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Change Default Browser iPhone

iPhone users in the past did not have the option to change the default browser on their iPhone and, therefore, even if they installed third-party browsers, the links from other apps would open within Safari. Users can alter the preferences of their web browser in iPhones operating iOS 14 if users want to switch to a different browser than Safari like Google Chrome. It is also possible to change Chrome or another browser as the default browser by using the settings for your browser.

It’s good news, Apple has changed its policy and allows users to modify their default web browser as well as Mail software for their iPhones. Third-party email applications along with third-party web browsers can be made the default email client on iPhones as well as iPad from Apple. In contrast to Android which has long let you use your preferred web browser and email application as a standard, Apple iOS insists on making you make use of Safari as well as its mail client each time you go to a website or email. This means that you can use email apps like Outlook and Gmail and browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, instead of Mail and Safari on your iPhone.

Change Default Browser iPhone

It is easy to set Google Chrome, Firefox, or any other third-party browser program as the new default application for connecting to the internet for either the iPhone as well as the iPad. Once you’ve selected your preferred web browser to be the default browser on both your iPhone and iPad you can use any link in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and your preferred browser will be launched rather than Safari.


To open Google Chrome, choose Settings, the default Browser, Open Chrome settings, and then select Chrome for the primary browser under the default Browser Apps by clicking the three-dot symbol. If you want to restore Safari to the position of standard iPhone or iPad browser Follow the steps above however, choose Safari in place of Chrome. If you’d like to switch between browsers in the future visit the Safari section of the main iOS Settings app and select any browser that is suitable.

No matter if you use Safari or not the links will all open regardless of which browser you prefer, all links will open in Safari. Users don’t need to be concerned about email or text links opening using the incorrect browser, if users set their preferred web browser the default.

You can change the Safari browser on your iPhone to another. Safari and switch to any web browser that you like by with the above methods All links will always work in your selected browser. If you aren’t interested in testing your new browser then you can instantly return to the preferred Safari browser. That’s all there is it takes to make a modification that lets users open any browser of their choice.

The event that you’re using iOS 14.2 or higher, you can select a new default iPhone app in the settings that come with your iPhone. In contrast to Android however, iOS still offers a small selection of pre-installed programs that can be modified. In the case of an Android user, selecting the default apps will not change much If you’ve been using your iPhone for a while you’ll appreciate the significance of this feature that’s finally been added to iOS 14. It is important to understand that developers will need to alter their websites to work with iOS 14’s brand new default interface for apps.

Although this article focuses exclusively on Google Chrome, other browsers which support Apple’s brand new iOS 14 features may be affected, too. Users are able to change only the default settings for their browser and mail app settings at present but Apple might expand iOS app compatibility later on.


  1. Modify the settings for browsers in the Display and sound app’s settings, if truly want to access web pages on your device’s default browser.
  2. If you are using the latest version of Android, which is the stock version of Android start by opening the Settings app, and then choose Apps and Notifications Advanced, Default, and Apps.
  3. Configure Chrome to become the default web browser. Start the Chrome application from the device you own, such as your iPhone or iPad.
  4. More Settings will be presented.
  5. Choose the default browser.
  6. Access the Chrome settings default browser application by clicking to click the Open Chrome settings Default browser button.
  7. Configure Chrome as the default web browser.
  8. To enable Chrome as your default web browser for the iPhone or iPad users must be running iOS 14 or later.

Switch Chrome

You can switch Chrome off or on from your dock. To make it simple to launch Chrome later Add this dock to the following

  1. To clear the space in your dock simply touch and hold the app you want to remove from it.
  2. Set the app up onto your desktop by moving it onto your home screen.
  3. Get advantage of Chrome application.
  4. Let the Chrome app go by dragging it towards the lower part the dock.
  5. Click the Home button on the screen that you were in.
  6. Google is the best choice for your primary search engine.
  7. Open Chrome on your PC.
  8. Select Additional Settings at the upper right corner.
  9. Select Search engine from the menu dropdown.
  10. To choose it, drag to select it, drag the Directional arrow to the right of “Search engine used in the address bar.” If you don’t want to use it as the initial search engine you can create an additional one.

Other search engines may be added, modified, or even removed.

  1. Use Chrome on your PC.
  2. Choose More Settings on the upper right corner.
  3. Select one search engine. You can take over the search engines. Different search engines need to be looked at. To the right left of “Other search engines,” click Add.
  4. After you’ve completed all your text field, simply click Add.
  5. Implication: Click More on the right side on the page of search engines.
  6. Make it the default.
  7. Additional Edit is available on left side of browser.
  8. Remove: Click on the next button on the right side of the browser.

Users are now able to switch their default browser to iOS 14. This is the way to convert from Apple’s default Safari browser to another that you like, for example Chrome, Firefox, or Duck Duck Go.

Evidently, Safari isn’t the most preferred mobile browser. You’d prefer to switch to something else. Switching to the default browser in iOS 14 takes only a couple of seconds, as the title implies. If you decide that your users won’t prefer to use the new browser, you can quickly go back to Safari.

