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Text messaging backgrounds for android

Achieve a fresh look to your mobile application in minutes with our Android theme. Customize the text messaging backgrounds for android of your private messenger. And try new visual styles and turn your phone into a business card. You’ll love the stylish interface of the Rose Gold theme. Every message becomes eye-catching with new modern fonts and backgrounds. We have chosen the best apps in terms of design and functionality. They provide you with a considerable number and a variety of different themes, making them the best app to customize your messaging application like no one else.

These free apps will help you create a new style and customize your Android device. Some of them you can get for free, and some of them are paid. The only thing needed from you is to log into the Play Market. And install one of them on your device or computer. Then, give it a try and be sure that it will make your smartphone worthier and fascinating with its unique features. Here we’ve got a few apps for you that are going to go and update your Messenger with some pretty cool backgrounds.

Text messaging backgrounds for android
Text messaging backgrounds for android

Best apps for text messaging backgrounds for android

The list of the best apps for text message background for android are:

Go SMS pro

If you are searching for some serious stuff, this application is what you need. This app will help you get tons of different types of customization. And it gives you the ability to make your text appear differently on your phone. Simply said, you could change fonts, colors, and so on. There are also several essential functions: 

  1. setting up pop-up windows with the ability to respond quickly. 
  2. It also has blacklisting, sending SMS on schedule, enormous options for customizing the interface.

GoSMS Pro is a beautiful program with a friendly interface, a massive number of options for customizing the interface, and the ability to configure different texts: group messages and individual ones, outbound and inbound ones. The list of helpful features includes single-contact customization and the option to set up pop-up windows within text messages.

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Go Keyboard

The GO Keyboard allows you to use a keyboard with Emoji support. It has better automatic text correction and a very user-friendly interface. The keyboard supports more than 50 languages, and its database is open for replenishment by other languages. According to user requirements, Symbols that appear on the keyboard work with all popular applications. GO Keyboard has over 4500 emoji icons. All emoji works on multi-languages and all popular apps. Moreover, GO Keyboard offers more than 60 kinds of fun themes which users can change the themes as they like. Also, there’s a Smart Dictionary that learns your habit of typing so that correct words can be automatically predicted according to what you type.

GO Keyboard is a program that allows you to enter text on your smartphone or tablet via the touch screen. It does not require unique configurations because it uses your device’s virtual keyboard. The keyboard themes are regularly updated, and GO Keyboard can work with all the latest Android versions without any problems. In addition, this application has been translated into many different languages, allowing users worldwide to use it more easily.

Mood messenger

The Mood Messenger application will appeal to many. Emoticons, intuitive emoji input by word with the appropriate emotional color. It also has a fun interface, themes, and built-in Internet messenger. Everything says about it. Mood Messenger must be assigned as the default application for working with SMS. The application automatically gives an emoticon to each received SMS. Select the right one yourself, write it out by word, and send: “I’m feeling lonely” will become a sad smiley. Operating Mood Messenger is fun as you can choose from different themes and change the background color to your liking.

The application interface is two-windowed with the sidebar on the left. In the first – chain of messages, in the second – contacts, including contacts of Mood. Yes, the application has its own server, and it’s free. The sidebar on the left can adjust the photo. And it also specifies the phone number, creates a nickname, and uploads an avatar.

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Textra is the most full-featured and refined SMS app on Google Play; it’s sure to delight anyone who likes to send and receive text messages. It’s beautifully designed, simple, and perfect for texting: Send and receive SMS and MMS text messages right from your phone. Textra is a new SMS/MMS application with a fresh, modern interface. Clean look without useless things. For example, there are no marks for contacts. For this, you can use the search the   #UNIQUEFEATURES. Textra was built from the ground up to be fast, light on resources, and easy to use. The call and message features were designed from the bottom up to make it as good as your default apps. Yet, we know that if it doesn’t work well out of the box, we don’t get a second chance with you. So we take our job seriously.


The Handcent SMS application is a powerful tool for managing SMS / MMS. Handcent has a considerable variety of functions. And it also has to fine-tune the interface. However, the design allows you to create an interface that will suit you. The Handcent SMS application is a powerful tool for managing your SMS messages and MMS. The program has just a huge variety of functionality. And the possibility of fine-tuning the interface and design to suit you. Impressive multi-account management, fully customizable user interface that will make it to your taste. Improved themes and interfaces, support for multimedia messaging (MMS), and others. It also includes the function Send Me A Message. In addition, It allows you to perform messaging in the most optimum way possible.


Text messaging backgrounds for android application for sending text messages is explicitly designed for operating the phones with the system “Android.” however, In each phone, by default, there is a program for sending SMS. But if it does not suit you for some reason. Settings can permanently change. We have mentioned some of the best text messaging backgrounds here. Do check it out. And share which one works perfectly worked for you.

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