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Turn off phone without power button

Everyone is aware of how they can turn off their phone but what happens if your power button got cracked or smashed then what do you do to turn off your mobile. Mobile hardware gets worse in the course of time When your power button doesn’t work appropriately you could be inquiring for a method to turn off your mobile without pressing it’s the power button. The most effective solution to this issue is to visit an authorized service center within the company of your mobile. You can also make use of one of the options provided within this post.

No one needs a manual to understand how to turn a cell phone off or on. But, if you find that the Power button or display of your device are damaged or has stopped working due to a reason, you may be looking for instructions similar to this. We will look at the various options to reboot and turn off an Android phone or tablet that does not have the power button or the volume buttons.

It is possible that the power button of a phone may break or cease to be responsive because of accidental drops, excessive use and mishandling. It could also be a result of poor quality of construction. If you’ve been using your tablet or phone for a long period of time and have not replaced it, you may find that the power button may become non-functional. The only solution to this problem is to go to an expert service center to get it repaired. Alternately, you can apply one of the methods listed here for you to turn off your phone without pressing the power button. No matter if you have a phone that is from LG, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, Google, Nokia, or any different Android device, these tricks can be used on all types of Android phones.

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Techniques to turn off phone without power button

There are a combination of methods to shut off the power on the Android tablet or phone if the power button is damaged. The recommendations will also aid you to restart your phone without using the power button and volume button. There are many methods for you to turn off an android device without using a power button, some are listed below:

Tip1: Use the volume button and the home button

This method will turn off the android device by using the volume button and power button. The first step is to press both buttons to turn up and down the volume as well on the phone to turn it off for a few seconds. If your phone comes with a home button, you may also try pressing the volume button and the home button together. When you are able to see your boot menu on your phone’s screen Use the up and down buttons for selecting the restart option and restart your device.

Tip2: Double-tap to wake and Sleep

In this way, we’ll be able to learn to double-tap to turn off the android device. It’s a brand-new feature available to Android devices running Android 9.0 or higher. To enable these features you need to go into your Android device’s settings for the system and then select the settings for your lock screen and you’ll see options “Double-tapping to turn on or shut off the screen”. Simply enable it, and then you can wake up and turn off your android device by double-tapping the touch-screen.

Tip3: Use turn off the toggle

The user can turn off his phone via the turn-off toggle, also. To do this, open your Android device’s notification bar, and there will be “Lock screen” toggle “Lock screen” toggle. Simply press it, and your phone is set to turn off. If you don’t see this toggle in the notification bar, you’ll need to include this toggle in the notification bar. Android devices all have an additional toggle option within the notification bar. You just need to check it out and then include”Lock screen” to the “Lock the screen” toggle to the bar of notifications.

Tip4: Using google assistant

Additionally, you can turn off your android device by using google assistant. To start your Google Assistant, just hold the home button for about 2 seconds your Google Assistant will be open. For this case, you’re using full-screen gestures, and do not have a home button then you can access google assistant by opening the system app of the Google Assistant app on your Android device. After you have opened Google Assistant ask it to turn off or reboot your device. The device will be turned off or restarted.

Tip5: Scheduled to be ON or OFF

There’s a different method that you can turn off your phone without the use of a power button. In these cases, we set timers for the phone to ensure that when it is reached, the phone will be immediately turned off. To set these, just go to the settings of your Android device’s system then click on security settings. There, are options to turn off the power and time for power off. Choose the time, and the device is set to turn off at the given time, without having to press the power button.

Tip6: Accessibility Setting

All Android devices include an array of Accessibility settings that assist visually and physically impaired users. The most prominent characteristics of Android’s Accessibility are talkback as well as the Assistant Menu. If you enable these menus, users are able to include an Accessibility shortcut to the navigation bar on your Android tablet or phone, or create an icon that floats in the menu. It is possible to use quick shortcuts to open Google Assistant, Recents, Power Menu, Screenshots, and many more, simply clicking an Accessibility menu icon.

Let’s look at ways to turn off an Android phone or tablet without pressing the Power button using the Accessibility Menu.

  1. Start by opening the “Settings” on Your Android device and clicking on “Accessibility“. On Android based devices OEMs such as Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Huawei, Realme, Xiaomi, and more. There’s Accessibility within Additional Settings.
  2. If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Tablet, Choose “Interaction and Dexterity” and then tap the toggle icon located in the middle of “Menu for Assistant“. An Assistant icon floating on the screen will show on the screen in the manner it is shown below. If you find the floating icon annoying you can alter the size, location of its appearance as well as its appearance. by pressing the “Assistant menu” option.
  3. Tap on the floating Assistant menu icon to open menu options. “Power off” menu. It is now possible to turn off your Samsung Galaxy device without having to press your Power button.
  4. If you own a smartphone made by Chinese company, You are required activate access to the “Accessibility menu” by selecting “Accessibility“. Once you’ve enabled it and enabled it, your Accessibility Menu icon will be displayed in your navigation bar. Simply tap it to gain access to the option to shut off your phone, without having to press your Power button.
How to turn OFF/ON iPhone without power button in just 1 min?
How to turn OFF/ON iPhone without power button in just 1 min?
How to turn OFF/ON iPhone without the power button in just 1 min? Everyone is aware of switching off their iPhone, but what happens if your power switch gets harmed or stuck? Let's fix your iPhone!
By Awill Sir

Turn off Samsung devices without power button

This tip will work for Samsung devices only:

Turn off Samsung Device via Bixby

There is no guaranty of Bixby tips but if you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can even turn off your smartphones without using the Power button employing a Bixby voice command.

