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Recover deleted voicemail android


Voicemails have made their significance in this super busy lifestyle of the generation and are also one of the best-rated features that smartphones possess. People have started preferring voicemails over emails and text messages as it is proved convenient in many terms, some use it as they get to save time while some find it the best way to convey messages with the right emotions. Voice messages help in connecting people better than text messages. One can contact their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. using voice messages. How to recover deleted voicemail android?

The feature of voicemails is considered to be one of a phenomenal evolution in the telecom industry, there was a time when people used birds for their medium communication evolving with the age came to the communication using letters and later fax and mails, shortly followed by phones either by text messages or calls and not so far that one gets to send voice messages as well. With the voicemails comes the feature of deleting if not intimidated or sometimes one accidentally deletes the voicemails or maybe that one deletes the voicemail thinking it wasn’t important but later regrets doing it. If there is a feature of deleting there should be a feature of recovering as well, of which most of them aren’t aware. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different techniques one can use to recover voicemails in android, as voicemails can be very valuable.

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Purpose of voicemails:

Voicemails can be very useful in a number of ways, some of the common ways people use voicemails are:

  • Mode of conveying messages: some of them find it very convenient to communicate. Sometimes when the phone is switched off or the receiver is having network issues one can send voice messages which reaches the phone once it gets back to its ideal condition.
  • Mode of announcement: often we get to see that people use voicemails in schools and offices as a mode of the announcement.

How to use voicemail:

Many folks these days know what a voicemail is but don’t know how to use it, the steps involved are very simple and barely takes any time.

You simply will have to go to the phone icon and check out the dial-pad in which you’ll be able to find a tape sort of icon in the NUMBER “1”, hold the key and you’ll be able to use voicemails.

How to access voicemail from a different android device:

if you are pondering if you’ll be able to access your voicemails from other android devices, the answer is yes. You can access your voicemails in 3 easy steps:

step1: call up your phone using any other android phone.

Step2: wait for the pre-recorded telecom clip “please leave a message” and as you hear it tap the “#” key on the phone’s dial-pad.

Step3: you will have to enter your voicemail pin which you had set earlier.

You’ll now have access to your voicemail over the other device.

Reasons for losing voicemails:

there could be many reasons why people lose their voicemails, the common ways due to which they lose could be:

  • Accidental deletion: this is the most common way people lose their voicemails, people unknowingly delete the message.
  • Damage to the phone: this is a case when the device is crashed and the user is not able to switch his phone on.
  • Factory reset: not many people are aware that factory reset can wash away all the data in the device and voice mails will be a part of those data which is washed off.
  • System upgrades: there is a possibility that one could lose their data in the process of upgrading their phone, this doesn’t usually happen.

How to recover deleted voicemail android?

There are several ways that could help you to recover deleted voicemail android:

On the voicemail app:

this is the first method one should follow to retrieve the voicemail. The following are the steps involved to retrieve:

Step1: check for the voicemail app on your phone and go to the menu options in the application.

Step2: you’ll be able to find “DELETED VOICEMAILS” here, after clicking on the option you’ll be able to find all the deleted voicemails on your device.

Step3: hold the voicemails you want to recover and you will get a set of actions in which you’ll have to select the “SAVE” option. You will be able to find your voicemail back.

On phone app:

this is one of the native methods of retrieving the voicemail, this is also one of the easy methods to retrieve your voicemail. the steps involved are very much similar to that of the first method. The steps are:

Step1: go to the phone app on your android device and check for “voicemail” and click on it.

Step2: here you’ll be able to find different options of voicemails, look for “DELETED MESSAGES“. Click on it, you’ll be able to find all the deleted voicemails here.

Step3: you can look for the voicemails you want to retrieve and simply press the “UNDELETE” option to retrieve your voice mail.

Using third-party apps/software:

Sometimes you won’t be able to find the deleted voicemails in the above two steps, reasons being that the files are corrupt or sometimes old voicemails are almost impossible to find, this is when you can use this method in which you will be able to recover your voicemail using third-party software such as android data recovery, minitool power data recovery, EaseUS data recovery wizard. for this method, you will require a pc or a laptop. The steps involved irrespective of the software used:

Step1: install the software on your support device. For safety, it is always better to backup your phone data.

Step2: Connect your android device via USB cable and open the software.

Step3: After selecting the device, you will have to run “SCAN“. If the software demands you what type of data is supposed to be scanned, you will have to look for “VOICEMAIL” and select it.

Step4: After scanning your android device the software will display all the recoverable data, in which you will have to check for “VOICEMAIL“. In the voicemail, you should be able to find all the voicemails which were received and you will be able to recover your voicemail from here.


How do I find my voicemail number?

first, go to settings, then go to call settings, check for voicemails, tap on voicemail option and again you will find voicemail, tap on it, go to “view voicemail number” and you will be able to see your voicemail number here.

How to change my voicemail password?

Follow the steps:

  1. Tap the app’s icon
  2. Next, Tap on the visual voicemail.
  3. Tap the menu key.
  4. Go to settings
  5. Check for change password under settings
  6. Enter the current password
  7. Enter the new password, press ok
  8. Hit ok

Your new password has been successfully set.

How do I activate the date and time in my android voicemail?

Hold the button “1” on your dial pad, use the buttons which will take you to the voicemail menu, press the buttons “4” “2” “4” which will toggle the time and date settings on.

What is visual voicemail?

It is a device-specific application and offers supplementary features to voicemail. For example, message details are displayed on the screen, similar to that of the email inbox.

Is visual voicemail free?

The basic version of visual voicemail is free and is included in the smartphone.


When it comes to modern mobile phones it is all about the technology which is embedded in them and also about all the important data which is connected and stored in it, the data in the present day holds a lot of significance on different scales. sometimes due to human mistakes or technical failure, there’s a possibility that one can lose the data in their device, people often presume that the data cannot be retrieved and get disappointed, but in many cases, the data in the device can be retrieved. Voicemail is one of the cases in which you can retrieve the deleted data and the above are the techniques one can follow to retrieve their data. Hope this article helps you to recover deleted voicemail android.

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