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RoseEUkor –a useful tool for a headache


    Samsung developed thousands of applications when it entered the Android development field. The font adjuster and designer apps are also numbered in the list. Let’s explore RoseEUkor application, from the Samsung EUKor version of apps.

    Hello there! This is a new topic. Generally, this is somewhat older. No one knows about it so far now. But, it is still harmful to us. The aim is to bring it in spotlights. In our house, we have so many things to work upon. When we clean our home the main aim is to arrange things neatly. All things should be at their place. In the same way, the question arises about your devices. They are mobile phones, laptops, and computers. How to clean them? How to detect which app or software is clean and which is useless.

    Here this article is all about such an app. A pre-installed application that makes some work easy and some work difficult. Now, let us talk about ‘decoration’. In our old school days, we used to perform drawing activities. There were several different topics on that subject. Try to remember the activity of making a poster with colorful letters. Using the crayons to write was very fun and interesting. So we are here to study this and know more about it in detail.


    Android app development got pace from 2010. Earlier it was just a core field under which all the generalized versions of mobile software got developed. Later it got distributed into various subfields. The future scope increased and everyone availed the benefit. Android Inc. that was a startup from 2007 tried to make a thorough approach. This approach led down various huge gadgets that were used at larger scales. Scanners, old game consoles, fax machines, etc. have almost left the world a very long time ago.

    Development got up the pace and general apps split under different roofs. Samsung took up advancements in smartphone development and android app development. Today the phones from this brand are one of the most used ones.

App flowchart
App flowchart

    The attractive User Interface (UI), Knox-driven high-level security, high megapixel cameras from both back and front sides, and powerful processor architecture. These are some of the key features that impressed everyone. But, the phone companies didn’t do everything for their benefit, some apps they designed were appeared to be useless, space-eating, and system damagers.

What is the meaning of the word ‘Ware’?

    We all come across various words in our day-to-day life. These words can be anything, related to food, clothes, daily work, study, tech-related, or anything. We do not pay special attention to those. I will be focusing on such a word which is – ‘ware’.

    The word is a suffix. This means it is added at the end of words to give them a better meaning. It is tending more towards grammar but, we need to understand this.

 For example:

  • In pottery utensils are made from clay, they are called Earthenware
  • A set of commands that are used to run computers are called Software
  • To secure browsers and web apps we install: Firmware
  • The applications that corrupt the system are called Malware

Anything which is designed to do a particular task from another set of things is ware. I hope you have understood their meanings.

You might ask a question that, what a font-changing app is to do with this word?

  • It is bloatware. Now, bloatware isn’t officially declared as VIRUS.

We can call them “Benefit Giving Apps”.

RoseEUkor Bloatware


They are the major pick-pocketers of the tech. being useless they can also be harmful. Following tasks are performed by them:

  • Taking up phone space
  • Using RAM in a huge amount
  • Sometimes creating misbehaviors in the system

That’s all. The worst thing is that you do not need to install them. They are pre-installed on your phones, laptops, and desktops. In today’s phones, we can hardly find such types of apps but, if you found them somehow, then this is the time to remove them.

They can be in various formats:

  • Phone toolkits
  • Game launcher apps
  • Theme editors for mobile keyboards, etc.

They are often created to attract customers. They can even tend you to pay some amount. So it is necessary to identify them and clean them. Reports say that the most targeted apps used for this purpose were: Toolkit apps.

     For a glance: We used to play Player’s Unknown Battle Grounds or the PUBG game. It captured huge market support in the mobile gaming area. The only problem with it was, it demanded some extra hardware and software requirements. So, every phone was not capable to held and access this game. So, the software developers who design for smooth device optimization developed graphics adjustment toolkits.

    These enabled game lovers to optimize their devices according to the game requirements. But, it was bloatware. The app used the phone’s RAM to its full extent and support. The worst thing was, most of the people didn’t come to know what it was.

    The major drawback came forward: Extreme device heating.

