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Android platform tool- Build the App

Android platform development tool go well beyond just the Android SDK. Several integrated development environments (IDEs) are also commercially licensed, so the price is lower. Programmers that use IDEs are happy, healthy, and highly productive. Suppose you are writing an app for the Android platform. In that case, you might consider using this collection of tooling mentioned here. Many other valuable tools aid developers in creating high-quality apps for the Android platform.

In today’s world technology has became the life line of most people. Every other person using smart gadgets let it be smartphones, laptops, smart watches or any other sophisticated gadget. With rapid increase in technological world the varieties, choices for people have also increased. Now a days if we observe every other week or month new smartphones are there in market with new features and fresh looks. We the humans are now basically surrounded by soo many technological terms, items. One such term is ANDROID.

Android platform tool
Android platform tool

What is the Android platform tool?

Android which is basically an operating system for a device that enables the users to interact with the gadgets they are using in a very friendly manner.  Android the term comprises of soo many things which can’t be imagined easily. Now talking about ANDROID PLATFORM TOOLS, they are simply the tools that help the user to interact with the system easily and efficiently for example Android Debug Bridge (ADB), fast boot, Gradle, Source Tree, etc. These are those tools which are required for Android App Development, to fix any bug in android gadgets or maybe to unlock your device bootloader. As we all know many of the android apps are open source unlike the other OS out there.

Thus, having the tools for the improvement and modifying those apps is a must in today’s time so as to transform them according to the required needs of the users. Android Platform tools enable the developers out there to show their talent and skills in building and modifying the apps in such a way that the users get maximized outcomes without any load or tension. Android SDK is such a tool that provides the users the API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, debug apps for android.  Tools like Hyper Next android creator, Adobe AIR makes it easier for the android app developer to develop even without the other tools.

Development of Android platform tool

Android development is getting more and more lightweight every year. No longer is it necessary to set up a full-blown Linux environment just to get started. And, to be sure, setting up a local dev stack isn’t precisely trivial. But who wants to do the installation when you can just subscribe?. There is currently an upward trend in the amount of time it takes to release a new update concerning Android IDE vendors. In addition, Android development tools are far more sophisticated than they were two years ago. And many of the most popular Android IDE’s have become open source. Android developers can now develop apps using Eclipse, Netbeans, or IntelliJ IDEA, amongst many others.

The availability of many free Android development tools has made the life of Android developers easier. Google provides most of these free tools and libraries, which makes using them more manageable for developers. Here are seven indispensable Android development tools that will make your app development go a lot faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

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Android studio: most used Android platform tool

Android Studio preview includes several exciting new features, including support for multidex and Instant App debugging. In the latest release of Android Studio, support for multidex and Instant App debugging has been added and many. So whether you’re new to mobile development or experience, the Android starts building for android quickly and easily with this free download.

Android Studio lets you develop for Android in a rich, IDE environment. It comes with a set of tools that allow you to write code, test, and debug your app. In addition, it provides design support for Android’s new Material Design language.


The most intelligent Android IDE – Built on the trusted Eclipse foundation. Android Studio is a new lightweight and super-fast development environment for Android Developers. Collaborate More effectively with Git, or build your apps faster with the improved Gradle IntelliJ tech. The Eclipse android app builder is a free download that combines several handy features, including a powerful debugging tool and a free app. Eclipse is now available through a Google app creation platform. It is a free download that combines several handy features.

Flow up: one step solution for Android platform tool

FlowUp is a one-stop solution for monitoring the performance of all your production applications in one place. A monitoring system allows you to track critical application metrics like CPU, disk usage, memory usage, frames per second, bandwidth. Handy dashboards provide real-time stats for all your apps and servers. Try FlowUp for free! Millions of users have FlowUp graphs at their fingertips. Now you can see how your production apps perform. You get a monthly production graph for every app and service.


Genymotion is an Android emulator available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It lets you test your app prototypes on the numerous Android devices out there. The emulator allows developers to run their app on over 3,000 device scenarios. Screen configurations for different devices (including tablets) running various Android versions to other hardware specifications and screen resolutions. 

Genymotion speeds up the Android development process. It is an instance of a virtual device that runs in your web browser without a physical device. As a result, an app running on Genymotion will run as fast as on an actual device so that you can test your app on different devices with ease and speed.

Android debug bridge

ADB is a communications tool that lets you communicate with a device. ADB commands can be issued through a terminal window. You can invoke a client from a command-line terminal by issuing an ADB command. A daemon runs in the background on each device and manages the communication between the client and the device. In addition, an option enables developers to simulate a connection to an ADB server from the virtual Android device. It is allowing them to send apps or any other type of content over USB. The console also simulates sensors like batteries and GPS for easier debugging.

AVD manager

The Android AVD Manager makes it easy to configure and launch multiple virtual devices. By allowing you to create different device profiles with many custom options. The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a command-line tool that lets you communicate with an Android device. In addition, it contains powerful development tools for building apps that extend across Android devices, from phones and tablets to watches and TV. Get all the tools you need to develop top-quality apps quickly.


GameMaker: Studio development environment uses a drag-and-drop interface, which means you simply “drag” the actions (called Events). You want your game characters to perform on the screen where you want them to appear. So your character moves and interacts with the game world exactly as you would expect real players to act. This is non-traditional programming and can seem a little strange at first. But after a bit of experience, it becomes straightforward to use. 


But as we all are aware of the concept that every coin has two sides. Hence here too there are two sides. Having soo many tools out there in the market many a time causes discomfort and rise in various bugs which tend to be quite difficult to handle and rectify. Errors like delays in message delivery, frequently stopping of apps or unable to handle the load occurs commonly which cause a huge loss to the company and the users too. As today many small firms are dependent on big firms and their applications it creates a huge problem in management too. Having soo many tools out there requires the best developers and operators too. But the ratio of good developers over the number of android platform tools is too low.

To overcome these problems the use of such tools should be taught from the very beginning. People should get aware of what they are using, what happens when they click over a point on their sophisticated gadgets so that it will be easy to identify the problem when occurred. A good number of developers should be hired by firms soo that minimum delay in rectifying the error should be there.

Hence, if we want to run with the technology we should know about it deeply too.

Wrap up

When thinking of Android development, one of the most common questions is. “When should I use the Android platform tool operating system for my application if I don’t know Java?” The answer depends mainly on what you’re trying to build. For example, projects that involve anything with Android’s Bluetooth API, like hooking into a Bluetooth device or interfacing with a Bluetooth peripheral device, will need Java knowledge. However, if you are creating a game or an application similar to games such as Angry Birds, there would be no need to know further about Java and its functionality. There are some delightful tools to work with here, but it would be nice if you could access them through a more streamlined interface, Do work with the tool as mentioned above and share your views.

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