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How to change fonts in any android device?

Android users don’t typically contemplate textual styles. However, assuming you’re truly into altering and customizing your Android Smartphone, text styles can help a great deal. A basic text style change can make your entire Android framework look new and changed. While on PCs, introducing another text style can be pretty much as simple as clicking a button or sticking the new textual style documents into the textual styles envelope, it’s marginally unique on Android Smartphones. How to change fonts in any android device?

Fortunately, various cell phone brands incorporate the help for evolving textual styles; be that as it may, the quantity of accessible textual styles can change fiercely. On the off chance that your cell phone doesn’t accompany worked-in choices to change the textual style, outsider launchers can assist with tweaking the look by a little. Finally, assuming you have root access, anything is possible. In this aide, we’ll discuss the different ways you can change the text style on your Android Smartphone. So how to change fonts in Android?

How to change fonts on any Android device?
How to change fonts in any Android device?

About Fonts in Android

Tragically, however, even the best typefaces at any point made, including Helvetica (seemingly the most famous nitty-gritty typeface at any point made), would go to mush assuming they were filtered and involved on PCs with no guarantees, how they were made for print. Great working framework GUIs, particularly those that power cell phones, require text styles that resize smoothly and are decipherable and engaging, regardless of whether utilized in small battery meters or exploded home screen gadgets; and to make a typeface that is unmistakable on each such scale on an advanced screen is not anymore a pragmatic inconceivability. Adobe figured out how to do this with the Source Pro group of textual styles, Apple made San Francisco, and Google thought of Google Sans and Roboto.

About Page in Android

Refresh your Page

To start with, we should refresh the About page. How about we change it to the serif typeface Alegreya, a vigorous, contemporary plan with a dynamic and differed cadence motivated by calligraphic letterforms. 

The title text fills in as a “saint picture,” an enormous realism that leads individuals into the page and establishes a passionate vibe. This utilizes the title’s letterforms as a “veil” that removes the mint green closer view so a picture can look through from behind. Changing from Roboto Mono Regular to Alegreya Black will give a bigger surface region to that picture to radiate through.

Refresh Text-Size

Investigate the “About” text. It’s dim on a fairly lighter dark foundation. Fairly strangely, this prompts lower visual difference generally. Fine varieties in a letterform can cause it to seem foggy, particularly at little sizes.

Use Built-in Features


  1. In the “Settings” menu, look down and tap the “Show” choice.
  2. Tap “Text dimension and Style” assuming you’re a Samsung gadget proprietor. 
  3. In the “Text dimension and Style” menu, tap the “Textual Style” button.
  4. The defaults text style is utilized on your gadget.
Use Built-in Features
Use Built-in Features

Use App-launcher

If you don’t like your default framework text styles, you can in any case change your typeface. By downloading and trying different things with various Android launcher applications, you’ll extend your textual style pool free of charge.

The best Android launchers let you alter your Android Smart Phone’s home screen simply how you like it. For observe an unquestionably assorted cluster of choices for placing your stamp on the best Android Smart Phones, with launchers going from moderate skins to those that set a dangerous exhibit of shading on your cell phone.

All that Android launchers can give your Android Smart Phone a complete makeover, from changing the look and feel with changed symbols and subjects, to adding new usefulness like savvy organizers and search associates. The vibe of Android might advance consistently, yet there’s more than one launcher for your Android Smart Phone.


  1. To the extent that launchers go, Action Launcher offers perhaps the easiest experience, to begin with. To get to the settings, utilize one of these strategies:
  2. Swipe left to raise an in the sequential order application list and select Action Settings.
  3. Swipe up and choose Action Settings from the rundown.
  4. Press the application list button then, at that point, pick Action Settings.

Activity Launcher offers eight text styles to browse, with five Roboto text style varieties included.

Use Root File Explorer

For this technique, I will supplant Roboto-Regular.ttf (most utilized text style document) with Times_New_Roman.ttf. You’ll require a root-level document supervisor like Root Explorer, Solid Explorer, and so forth to utilize this strategy. Before you begin messing with framework records, consistently make a reinforcement of the document in care anything turns out badly. One simple method for making a reinforcement of any framework document is to rename the record with .bak expansion. Thusly, you don’t need to move the first record to another index. After you cause a reinforcement to adhere to the accompanying directions:


  1. Open a root-level record director. I’m involving Solid Explorer in this instructional exercise.
  2.  Go to the root and Press it.
  3. Parchment and track down the System envelope and snap on it.
  4. Go inside the Fonts envelope.
  5. Glue Times_New_Roman.ttf record.
  6. Erase the Roboto-Regular.ttf record and rename Times_New_Roman.ttf to Roboto-Regular.ttf.
  7. Reboot.

Use Third-Party App to change fonts in any android device

If your Android Smart Phone doesn’t have an inherent textual style transformer, you can utilize outsider launchers that let you play with various text styles. Notwithstanding, note that it will not matter framework-wide, implying that the text style in the warning shade, settings, and other applications will remain equivalent to previously.

