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Best file manager for android

In this generation mobile phones play an important role in each one of our lives as a lot can be done over phones, as mobile phones involve comprehensively in managing multiple tasks, there should be a separate application which has to do the job. Mobile phones deal with multiple tasks, it interfaces with numerous documents and files, these files can get you to veins if you are in search of any particular file, be it the apk’s, audio files, video files, or downloads. Not only this but also it can affect the mobile phones storage system. Hence, it is very important to manage the files rightly via the best file manager for android.

There is a default file manager which is provided by android, but the features which it possesses don’t really appeal in the open domain of such private competitors. When it comes to the open pool of private contenders many good applications can be downloaded from the play store, this field being so competitive, developers try to add on the best of best features which the user might prefer. The application which has to be downloaded to make your task simpler is purely out of your priorities and of course what we usually choose to opt for is the one with better features and a better user interface. In this article, we will discuss some of the top file managers for android whose features can be very useful and can make things much simpler.

CX file explorer

This is an application that offers advanced features and an excellent user interface. Managing the storage space becomes much simpler as it displayed a visual storage analysis. The application lets the user manage the cloud storage and with a user-friendly interface the application lets the user manage files which include browsing, moving, compressing, renaming, extracting, sharing files on internal and external storage in a more efficient way, it also allows to manage apps on your device. One of its other salient features is NAS (network-attached storage), in this, you will be able to access files within the remote or by the shared devices like FTP, FTPS, LAN, etc. with all these features CX file explorer makes its way to one of the best free applications for managing files.

Astro file manager

Astro file manager is one of the popular and old file managing applications for android, the reason for it being so popular is that this application familiar qualities of windows explorer to android. It does all the functions any file managing apps would do, ex storage management, transferring files, compressing files, renaming, browsing, etc. along with this it also cleans up the android memory to optimize the phone performance. Some of the features it offers which are generally not seen in the regular file management apps are: it lets you compress files to zip format, it lets you backup apps to sd card and restore all the apps even after a factory reset. Astro file manager supports the cloud storage services like google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc., and lets it sync and share easily. This is also a free application.


It has won the title of being one of the best file managing applications for android phones, this is so because of its smoothness, features, and the rich UI which it offers. It makes the operations simple for the users as it is themeable and easily customizable. It allows unlimited tabbed browsing and also supports landscape mode and drag and drop between panels. You can easily multitask with managing operations. It contains advanced search functions. It also gives root access for all the advanced operations. It also supports SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. This comes in two versions which are the normal free version and the other one is the mixplorer silver version which costs 4.49$ and this versions lets you have all the advanced options and features.

Solid Explorer

This application has grown to be one of the popular file managing apps due to some appealing features like security, which enables the user to encrypt any file after verifying the password or fingerprint. This application also offers a dual-pane design which lets you do the task in a much faster and simpler way. The app also provides many customization options. Alongside it also offers a number of features like material design, cloud support, root access, STP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB and CIFS support, Chromecast support, and compression support. This application is free and can be upgraded with extra charges.

Amaze file manager

This is comparatively a newer application that offers relatively basic features ideal for users with not many advanced tasks. The app features material design SMB file sharing, a built-in app manager to manage apps on your android phone, even this app allows root explorer for rooted devices. This is definitely a best in segment file manager which is a made-in-India app and caters to a simple and clean UI.

Total commander

Total Commander is one of the oldest applications and one of the most used apps by the users, the app covers almost all the features which any file managing app would cover, the app includes network storage support, cloud storage support, plugin support, bookmarks, and also offers the text editor tool. some of the other key features are that it includes a media player, directory history, ability to alter permission, etc. which is usually not seen in other file managing applications. This is one of a complete file manager and is the top pick, this is also a free application with semi-loaded apps.

Files by google

Files by Google is perhaps the simplest, basic, and non-bloated file managing app which does all the basic requirements complete. It is one of the lightest apps you would find in the store. Files by google help you clear up some space by offering cleaning recommendations, it backs up the files to cloud storage. It comes with three tabs: clean browses, and share. clean shows the storage stats on how much is consumed and how much is left, the browse tab helps you find your file in a much simpler way and the share tab lets you send and receive files in the absence of the internet. This should be the application which you should be looking for if you just want to satisfy your necessities. This app is ad-free and is out of any charges.


Q1. Do I need a file manager app for my android phone?

As android doesn’t come with a built-in file manager app you will need one to manage your files on your android phone.

Q2. What happens if I clear data in the file manager?

It does not lead to clearing the data of the phone but clears the data on the downloads, it won’t delete all your downloads but deletes a few of the unnecessary files lying.

  1. Does google have a file manager?
  2. Google does have a file manager named “FILES” and can be used only on android version 5.0 and up.


As your phone involves itself in several tasks there are varieties of files that are created and are involved, hence, managing files gets complicated. To encounter this there are a number of apps that could reduce the complexity, each app comes with different features which could be helpful to manage the files on your phones. You can install the app according to your requirement. The above are some of the best apps which offer different kinds of features for a variety of users. Hope this article helps you find your file manager.

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