Locate Samsung Bixby and operate the “Turn off/Power off the phone” command.  Bixby will request you to prefer the “Power off” choice. Simply thump on it to turn off the Samsung phone.

Using Quick Settings for Samsung only

The older Samsung phones didn’t come with this feature, however, if you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet launched by the year 2018 or after, you will have noticed it. Power Menu icon located in the Quick Settings screen. Smartphones such as Galaxy Note, S, A- Series, etc. are equipped with this shortcut.

Tap the Power Menu icon to select the option to restart as well as turn off your Samsung Galaxy device, without using the Power button.

Turn off phone without power button Using ADB Command

If you are a little bit known of coding this part is going to help you a lot, See the various ADB command tricks to turn off phone without a power button:

Using Power Menu

Command prompt and power shell in Windows often, but do you know that we can utilize commands on Android, and turn off our device with user-friendly commands. For these, you need to install a third-party command prompt program. Write this command.

adb shell input keyevent 5 sleep 5 // This command will help you to Turn off phone without power button

When you have completed this command, your Android device will then open with the Power Boot menu. Simply tap the turn off option, and then your device will be turned off, without the power button.

ADB Command to Switch Off the phone

It’s not the most efficient option for users to turn off Android devices when the power button is cracked or the screen is unresponsive. It is, however, possible to shut off and restart an Android tablet or smartphone in Safe Mode or Recovery Mode operating through ADB-based commands without the volume and power keys.

To run ADB commands for the Android smartphone, it’s necessary to require a computer or laptop. Another thing to note is that USB debugging has to be turned on in your device. Let’s look at how to turn off your Android phone without using the Volume and Power buttons.

  • Download the most recent Android SDK Platform-tools.
  • Make sure you enable USB debugging on your Android device if it doesn’t already have it enabled. You may not be able to accomplish this if the touch screen isn’t working.
  • Open your Windows Command Prompt or Mac Terminal.
  • Connect your device to your computer via a compatible USB cable.
  • The following command is needed to make sure that your computer and phone are connected correctly
 .adb devices //For Windows or ./adb devices //for Mac
  • Then, you can execute the following ADB procedure for you to turn off your Android phone.
Adb shell reboot -p // Here, ' P " is a reference to "power off."
  • The Android device will shut down by itself, without pressing the Power button.
  • If you want to start your phone again without or pressing the power button, you can utilize the following instruction.
Adb reboot // To restart

The ADB method will allow you to shut off your phone when the touch screen is not functioning.

Third Part App to turn off phone without power button

Google is the father of Android, So there is no doubt to say “Google Play Store is overloaded with apps that cover almost everything”. There are plenty of applications that turn off your power and restart a device with an unresponsive Power button. Each of these apps requires Accessibility access or root access and provides similar options as that Accessibility Menu that you can see above.

I have tested a handful of the most popular and highly-rated apps that allow users for users to turn off and reboot Android devices without pressing the Power button. Below, I’m going to present the apps worth trying.

Phone Lock +

Phone Lock: It’s a basic app that does not have a standard user interface, which most applications have. However, it does its job, and doesn’t need root access.

If Phone Lock is installed on your device, open it in the drawer of the app. The app will prompt you to choose one of the two locks. Choose the one you prefer and then allow Accessibility access to the app when it asks you to do this. If you’d like to go to the Power Menu to shut off your device or reboot it, you just press the screen and then press the phone Lock icon in the app. Be aware that simply tapping the icon on the app will lock your phone either immediately or after five minutes.

Assistance Touch on Android

If you would prefer to have an ever-present floating button to get access to the Power Menu and lots of other functions quickly, without the volume, power buttons, or keyboards for navigation, assistive touch to Android will be an excellent choice for you.

Tap on the floating icon and then tap the Power menu icon to turn off your Android phone or tablet in the event that it’s the Power button is damaged or isn’t working. One thing I dislike about this application is the fact that it is filled with annoying ads.

Power Menu

Power Menu is a different simple application that allows you to launch it’s Power Menu with a single touch without holding your Power button. Naturally, it will ask you to give Accessibility permissions under the section Installed Services when you first start it.

How can how do I turn off my phone if the power button is broken?

The most effective solution is to fix the power button, until your power button is not repaired then you can follow the method described above.


In this article, we will learn how for you to turn off an android device without the power button. We have discovered a backup solution to our every problem such as this one, how do we turn off an android device when its power button got damaged. These techniques will assist you in repairing the power button of your android device.

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