There are a ton of launchers that help custom text styles. A portion of the well-known ones incorporate Nova, Action Launcher, Lawnchair, Apex, Go Launcher, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For the individuals who favor Android’s material plan, Lawnchair 2 is one of the best decisions however you can go for both of the referenced applications.

Some useful third-party apps

a) Apex Launcher


This Launcher is a decent customization device for your gadget. It offers numerous potential outcomes to redo your cell phone.


Yes, it is safe to use, In case you face any issue just uninstall it.

b) Nova Incorporate


Nova Launcher is an outsider substitution home screen launcher. The application replaces your stock home-screen and considers a large group of motions, symbol packs, and granular customization that works out positively past the default highlight set.


Nova Launcher is sufficiently protected and this means you are probably not going to track down a safer Android launcher right now. Both Google and the application designers are the ones who figure out what consents will be expected for every application. Clients get the finished results and can settle on the choice.

Instruction Manual for Android Models.

Steps for Samsung Galaxy Series/Samsung Galaxy Note Series/LG/OPPO.

Android gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Series, Samsung Galaxy Note Series, and even Galaxy Camera will allow you to change textual styles. Assuming that you utilize any of the gadgets on the Galaxy series with text style evolving usefulness, you have a couple of pre-introduced text styles yet you can get more on the Play Store.


  1. Going to Settings > Display > Font/Font Style.
  2. To change the text style, simply tap the name of your cherished textual style.
  3. You’ll be shown a preview of the text style to pick.
  4. This won’t need rebooting and will change the textual style on the status bar, framework menus, and text on SMS.

Steps for Xiaomi Series.

You have a cell phone Xiaomi and you need to modify the MIUI ed introduce any text style at your recreation? One of them is the establishment of elective textual styles, getting the job done to see that the Themes application in Europe doesn’t have this choice, in contrast to different locales.

Open textual styles in the Themes application

Above all else, realize that the MIUI Themes application as of now has innumerable elective textual styles to use on Xiaomi cell phones. Be that as it may, assuming you have an MIUI EEA ROM, you can’t fundamentally introduce them because the organization has chosen to cloud this choice. Luckily for us, this square is quite simple to get around – that is sufficient to change the area. Assuming this appears to be a confounded strategy to you, realize that it is an incredible inverse.

  1. Go to “Settings/extra settings”
  2. Select the thing “Region” And change”Italy” In”India”
  3. Thusly, by opening the Themes application you will see the presence of the Font choice in the level bar at the base. By turning it on you will have numerous textual styles to browse with a tick: your breaking point is your creative mind!

Introduce outsider text styles

Alright, you have found how to introduce elective text styles on your Xiaomi, yet I uncover to you that it is likewise conceivable to introduce any outsider text styles. Interestingly, you can likewise utilize the text styles you generally use on a PC, as long as they are in FTT.

Steps for Vivo Series.

a) To adjust size:

Go to I Theme>Local>Local font>click Font size at the upper right corner, then, at that point, you can change the size of the textual style.

b) Use third Party App:

Vivo doesn’t provide many options for changing fonts, you can install a third-party app for your Android.


There are two methods for changing the text style on an Android Smart Phone, first is to utilize an application and change the text style without an application.

Yet, for those without a text style type application that can be chosen is exceptionally restricted. By utilizing the application, there are more different kinds of text styles.

How simple is it, companion, on the off chance that this way you can apply it, you don’t need to annoy any longer to change the Android textual style?

Simply download the application, select the favored text style, save then the text style has been changed and seriously intriguing?

Perhaps that is enough for this instructional exercise mate on the best way to change the textual style on an Android Smart Phone

This was regarding how to change fonts in any android device and text style type too, be it with root or without root. At any rate, which strategy took care of business the best for you? Have anything more to suggest? Do tell us in the remarks beneath. 


Which textual style is best for Android?

Roboto was strangely picked by Google as the primary textual style for its versatile working framework on Android Smart Phones, settling on it a well-known decision as a text style for application UI plan. This neo-twisted textual style is the ideal decision for any Android application as it was planned straightforwardly in Google’s research centers!

Is OpenType or TrueType better?

OpenType textual styles enjoy numerous upper hands over past text style designs since they contain more glyphs, support more dialects (OpenType involves the Unicode standard for character encoding,) and back rich typographic highlights, for example, little covers, old-style figures, and ligatures – all in a solitary textual style.

Do you know the Fastest Android console?

The Fleksy Keyboard is known to be the quickest console application for Android. 

What is the contrast between typeface and textual style?

A typeface is a specific arrangement of glyphs or sorts (a letter set and its comparing extras like numerals and accentuation) that share a typical plan. For instance, Helvetica is a notable typeface. A text style is a specific arrangement of glyphs inside a typeface.

For what reason do individuals utilize Roboto?

Guardians need to realize that Roboto is an activity-themed stage game where a robot legend navigates the universe to meet the robot young lady of his fantasies. The game highlights some brutality, in that you’ll need to shoot or bounce on foe robots with an assortment of weapons, every one of which gets somewhat more unstable. Not at all like other abnormal text styles, Roboto permits letters to occupy as much room as it needs and eventually, making for a superior encounter for the peruser.

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