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How to repair mic of Android phone

Isn’t that frustrating when you talk to someone via phone and they complain they don’t hear you? What if the call was urgent? Because we all depend on our phones to make calls during the day, it can become quite annoying when the microphone doesn’t work. Recently, this happened to me. My phone’s microphone was getting dusty so I had it cleaned. You can read this article to learn the causes why your phone’s microphone might not work, and also the steps that you can fix it.

How to repair mic of Android phone

Turn on your Android phone’s microphone

Android phones often have the microphone located near the bottom. Check where your phone is plugged into and you will notice holes. You should speak directly into your phone’s microphone to ensure that other people can hear and interact with you.

You can turn on the microphone for an Android phone by going to your Android settings. Select Google Play Services under Apps. Next, click Microphone button and then Permissions. Move the slider.

Why the mic doesn’t work

There are many possible reasons your phone’s mic isn’t working properly. Here are some possible reasons your phone’s microphone isn’t working:

An issue regarding Mobile Networks

Network issues may be the cause of your Android device’s microphone problems. It could be that the area you are in has no internet. It could be that your network is down.

Third Party Applications

Some third-party applications can modify the functions of your Android smartphone. These apps won’t harm your device’s hardware and may cause some issues with the microphone.

Blockage at the mic

Your Android smartphone’s microphone is equipped with holes. Dirt particles and dirt can accumulate and clog these holes over time. You could also block your phone’s microphone by accidentally placing your fingers above the microphone when you’re on a call.

Hardware issues

Mic problems can occur if the microphone’s hardware doesn’t work on your device.

How To Repair a Defective Phone

It is easy to fix a microphone issue in an Android phone. These instructions can help you save time and money.

Restart your smartphone

To fix the problem with your Android microphone, you can try this simple approach. It’s a good time to reboot your smartphone if it hasn’t been done in a while. If you restart the phone, any open apps will be deleted. This can resolve your issue immediately. Turn it on again by waiting 20-30 seconds after turning it off. After this, your phone will be refreshed. Next, check to make sure the problem is solved.

Block your Bixby Voice

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S9 are experiencing the problem and say that the Bixby Voice could be to blame. To resolve the problem, open the Settings app and then select Apps. To resolve your issue, click on Bixby Voice. Next, tap Force Stop.

Use an pin

Mobile phones have tiny holes that can allow dust or other particles to get in. Even small bits of cloth, especially if they are in your pocket, can get stuck. The microphone would be next to the USB connector.

Use a flashlight to inspect the microphone openings for any foreign objects or dust. To remove any debris, you can either gently press on the microphone or use a thin pin or needle to gently probe the area. This will help you to not push any more dust or air into the phone.

Disable all third-party applications

Applications may cause your phone’s malfunction. Some users might notice minor irregularities when third-party applications are interfering with the operation of their phone. This could be the root cause of your Android’s microphone malfunctioning.

To determine which third-party app is responsible, you can turn on safe mode. To verify its functionality, you cannot use any apps other than the ones that have been pre-installed.

How to turn on Safe Mode in Android?

  1. First, turn on the phone.
  2. Hold the power button down on your device.
  3. Touch and hold on the power off button to your screen.
  4. After you have done that, Safe mode will appear at your bottom screen.
  5. You can choose to restart in safe mode by clicking this link.

You can test the microphone by running a call, or using your recorder app to check it once you are in safe mode. If the microphone is not working in safe mode, it could be a programme. You will find the list of programs that use your microphone under the Settings menu.

Apps are the problem, even if everything seems in order. Click on Apps from your phone settings. After clicking on Microphone Permissions you will be able to view which apps are accessing your speaker. You will have to go through each app one by one. You can also perform a factory restore if you are in a hurry and have a backup of all your important data.

Download and update the software

To fix software-related issues, your phone may need to be upgraded if any software updates are pending. Select System Updates when updating the software by clicking on Settings, System, and then Advanced. Your device will attempt to determine if the most recent update has been installed. If it is, your device will attempt to download and install the update, then it will restart. This will fix any software-related problems.

Sound Settings

A few Android phones offer noise suppression. This feature is great for recording a video or making calls. There are occasions when the function completely mutes your phone’s vocals due to some issues. Your microphone might be acting weirdly, unfortunately. Follow these steps to fix the problem.

