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Spotlight App

In the present, all things are digital, and there are apps for every service, including apps that perform calculations to applications to process payments. We download a variety of applications. Thanks to an easy tool known as”the Spotlight search. This tool is designed to make life simpler and more efficient. Our goal is to make your life easier and simpler. In this post, we’ll help you understand how to use the app spotlight? How do you enable or disable it? Also, the features of Spotlight search as well as a handful of the apps for Spotlight searching for Android or iOS too.

Spotlight App
Spotlight App

What’s the Spotlight application?

Spotlight is a utility for searching which allows users to find apps present on the mobile. It also includes essential features like a calculator, currency converter, information on the market and weather information, and news headlines all on one page. Spotlight is a useful application created to help you make your mobile use easy and effortless.

The app spotlight is available on Apple’s iOS device, but it is not available on Android. Similar functionality is available on Android. This is called the Google search feature. It’s true that Google search isn’t as useful as Apple’s Spotlight. Google searches all things, including the most recent searches, and web searches for contacts, and it does not search for all the apps that are installed.

Features of the Spotlight app

The Spotlight app comes with a variety of options. Let’s look at some of the most useful features, one at a time.

Spotlight search allows users to locate an app easily from the multitude of apps installed on the device with just a single click.

Search for documents and files

Finding a folder or file on a device could be tedious and time-consuming, thanks to Spotlight search. Users can find the file or folders regardless of where they are located on the device simply by typing the names of the folder or file.

Calculations and conversions

  • Calculation: It is quickly done using the spotlight search feature without having to open the calculator application.
  • Conversion of currency: Currency conversion with real-time exchange rates is accomplished using this feature
  • Conversion of temperature: Now, by just entering the temperature of one scale, you’ll be able to get the temperature across all scales.
  • Conversion of measurements: It allows you to convert measurements effortlessly without difficulty.

Make reminders

Reminders can be set up with the help of the spotlight app, without having to open the calendar app. They are making the task easier.

Search for a Contact

There are so many contact numbers stored on your phone it can be a hassle and exhausting when you need to call someone. With the Spotlight application, it is possible to search for contacts without difficulty by entering the contact’s initials within the app.

Play songs

There is no need to open the music app and look for the track that occurs to you. With the use of the spotlight search feature apps, search the song’s name, and the track will be played automatically for you.

There is no reason to open the app for maps to search for the long address. We are utilizing the spotlight app search, and you can navigate by entering the address.

Weather Forecast

No longer do you have to search for the weather daily. Suppose the location of your phone is on. You can get the weather forecast in a snap.

What can app spotlight be employed to do?

As previously mentioned as mentioned above, the Spotlight app comes with a variety of features that make using the mobile phone more convenient and faster. It is true that iOS users enjoy a lot of flexibility and advanced features than Android users. Making or adding an event is easy with the Spotlight application. With it, you will never forget an appointment or appointment, and you can add the remainder with a single click.

Finding an app from numerous apps available on our phones when we are at a counter for billing or at a location can be a real pain. Utilizing the Spotlight app, the tedious task of finding an app gets simpler. Spotlight app is used to create. With the spotlight app, you can view the weather forecast without searching for the weather. Files, contacts folders, apps, and contacts can be easily searched without scrolling through the list of items to find what you need.

Utilizing the spotlight app, you can listen to videos and music on YouTube without having to open the app. Calculations and calculations of temperatures, currencies measurements, and temperature are easily calculated without opening the calculator or application for conversion. By using this function, you can navigate around the city without having to search for those long addresses within the maps application.

How do I access Spotlight?

The Spotlight app is available on iOS devices. For Android gadgets, Google search or any apps from third parties such as App Search Plus may be utilized.

To open the application on your iOS phone, Simply flick down from the middle of the screen to the home screen. This will bring up Spotlight Search on top of the home screen. Spotlight Search is also accessible by pressing the right button on the top of your screen at home. Spotlight search is integrated into several apps, like messages, contacts safari, and reminders.

To find something within an application that supports spotlight search. Press the spotlight field. A blinking cursor inside the search area is displayed, and a keyboard will appear. Search for the phrase or term you wish to search for, and select”search. The search engine will search through the entire database and display the objects that match the search criteria.