A Process for Changing the Default Browser on an Apple iPhone

Its Safari browser is among the most popular browsers in the world. It’s the default browser for all Apple devices which includes those like the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. While Apple regularly updates its application with new features as well as improvements, it is still lacking many of the functions found in other browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox and other browsers.

If you’re using a different internet browser for your iPhone even if you don’t have it set as your default, you’ll need to make use of Safari to get a URL via a text message or other application.

How to Change Default Browser iPhone

  1. To start, you must launch to launch the Settings App to Your Apple iPhone.
  2. Select the default browser option.
  3. Select the web browser you would like to set as your default.
  4. Your default browser has been modified.
  5. Follow these steps if would like to alter the settings page on your iPhone.

For the vast majority of the life of the iPhone, Apple has only authorized one browser to be the default browser: Safari the one they developed.

However, starting with iOS 14 users are able to alter the default browser for internet browsing (along also the email application) in Settings. This means the fact that Google Chrome customers can now choose the app as their default and utilize it for all internet browsing.

How do I create Google Chrome your iPhone’s default web browser?

Here’s how you can create Google Chrome your iPhone’s default internet browser, aswell and how you can completely replace Safari.

Safari is Apple’s Safari browser works as its default for the devices it owns. However, many people prefer to utilize Chrome or a different browser than Safari. It’s not easy to switch between browsers on your iPhone every time you click an online resource or webpage, and you can change your iPhone’s default web browser to the one you prefer.

This article will help you understand how to alter your default browser to make sure that whenever you click on an online link, your preferred browser will open. This is especially helpful in the case of using a different browser for the MacBook than you do on an iPhone or opt to switch to a different browser.

Chrome my iPhone’s default browser?

  1. Chrome , a browser for iPhones and iPads is now available.
  2. Utilizing the iPhone or iPad Start using the Chrome application.
  3. Choose the default browser.
  4. Press Chrome Settings to display them. Chrome is the default application for browsers.
  5. The Chrome browser is the new default browser.

On Apple How do I alter the default web browser I use?

  1. The things you need to do is:
  2. In the “Home” page, go to “Settings.”
  3. Click “Apps.”
  4. Click the double symbol located in the upper-right edge of your screen.
  5. Select your default applications.
  6. Find the browser application in this section.
  7. To alter it, find and open your preferred Android browser.
  8. Then your web browser is reset.

How do I change between Safari into Chrome using my phone?

  • On each iPhone or iPad go into Settings then search “Chrome or scroll down to the settings for Chrome.
  • Select the default browser option on the Chrome preferences page. Then, flip the mark to switch from Safari into Chrome.


In addition to the major browsers, there are many more that are available to iPhone as well as Android users. A lot of people have particular favorites they like to work with due to their various options. If users open links via the iPhone or Android device, it will appear in the browser window you have possibly set up.

It is vital that users are content with the web browsers they have installed on their phones. While searching for the top browsers users might be searching for something other than that. Some people might prefer to set up an individual browser for browsing the internet, while others want to protect their family’s online identity.

It is important to take into account the fact that certain iPhone versions (iOS 14 and above) may have the default browser altered. In the same way users may also upgrade their default browser regardless of the Mobile handset they’re using.


Do I need to use another browser when I use my iPhone?

Here’s how you can change the default browser for your iPhone You can find the new preferred browser on the App Store.
Switch to Safari > Preferences > Default Browser App. Choose the new browser you’d like to use.

Do I have to uninstall Safari and then reinstall it?

Safari is a part of macOS and it is not able to be removed or replaced.

Do I have the option to downgrade the Safari Version?

This Apple Safari browser downgrade is technically difficult, but can be done if we’ve got all the required settings for reinstallation or migration assistance. Be cautious since it could cause problems for your system.

Do I have to use a different browser in lieu that of Safari?

Opera works to work with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, or even Linux. In contrast to other browsers Opera permits transmission of “cookies,” which are files created by websites that are kept by the website to record information like the names, preferences, etc.

How can I alter Safari’s settings for the browser?

Choose Safari Settings > Preferences and then Websites from the Apple’s Safari software. Select the setting you want to alter in the left side, for example Camera. Do any of the following options: Choose the settings of a website from the list: Select the site from the menu on the right. Select choose the option you prefer to use for it.

Does Safari it’s only iPhone browser that is accessible?

Its Safari browser is only browser that is pre-installed on iOS and iPadOS. It’s the default one before you use your phone. You can, however, modify the settings for the browser of the iPhone and iPad to whatever they like.

Do we have the ability to make Chrome to display links, rather as Safari?

When the visitor is at the site, the one will wish to open in Chrome within Safari then click the Share button on the right side of the display. On your Share Sheet, swipe across and over the section for apps. Click on the “Open In Chrome” shortcut.

How can I block Chrome from launching apps that are not compatible with iOS?

This can be disabled option in the Gmail application’s settings. Click to open the menu option, then settings, “Google app settings,” and then uncheck “Ask me which app to use every time” when selecting the browser you want to use.

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