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What is com.android.smspush


Ever thought that why your android device takes so much space, and you can delete some of the unimportant things or apps from your app. Well, you can delete “com.android.smspush” as it is not that crucial for your device, and removing it will not cause any issue to your mobile phones.  

What is SMS push?

The way of sending any SMS to a particular device is called SMS push. It is used to inform the device of the start of a session. This is done because one cannot initiate the IP session as users can hardly know their IP address. SMS push is used or can be used to alarm/alert any application on your mobile device.

What is com.android.smspush?

com.android.smspush is used to send SMS that controls or handles a device. It is for tethering connectivity. It uses the exact same services to receive and accept the SMS messages and these messages address all the apps. Not just this, it can also address a particular application. 

The package name is com.android.smspush. This apk or application is downloading a lot of times by the users externally. The memory of com.android.smspush is 0.01 MB. The version of this apk is 10, and the minimum requirement for it is Android 10(API29). This application targets those devices that have android 10. If a person has deleted this from their device, any person can download it from google. 

e.g) package com.android.smspush; // Java is used in android studio, and after this statement, different libraries are imported in android studio 

How to remove com.android.smspush?

One can easily and safely remove this application from their respective instruments, but they must root their mobile phones for this. They must have a strong backup for their device. 

How to Fix com.android.smspush stopped working

Locate the apk first in your device, then force stop it. If this does not fix the issue then clear the cache & data of the package and restart the device. This will fix the issue of stop working.

clear the cache & data of  com.android.smspush

How to download smspush apk 

  • Clicking on google chrome > searching for “com.android.smspush” > 
  • Click on the link that says “apkmirror” > Click on download.

It will be downloaded easily in the downloads folder of your device.

It has nodpi. Android Studio helped users to interact with nodpi and anydpi

Nodpi is a drawable reasonable for any screen density. It is a fallback as it cannot be used where we do not tell something specifically for the density.

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Now, most of you must be wondering what is Q, API29?

In Android 10, when you update your system, it may have some effect on a few of the applications on your device. These changes are applied to the apps that are having API29 or more than that, which basically means Android 11. The API level describes the version of the Android Framework. API 26 means android 8(Oreo); API 27 means android 8.1, and so on. 

Use of com.android.smspush

It is a by default system application used by the company or operators for informing the user about all the updates. Most of the people think, and this application is a virus, which it is not. It does not have any malicious code. But this condition is limited only if you have not rooted your device. 

If you have rooted your device, then no such assured thing is there, as rooting a device is technically illegal

This apk, as mentioned above, is not very important for the device so that people can remove it; and not just this, they can remove many other sets of android system files like this one for optimization of their device. Deleting files and increasing space can help in the performance of any device. But it is better just to pause com.android.smspush if the system is not using this apk currently. To remove this application from your system, you must root your device. It will allow the user to take full control of the device and can perform any task which was earlier restricted because of the company’s policies. But everything has a drawback, and so if you root your device, you cannot have a warranty for the device. Deleting this may not have a major effect, but it will damage the integrity of the system.

Use of com.android.smspush

In the above image, we can see the services that com.android.smspush is a running service that is visible and embracing the memory of 4.5 MB on the device.

com.android.smspush system application

In this image, we can see that only system applications are selected, and the user is selecting if the application should run over wifi or mobile data. 


This is an image of the android studio where the user chooses a process for the app’s efficiency, and you can see com.android.smspush application is available here when all the processes are selected.

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