On Android devices, Google is the default app. Google app serves as the equivalent of Spotlight search. Spotlight search. To open the Spotlight search, you can swipe right from the top page on the screen that is home. This will open the Google feed and news cards. At the top of your screen, you will look up your search bar. Input any calculation or conversion you’d like to perform and search the application you’re looking for. The result will be displayed together with the web results.

To make a phone call or contact someone, you can utilize Google assistant which is accessible by pressing the long on your home button.

How do I activate Spotlight?

For iOS devices

  • Select the Settings application.
  • Search for General.
  • Click on Spotlight Search.
  • Now, you will browse the applications that have been downloaded to your device.
  • Switch all sliders in the area next to the app’s name to ON.

This is how to Turn ON Spotlight Search on an Apple device.

For Android devices

You can make use of the Google app or any other third-party spotlight search application like App Search Plus.

In order to enable Spotlight search, you must use the Google application.

  • Launch the Google application.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on the profile picture that is linked to your Google account.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Next, click on general.
  • Simply click on “Auto-complete with on-device data.”
  • Then, check every box to switch on your search history.

In order to enable Spotlight search using your App Search Plus app.

  • Get App Search Plus App Search Plus application from the Google Play Store.
  • The app should be placed on the Home screen.
  • Click the icon to launch the App Search Plus.

How can I remove Spotlight?

For iOS device

  • Launch Settings. Open the Settings app.
  • Search, then click General.
  • Click on Spotlight Search.
  • The list with all downloaded applications is shown.
  • Switch the sliders to the off position. This will disable the Spotlight search feature.

For Android devices

Disable google spotlight app search.

  • Select the Google application.
  • Then, click on the picture of your profile linked to your Google account on the right side of the screen.
  • Click on the settings.
  • Click on general.
  • Then, click ” Auto-complete with on-device data.”
  • Uncheck the boxes in order to enable your search history.

On Android devices, since the spotlight search isn’t an integrated feature, de-installing the app downloaded from a third party will turn off the spotlight search feature.

  • Hold and click on the icon of the app.
  • Drag the icon until you reach the uninstall button.

How do I modify Spotlight Search settings?

Spotlight search. Spotlight search will scan every app and file on your device and display the results. Sometimes, we would prefer not to display a small portion of the apps due to various reasons or privacy issues. When this happens, it is possible to customize the Spotlight search to meet our requirements. Below are some steps needed to alter your Spotlight search.

iOS devices

  • Start Settings. Open the Settings app.
  • Click on the General.
  • Open Spotlight search.
  • Tap the app names.
  • The apps that have the checkmark will be listed in the Spotlight search. The rest of the apps won’t be included.


Spotlight Search is a powerful search tool that was designed to make the experience with your device effortless. Spotlight search is built into iOS devices, with additional options built in. Android users can utilize the Google app or any other apps from third parties to use Spotlight search features. Spotlight is a search feature that can be customized, and Spotlight applications can be customized in accordance with the preferences of the individual user. The Spotlight search feature can be disabled or enabled according to the requirements that the person is using it.


Q1. What is an app spotlight?

The moment is now Sprint offers the Sprint Spotlight Application, which is the most up-to-date application that provides its customers use a powerful search tool that lets you listen, read, watch and play in the same place.

Q2. What is the app spotlight Android?

App spotlight is a function in the search spotlight feature that lets you search for apps that are downloaded on the device with no hassles of scrolling through the apps in the drawer of apps.

Q3. What exactly does app spotlight accomplish?

Spotlight Search for App Spotlight search allows you to locate the app you’re searching for in the multitude of apps installed on your phone without looking for the app within the drawer of apps.

Q4. What’s with what is the Verizon Spotlight app?

Contrary to Spotlight search, the Verizon Spotlight app can be distinct. These apps can be useful for managers who are accountable for the management of an entire group of automobiles. With Verizon’s spotlight app, the Verizon Spot Light app, you can keep track of the vehicles you own and check if they’re overspeeding.

Q5. How do I remove the app that shines?

The spotlight app on iOS devices isn’t able to be deleted but is disabled via the Spotlight search option that is located under the General tab of settings. To eliminate this app, spotlight apps from third-party sources can be removed from the system.

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