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What Is an SSL Proxy and How to use it?

SSL proxy is an intermediary server that uses SSL encryption. Proxies are used to increase your anonymity online and ensure that you will not be bothered by IP bans because one of the key things that a proxy does is that it masks your IP address.

It doesn’t mean that your IP can’t be blocked, even though it’s not exposed. A proxy lets you use multiple different IP addresses instead of your original one, thus making you untraceable. Even if one of your IPs, including your original one, would end up blocked, you can use another one, making the block irrelevant to your browsing.

Let’s get to more details about what SSL encryption is and its advantages, along with others that a proxy brings to the table, and how you can use a private proxy with SSL encryption dedicated solely to you.

SSL Proxy
SSL Proxy

SSL encryption

SSL abbreviation stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a cryptographic protocol for securing the internet connection between two systems. Simply put, it encrypts the data between two ends. It can be a client and a server or two servers. For instance, it encrypts the data shared between a browser and a website where you provide some information.

An SSL encryption prevents hackers from reading or modifying any sensitive data transferred, including potential personal details sent between those two systems.

You might find another abbreviation used when SSL encryption is being discussed. Namely, TLS. It stands for Transport Layer Security, and it’s known as an upgraded version of SSL. That abbreviation is rarely used, though. Most of the time, when TLS encryption is used, it is still called SSL encryption.

Whichever you would encounter, it means safe encryption used in SSL proxies to secure your information and increase your anonymous browsing.

How does it work?

Proxies encrypt your data at the beginning of its route when you want to send it in order to get a certain response from the site you are accessing. For instance, if you are trying to log in somewhere, all information you type in from your IP address is encrypted.

Your data is decrypted only at the end of the route to enable the response from the site. It means that if someone intercepts your data in its route to the target server, nobody could make any use of such data because the information is encrypted and impossible to read.

When you use an SSL proxy, the same happens when you need to get a response. It is encrypted and stays that way all the time until you receive it at your end. Only then it is decrypted. Likewise, nobody could read that information in case of any leak.

That guarantees mutual security between you and the site, server, or another user you are sharing your data with for whatever purpose.

What is a private SSL proxy?

A private SSL proxy is an SSL proxy dedicated to a single user.

You should know that proxies come in multiple forms and shapes. For example, you can use them by sharing proxy IP addresses with other users. In this case, these would be called shared SSL proxies. Or you can use them only by yourself without sharing with other users concurrently.

Using a private proxy has certain advantages. For instance, you are at no risk that somebody else might be engaging in similar activity like you with the same IP address. That would increase the risk of getting that particular IP address blocked. Of course, it is not a big deal since you can use another IP the next moment. Yet, it might have a minor setback in the flow of your work.

With private SSL proxies, you don’t need to worry about that. You gain all the necessary speed, security, block-free anonymous browsing, and encryption on top of that.

How to use a private SSL proxy?

When you have purchased a private SSL proxy from a legitimate provider, you can use it to increase the scale of your business and avoid any exposure of your identity or any leaks of information that you use.

With SSL proxy, you can improve in certain fields.

  • Web scraping

Any kind of web scraping is usually unwelcome on sites with the most publicly available resources to collect. Without proxies, you will get banned soon enough for doing that. SSL proxy provides a higher level of legitimacy and anonymity that allows scraping the web without worrying about any IP bans or surveillance of your activity under the same IP. You can forget about your competitors constantly blocking you from watching them closely or any major sites knocking you out for utilizing their public resources for your use.

  • Brand protection

With SSL proxies, you can be safeguarded from any data leaks that could potentially harm your company. Moreover, you can ensure that nobody is using your product or intellectual property without authorization by checking all the different sources online without getting blocked or restricted based on your geo-location.

  • Ad verification

SSL proxies can also be used to verify ads. SSL proxies enable you to search for any malpractices to ensure that everything is intact. Without them, you would get banned, and your search for justice would end here, leaving your investments for ad campaigns wasted.

  • Social marketing

Suppose you need to manage multiple accounts on social media and keep building your brand without getting punished for using too many resources than a single user is allowed to. In that case, you will fall in love with using proxies. SSL encryption raises these opportunities to the next level, for you will never need to worry about IP bans or any kind of data leaks that could hurt your name or budget.


SSL private proxies are an excellent tool to ensure that your business growth will depend only on your work and not on any external obstacles that public sites might put in your way. With SSL encryption and dedicated IP addresses, you will be unstoppable.

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