power and Volume up buttons together for a couple of seconds, this will be turned off.

Tip 5: clear SD card slot

The error system isn’t responding if your Android device is not responding to it. It could happen if the card on which your Android device is installed does not have a total amount of free storage. If you open any app and the card shows only a few MB storage available, something is wrong with the SD card or an issue with the phone. But if you’re trying to import new music or video files onto your memory card, then there might be an issue with the memory card on your phone. First, try cleaning the SD card slot of your mobile phone.

Tip 6: Factory reset

Factory reset is the most common solution when your Android phone or tablet faces problems such as slow performance, not responding to errors, or any similar issues. It can resolve several issues on your device and save you from improper data loss situations. Though, this should be your last resort, as it will wipe off your device’s data entirely.


Android issues and process system isn’t responding or stuck are among the most frustrating users’ experiences on their Android phones. Most Android problems for the process system is not responding can be fixed by a master’s skill. But there is no way to make sure that the experts you chose are real or fake. Primarily people who have no idea about coding and programming language tries to run some test on your device and ask for money to fix the issues. However, if you continue to face this error despite attempting some of the methods given above, it is best to bring your device to a local cell phone repair store. 

They will check your phone and fix the software or hardware issue causing this error on your device. I hope the article helped you improve the processing system not responding to errors on your Android device. Share with us your thoughts and experiences related to this issue in the comments section below. What else do you want us to talk about?

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