  1. Click on Options.
  2. Select Call Settings
  3. You can disable the Noise Reduction option by searching for it.
  4. Restart your device to verify that the problem has been resolved.
  5. Call someone to test your mic and record your voice.

This capability is not available on all Android smartphones. Your phone might show it in a different location.

Look for connected devices and protect coverings

You may also have your phone plugged into another Bluetooth headset or microphone-equipped device, and it is not possible to forget about it. Your device will choose to use the included microphone. You can check what is connected under Settings > Connected Devices. Also, You can fix the problem by turning off Bluetooth devices currently in use.

You may find that your phone’s microphone gets covered by a cover. It is important to remove the protective cover from the area around the microphone hole.

Contact a repair shop

If you have tried all other remedies for the Android microphone problem, then your phone’s mic is likely to be defective. Mice are delicate parts that can easily be damaged by water, collision or other damage. Perhaps the mic was damaged in the last fall of your phone. You should take your phone to the service center if you suspect that your microphone may be malfunctioning. To get more information about your phone, call the customer support number. If your phone is still under warranty, you don’t need to pay anything. However, if the warranty on your phone has expired, you’ll need to pay for replacements and any other repairs.

What does Android Audio Manager accomplish?

The Audio Manager allows you to control both the volume of your Android microphone and the ring tone of your phone. This tool allows you to adjust the volume and ringtone settings on your smartphone. Android Audio Manager can manage your phone’s vibration, notification and ringing.

Top Android apps to use a microphone

You can also use other microphone applications to improve your Android microphone’s performance. You can find many great microphone apps available for Android in the Google Play Store. The following are the best microphone apps:

Pro Microphone

Pro Microphone is an ideal microphone application for Android. This software was specifically designed for vocalists creating beautiful tunes. The program also helps novices improve and practice their voices. Pro Microphone has a large selection of mics available for creating a precise digital sound. There are three kinds of microphones: condenser, dynamic, and studio. Each microphone has amazing sound effects. Any of these microphones can be chosen without any additional cost and will enhance the performance of your Android mic.


Your Android phone could be turned into a microphone with the help of WO mic. It can be used to communicate, record, and recognize voice. It’s similar to real microphone devices in that there is very little latency. You can link your Android phone to your computer using Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi.

Microphone by Wonder Grace

Microphone by Wonder Grace, another Android microphone app, is also available. It allows you to turn your Android phone into a microphone. You can also use this microphone software to transform your Android smartphone as a microphone, without having to spend any money.


These are some ways to fix your Android’s microphone. These methods should resolve your problem quickly and you won’t have to take them to a technician.

Third-party apps, such as Microphone Amplifier, can be used to enhance the quality and sound quality of your mic if you use an Android smartphone. This app amplifies your microphone’s recording volume. This is how the hidden audio setting works. If your Android microphone stops working, you can use other microphone applications to improve the audio quality. There are many top Android microphone apps in the Google Play Store.


How to clean my Android microphone?

First of all, it is important to know that modern cell phones often include multiple microphones. These microphones can enhance the audio output or eliminate background noise. A microphone is usually located at the bottom, top, or middle of the cell phone.
Once you’ve located the mics, you can gently blow to clean them. Then, use a cotton or a brush to clean the microphone. Move the cleaning item slowly, and continue to do so until you see the dirt disappear.

What can I do to check if my smartphone’s microphone is working properly?

A voice recording can be made using any one of the recorders to test the microphone on your phone. If it records good audio, the phone’s microphone is safe.
Here are the steps to record your voice
1. Look for Voice Recorder under apps. Install a voice recorder app on your smartphone
If you don’t already own one.
2. To record a voice, press the record button
3. To save the recording, click the pause button
4. Listen to the audio recording you made just now. It’s possible to hear all of it.
Your microphone is working fine.

Android Devices can use external microphones?

While it is possible, an external microphone is not recommended for use with an Android phone. Android devices are rarely able to support them. If you have both a USB connection and a mic input on your Android device, you must buy a compatible microphone. These mics can be expensive and are very rare. An alternative is a 3.5mm microphone with a USB connector. However, the sound quality will be less than the best available microphone for Android phones.

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