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Android alarm won’t turn off- How to fix it           


Most classic electronics, including alarm clocks, have been superseded by mobile phones. Our android phone is an excellent alarm clock, allowing us to set several alarms, alter the alarm tone, personalize the snooze alarm duration, and more of it. Alarms play an essential role in our daily lives. Alarm clocks have evolved into our wake-up assistants. An alarm app is installed on every smartphone. This app will be built in Android Studio. Because it has a wide variety of app-building tools and is also very simple and easy to use. It is an excellent unified environment for developing apps available for Android smartphones, tablet devices, Android smart wears, Android smart Television, and Android smart Auto devices.

What if this fantastic feature fails and the alarm no longer sounds the way it should sound? Isn’t it terrifying? Yes, so here, several Android phone consistent users are experiencing the same problem frequently. If you’re one of those users facing the same issue, you have landed on the right platform. This article will not only provide you with a one-way solution instead many possible ways to have your favourite alarm Clock application on your android device right back on the correct track.

Android alarm won't turn off
Android alarm won’t turn off

What could you do if an Android phone fails to wake you up when you set this as an alarm clock(Android alarm won’t turn off- How to fix)? 

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Android alarm won’t turn off- Why?

Although the cause of the app’s inability to sound is still unknown, the Android Association article claims that the issue happens when the phone is in the ( Do Not Disturb) DND state. People who use 3rd party applications for the Google clock wakeup song, like Spotify and many more, have also complained about the same issue.

Here are a few potential solutions to consider. As we all know, that is the importance smartphones hold in our day-to-day life. It makes everything convenient and fast. Considering communication, work, entertainment, transaction, etc., makes every process be done in just a few minutes. If the Android alarm does not go off, here are a few things to opt to make it work.

How to fix: Android alarm won’t turn off?

Here are some ways to fix the issue of the android alarm won’t turn off

Method 1: Restart 

 Reboot your android phone.


The first approach to attempt when dealing with a smartphone problem is to relaunch it. This is beneficial in several ways and proven to be worked most of the time.

First, it helps to clear the impermanent cache and storage, making the application lag, reverting any subtle adjustments to their former condition upon restart. It also clears away the cache of RAM, which records the pieces of data that were utilized while the device was broken.

For many people, this solves the problem; however, if the problem still persists, move on to the following step, and these will surely help you fix your Android alarm would not turn off the issue.

Method 2: Check the Volume of the alarm

 Test the overall volume and sound of the alarm.

Check the Volume of the alarm
turn on

 Test the overall volume and sound of the alarm.

Quick tip- “If your android phone does not have any specific button for alarm volume then just increase the volume for all the options available over there.”

Alarms have their own volume control on most Android smartphones, particularly those operating the latest Android Operating system. It’s likely that you probably won’t hear your alarm sounding if you accidentally set it to quiet or at an extremely low volume option.

There is, thankfully, an easy fix for this issue. Simply hit the audio increase or decrease key, and a scale will appear on top of the screen. The audio drop-down window will open when you tap the down arrow immediately next to the slider. It will reveal options such as Alarm, Music, System, and so on.

Just don’t panic if you can’t find the Alarm scale in the volume controls. It will not appear on certain Android smartphones until you launch the Clock app.

Move the adjuster here to the right if your alarm’s intensity is kept on low volume. As you slide, you’ll listen to your alarm voice play, enabling you to hear how loudness varies over there.

But if it does not appear to be the issue and thus does not resolve it, you might have had an alarm tone that is not audible. You could be utilizing an internet ringtone that you’ve acquired or uploaded, and such tones will not be able to revive you up, notably when you’re in a sound sleep.

But don’t panic; all you can do now is modify your existing alarm tone towards something of higher intensity. Rather, try utilizing a standard device tone for the alerts as they would be better.

Select a different alarm clock tone from your Clock app’s collection of wakeup tones.

Don’t worry, even if none of those works correctly for you. You can still use a different alarm app to complete the task. ( I have mentioned the best clock apps available in-store and compatible with your Android device, which will give you a smooth experience of using an alarm but still, I would suggest going through public review before getting that application on your android device)

Method 3: Clock Application Cache.

Make sure to erase Clock Application Cache.

Clock Application Cache

Make sure to erase Clock Application Cache.

Removing the Clock application’s caches or memory contents can often assist in this. The downside of utilizing such a workaround is that you can always remove your pre-existing alarms when you simply remove the data directly, and you’ll have to generate the new alarms once more. But don’t panic; you can either capture a snapshot or write down the alarms on paper or get a memo.

Go to setting options, then navigate to Applications option and further navigate to  Clock to erase the caches and storage for the Clock application. Instead, you can get the same information by long-pressing an android Clock application on your smartphone screen and choosing detailed mobile application.

