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What is android other storage?

Storage refers to the space for storage available to store something, or specifically given space. The same applies to android. On the Android phone, storage is a space for storing images, videos, documents as well as. Within the Andriod phone, storage is displayed to show how much storage space our photo requires, how much space video files take up, and the amount of storage our file applications consume. I attended an art exhibit with my family, and several paintings that were displayed which were stunning and beautiful. I’m trying to snap photos with my phone, but “your storage is running out of space” message appears on my phone. I’m wondering why this happens.

Therefore, I’m unable to capture videos or photos after returning home. I’m trying to determine the location of space and who is responsible for storage, and what I spent exploring the file manager. When I see other files in the folder . I’m trying to determine what else is stored and the best part is that another folder takes more space than other applications. Internal memory, or any unidentified data files that are stored in the Android device is classified by another.

What is android other storage

Have you experienced the same and are you exhausted? Let’s solve this issue for good. Are you experiencing slow phone performance? Don’t feel drained, I’m here to show you how to eliminate this, and also how to resolve this issue.

How can we clean out the storage of other android devices to free space on our devices for more video apps or photos? As we all know , there is a variety of android phones and versions available in the market, so there is a variety of ways to tackle this issue based on the device, its version and the capabilities. In order to resolve this issue there is no other application to install. We do this using the android system itself. In the end, the most efficient method is the best method. Please note that the methods below were developed based upon my personal Xiaomi device. These methods may vary between devices.

This is among the most significant issues for Xiaomi devices across all categories. We can see that other storage devices take up large amounts of space on the phone.

The other type of data on Xiaomi devices helps to save lots of temporary files. We must eliminate the manually. Let’s find out the best way to do this. are numerous methods to clear space in the other category of Xiaomi devices.

Method 1:

The first thing we’re planning to accomplish is will hold down to power for about 15 second, until the phone shuts off and then hold your power button till the phone shuts off. When you see the Xiaomi logo appear on the screen, press the power button, then wait until your phone is switched on. By doing this you can clear some space in the second category.

Method 2:

  • Start your file manager app Then let’s tap the small icon of a folder at the top. Let’s proceed to tap onto the MIUI folder. Now we’ll click on backup and tap on all backups, so we can have backups of different types within this folder. Go ahead and select every backups by pressing the long-press button on one of the folders and then select delete at the bottom of the page and must remove this folder.
  • The folders took up lots of space on our phone , which is because the phone was saving the information from the various applications that our phone runs at the moment.
  • Choose the app we would like to backup. This will clear a lot of space. I’ll demonstrate how to do it. Let’s start.

Method 3:

Navigate to the settings menu, scroll down, then tap additional settings. Scroll down until you are able to see the settings for backup and restore. Then, let’s start by tapping on an mobile device. Then, let’s start by tapping on third-party applications and the app data. Your phone is saving all your data from all apps you’re using, and you need to switch it off. Third-party apps as well as app data, and then select manually the app you need to have on your phone in order to create a backup later, similar to data files.

Turn off the setting and choose the application that you require the data from in the event that you reboot your phone’s factory reset phone. It will save the data however you do not have to backup your data from all apps, but it’s not necessary. They take up lots of space after you’ve selected all the apps so let’s move on and click backup. Wait until the process is complete. the space is completely free.

Method 4:

Start your security app and go to the bottom of your screen until you find the option to deep clean. Then scroll down and select app data, and select clean now and then choose all apps and tap on delete selected data and press OK which will also free your data and free up lots of room on your smartphone. This includes other categories.

Method 5:

Let me show you another method take a look at your settings, go to the bottom of the screen until you see the battery, then tap settings at the right side to the top. Now you can tap clear cache when the phone is locked. Now, tap on the setting, and then be sure to set a timer of five minutes every time. If you don’t use your phone, it will automatically delete cache files to create a temporary file will assist another category not save lots of data. That’s the way you must do.


The best way to clean your mobile is ideal method to keep the speed of your Android phone. If you’ve got a lot of storage on your Android phone, it has a slow speed, so it’s our responsibility to keep up with the speed of your phone prior to cleansing your device. Keep all your backups of your data with to Syncios iOS and Android manager is the most effective way to ensure that all your data is secure. In this post I will give you all the ways to ensure your phone’s storage is free, and particularly for other storage devices.

If you employ the above strategies, the other folders won’t take up a large amounts of space in the device. The easiest method described above to ensure that your phone is kept tidy. Try all methods to free up storage space from your smartphone. If you get not see this” storage full” message does not appear on your Android.


If we clear storage space within other folders,, will our phones be able to store more?

Yes, if we delete that folder of data then the storage on our mobile increases and we can have lots of free space on our mobile device, where we can download additional photos and even more videos.

Why do we need clean storage?

Yes, if we erase the data from another folder, then the mobile storage will increase and we will have plenty of space on our mobile device, where we can download additional photos and even more videos.

There is only one way to erase the data of other files?

It’s not true. there are many ways to erase other data and boost the performance of Android phone.

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