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*67 what does it do?

In today’s world, everything is digitized and all the information will be stored online. With the help of a phone number, many sensitive data can be accessed such as bank credentials, etc. Phone number is very essential and if the phone number gets into the wrong hands there will be compromisation in data. Using the *67 prefix method you can hide the phone number while calling someone. In the blog let us look at What is *67, What does *67 do, *67 means, and a lot more.

In this blog, we will also discuss the downsides of the *67 method and other alternatives and their benefits briefly.

What is *67

The *67 is a vertical assistance code. The prefix *67 is used to hide the number of the caller from the receiver. This method is applicable on both mobile smartphones and on a traditional landline. The person will see either “Private number” or “Blocked” when the phone rings. Using this method the number can be prevented from appearing on the receiver’s phone or on the caller id.

How to Use *67 on an Android Phone?

Using the *67 methods to make anonymous calls is pretty simple and easy. 

  • Open the dialer app.
  • Enter “*67” before entering the contact number to which the call needs to be placed.
  • Click on the call button to place the call without the caller ID or dialers name displayed on the receiver’s side.

The *67 method doesn’t work when the call is placed to any emergency numbers or any toll-free numbers.

Example of using the *67 method to call.

  • Consider calling the number “1234567890”.
  • Add the prefix *67 before dialing.
  • In the dialer, the number should be dialed as “*671234567890”.
*67 before dialing

What is the Use of *67?

When a call is placed to someone. The receiver of the call gets access to the phone number of the dialer. The downsides of this feature include telemarketing teams collecting the phone numbers and start calling and sending annoying long text messages. Using *67 before the phone number will make the call completely anonymous and the receiver will not receive the phone number of the dialer.

Does *67 work on an iPhone?

The *67 method works pretty well with all the devices. There are some instances where the *67 method doesn’t work. When the *67 method doesn’t work, THe user can use other alternatives to hide their number while placing a call to someone.

Alternative of *67

Let’s see, what are the other methods which can be used alternatively to the *67 methods?

Sometimes the *67 method doesn’t work as expected. Here are a few of the alternative methods which can be used instead of the *67 methods.

  • The prefix of #37#  or *37# before entering the number.
  • Using the Caller ID blocker is an alternative for the *67 methods.
  • Contact the service provider and request a private number.
  • Use burner phone numbers alternatively and the burner phone numbers also have an added advantage.

Other prefix methods to hide the number.

Using *37# and #37# as a prefix before entering the number is also a good alternative for the *67 method.

How to hide the contact number using the Settings app?

Caller ID can be easily blocked using the caller app on the mobile. 

How to Hide Your Number on an Android Phone?

Sometimes the *67 method doesn’t work. Yet another fully reliable method is to use the hide number option to automatically hide the Caller Id. To hide the caller Id in an android phone, The following method needs to be followed.

  • Open the Phone app from the app drawer.
  • Click on the 3 dots present on the top right corner.
  • Click on calls.
  • Tap on Additional settings.
  • Open the caller ID section.
  • Click on the hide number option in the pop-up message that appears after you click on caller id.

How to Hide Your Number on an iPhone?

iPhone users have to follow a slightly different method as compared to android phones. Here are a few of the steps to be followed to hide the number in an iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app by clicking on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
  • Scroll down to find the Phone option.
  • Click on the Calls section.
  • Tap on the Show My Caller ID.
  • Toggle the Show My Caller ID button to the OFF position.

How to get a private number?

Few of the service providers do not support the *67 code to hide the number. In that case, the User can contact the service provider. By providing suitable reasons and required documents, The user can get a private number connection directly from the service provider.

What are the downsides of using a prefix method or using a private number?

Using the prefix method does not work all the time and it should be supported by the service provider. While using the prefix method the prefix *67,*37# or the #37# should be added to the number each time before dialing, Therefore it becomes difficult to place calls all the time as the user is required to dial the number instead of just calling from the phone book. Getting a private number costs extra money for the subscription which is usually costly. 

Many users set Auto-reject to unknown or private numbers. AT times using the prefix method is useless as the purpose is not met. Paying for the subscription and if the user has set auto-reject to unknown or private numbers the need is not met and the purpose of getting a private number becomes vain and loss of money.

What is a burner number?

Using an alternative number is the best option but for that, a separate connection should be taken and another sim card needs to be used. Burners numbers are quite popular as they are a better and reliable method to get an alternative number without leaking the data of the user. This method is quite different from the *67 method or any other prefix method and the private number method. Burner numbers are temporary numbers that enable you to call and receive the call. Using the burner number, You can also send and receive messages and pictures.

The burner acts as the shield between your phone number. Any calls made through your phone will be sent to the burner’s server. The call is then connected to the dialer thus making your call look like it’s from the burners server. While receiving the call, The calls are received by the burner servers, and the calls are connected to the user. Messaging feature also works in a similar manner. The messages will be first received by the servers and the messages are sent to the user.

Buying a burner subscription is more favorable as compared to other methods. 

How to place a call using a burner?

  • Open the google play store on the android device or the app store on an Apple device.
  • Download Burner – U.S. Phone Numbers – Calling & Texting app.
  • Open the burner app.
  • On the bottom of the screen, 4 buttons can be seen.
    • The telephone button is used to place calls and it opens the dialer app on the burner.
    • The message button is used to send and receive messages.
    • The setting app is used to configure and change the preferences of your burner app.
  • Buy an active subscription.
  • The first number will be free and the user will be provided with limited resources.

Important note:

Using the *67 methods, #37# method, or *67# method will not allow the user to call any of the toll-free numbers. The *67 methods, #37# method, or *67# method doesn’t work all the time. The method works only if the service provider allows its user to place calls using the *67 methods so it is recommended to contact the service provider if you are not able to place the calls.


There are many ways in which a user’s Caller ID can be hidden from the receiver. It comes in handy as the number doesn’t get leaked to anyone. Adding the *67 prefixes to the number will hide the name from the caller ID of the receiver. The Caller ID  can also be blocked by using the phone settings app. There are alternative codes such as *37# asd #37# which can be alternatively used instead of *67.

The *67 is not supported by all the telecom service providers. Hence the alternative way is to get a private connection by contacting the service provider and providing the necessary documents and a valid reason. The most popular way to hide numbers is by using burner numbers. Burner numbers are temporarily disposable which provides many facilities such as dialing and receiving calls. They also support sending and receiving SMS along with pictures.

Burner numbers are the best alternatives as many users will have set auto-reject for private and unknown numbers. WIth burner numbers, the calls can be easily placed without actually revealing your personal number, but the burner number will be displayed on the receiver’s screen.


Q1. What is the *67 method?

*67 is a vertical assistance code using which the phone number of the dialer will appear as Unknown or blocked in the receiver’s Caller ID.

Q2. Does *67 work in 2022?

*67 works fine in some of the devices even in 2022. The working of the *67 method depends on the service provider. The chances of *67 is fairly less. Alternative methods can be used to overcome this obstacle.

Q3. Is *67 supported in iPhones?

The *67 is also known as universal anonymous prefix code and it works across all ranges of devices. Including landline, android, feature phones, and iPhones.

Q4. Is the *67 method illegal?

Using the *67 method is legal but using the *67 method for fraudulent matters and prank calls can be illegal and can land you in trouble. 

Q5. Can private calls be traced?

The *67 method just hides the Caller ID. The number can be tracked and traced to the origin easily by the service provider and authorized departments.

Q6. What is a burner number?

Burner numbers are a good alternative for having a temporary number without even buying a new sim card. Burner numbers act as a middle man in the calls and messages sent. 

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