Whatever option you choose, the next step is to go to Storage; then you have to go Clear Cache, which should bring your Smartphone alarm back from the dead.

Method 4: Delete 

 Delete the upgrades on your android clock application.

This could be a problem for users running a significantly earlier version of the Android operating system (though newer latest updates are also sometimes doubtful ). The standard apps and services may receive an update which brings problems or cause the android phone to perform poorly.

Regrettably, the Clock application cannot be uninstalled completely, but you may erase all of the upgrades and restore it to its default state.

You will have to go back to Settings and scroll to the bottom for a while until you locate the Clock application or look it up if that option exists. The Remove updates option may be found on the application’s faq page.

Method 5: Do Not Disturb

 Ensure that your device “Do Not Disturb” ( DND ) configurations are simply turned off.

The ( DND ) Do Not Disturb function is convenient; however, it has been known to cause significant problems with the other applications, especially the Clock app for android. The vast majority of the time, individuals are not even completely aware that they’ve turned it on. Nevertheless, if you are using this special feature pretty frequently, how to modify the settings properly.

Select the Settings tab, then go to Notifications and then proceed to ( DND ) Do not disturb from the drop-down menu. Instead, you can use the Quick Settings menu to get preset. To open the completely enlarged fast settings menu tray, swipe across the top of the screen repeatedly with your fingertip and long-press on ( DND ) Do not disturb.

Choose Allow exceptions from the drop-down menu. You will be presented with a menu of options, but you must choose the Alarm option. Make doubly sure the toggle option in front of it is turned on to successfully configure it.

Method 6 : Restore

 Restore your Android device Clock Application’s Configuration

If hardly any of the preceding suggestions work, you can just go forward and reconfigure your application’s options. This will not remove any personally identifiable information. It will indeed, though, restore all of your Android phone’s settings to the original default configuration, including all of your apps and services.

This procedure should be used if an odd configuration was interfering with the usual operation of the Clock app.

To revert to the default settings:

  1. Go to Settings and then System.
  2. Choose Reset choices and confirm your selection. The idea of setting may show under the android apps section on certain smartphones.
  3. Whenever the mobile application list opens, hit the 3 dot menu and select Reset application settings > Reset from the drop-down menu.

This will resolve the problem with all of the hopes, but that can only be adapted as a last option.

If most of these methods fail to get your Android phone’s Clock mobile application to operate, you can use the version of the Windows ( Windows 10) alarm application instead.

Method 7: Switch from Flip mode to SHHH mode

Switch from Flip mode to SHHH mode ( this feature is for a user of Google Pixel Phones only )

The ‘Flip to Shhh’ function on Google Pixel devices enables do not disturb (DND) mode. Turning your pixel phone upside down, if permitted, will activate the DND function and, eventually, switch off the alarms. Allow alerts as described above, or disable this function. To do so, navigate to Settings, then to the System tab and then navigate to Gestures features and then switch to Shhh and flip the switch. It should be turned off.

Method 8: Upgrade

 Upgrade your android operating system

When was the last time you updated your Android device? Have you ever been slapping the “System upgrade available” message on your smartphone since you first got it? Now that so many of your phone’s capabilities aren’t operating properly, it’s necessary to update to the newest version.

Reconfigurations are given out regularly to correct bugs, upgrade encryption, patch, and boost efficiency, among other things. To thoroughly validate and update your smartphone, head to Settings, navigate to System, then to System Updates, and continue the displayed steps.

Important Note:

Seriously look for minor details.

We tend to overlook minor details. For example, Bt (Bluetooth) must always be turned on, and the sound may be coming from closely connected headphones. Even stranger, many people expect their mobile phone to beep after turning it off. Please do not expect these silly things from your android devices. People’s expectations should be lowered.

(Troubleshoot) Diagnose the issue of your Android smart device (clock application) 

We all generally take the alarm function on our android phones very casually. This is indeed our way of life: putting an alarm at 8:00 a.m. and gently falling off to sleep properly. When it quits operating, we only realize how important it is in our life and that we can not make our life run smoothly without it.

 Do not worry; you do not need to be a highly technical grand wizard to debug the Clock application on your Android smartphone. To get your phone alarm clock to function efficiently again, all you need to know precisely is which configuration to change.

The essential message here is that, in most cases, your Clock app will not go crazy for no apparent reason. It usually signifies you’ve forgotten about a small setting. If you take better care of all that, you should be fine.

Google, however, is keenly aware of the Clock problem and is trying to find a solution. On the other hand, Android users continue to rely extensively on alarm clocks to keep track of their daily schedules. The short-term solution is to download and install a 3rd party program to handle the alarms until Google publishes a patch for its app.

However, it is recommended that the client read the application’s customer reviews before downloading it.

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