Understanding versus Actuality:

    Reading the above texts gave us a brief idea about bloatware. Next, is how to identify it? Our understanding is that these are small apps. It is wrong. Preinstalled or installed software becomes bloatware when it only exists in the system. There is no use of that for months even years. So forget upon something that the damaging apps are small enough to be removed, No. To be sure this I will give an idea about that:

These apps are always on verge of getting into the unused apps list:

  • Adobe photoshop: Seriously, can this become useless? The answer is yes. Most of the users who install these huge app packages do not use them after a certain period.
  • Games: Games can also make computers, laptops, and mobile phones take up exceptional space. When we save a game the log files along with the user files also get created that increase the size and et up more space.
  • Browsers:  They also made away into the list. The fact is that people install two to three browsers at once and use only one. The remaining two are just kept in the app’s showcase. Jokingly, users also download one from another browser.
  • Preinstalled Antivirus packs: undoubtedly, these are system consumers. Some antivirus has nothing to do with the VIRUS. They just scan the PCs and then remove some useful files. This is very annoying.

How to detect a bloatware suing software?

For computers/laptops, there is a lot of software available in the market. Their work is very simple. This is the list:

  • Should I remove it?
  • Decrap
  • Slim computer
  • The PC decrapifier
  • Crap killer
  • Revo Uninstaller

These are quite simple to use and can make our work quite simple. For more info, the respective links are mentioned in the names themselves.

 What is RoseEUKor?

    RoseEUKor is an app designed especially by Samsung for making phone UI look more beautiful. Customizing the smartphone’s font was its main task. Users had full freedom to alter their keyboard keys and add more beautiful themes to them. Various other apps like chocoeukor, cooleukor are of the same types.

    Today’s latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones do not have these types of apps. But, the older ones had them preinstalled. The version of Samsung Galaxy J Series smartphones is the one that contained these apps.

Let us see them at a glance:

The device used: Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt

Follow these steps to search for the required apps:

  1. Go to settings app
  • Then go to Apps:
go to Apps
  • Then click on the three dots and choose system apps
choose system apps
  • A list of system apps will appear.
  • In the above search bar start typing: eukor. The apps relating to the name “RoseEUKor” will appear on the screen.

Disabling and Force stopping RoseEUKor etc:

     Now, we have located where these apps. We concluded that these are the system apps and they need eventually eat up a lot more space in our phone.  To get rid of these apps in a simple way we can either disable them or forcestop them.

  • Disabling them stops their functionality permanently and they don’t remain visible.
  • Force stopping it will temporarily but urgently stop the working.
  • The third way is clearing data and cache. This will also make the app launch from default mode. In short, the app gets reset.

To proceed further please go through the app location process mentioned above. Then follow the below steps:

For RoseEUkor app:

Clearing data and cache:

  1. Tap on the storage option
RoseEUkor Storage
  • Tap on clear data and cache  of RoseEUKor App.
clear data and cache  RoseEUkor

Force stopping and disabling the RoseEUKor App:

  1. Click on the RoseEUKor
  2. Then tap on the two options to disable and force stop
Disabling and Force stopping RoseEUkor

For CoolEUkor app:

Clearing data and cache:

  1. Tap on the storage option
  • Tap on clear data and cache  
clear data and cache  CoolEUkor

Force stopping and disabling the app:

  1. Click on the app
  2. Then tap on the two options to disable and force stop
disable and force stop CoolEUkor

For the ChocoEUkor app:

Clearing data and cache:

  1. Tap on the storage option
  • Tap on clear data and cache  
clear data and cache ChocoEUkor

Force stopping and disabling the app:

  1. Click on the app
  2. Then tap on the two options to disable and force stop
Disabling and Force stopping ChocoEUkor

These traditional techniques but are one-stop solutions for your issues. To permanently remove the app, we need to make the phone root. That is always not the best choice. The phone needs to be in developer mode. We need to enable some settings for further work.  Compulsorily you need a computer. I would suggest you not do that and go through the above guide given by me.


     Here the story of RoseEUkor ends with this topic. Errors related to android apps are troublesome. These apps mentioned above do not follow any special design pattern. Such soft-wares are only made for small purposes. Most of them eventually do not do greater damage to the device. But some are just like a slow poison.

     I would suggest you handle your devices with care. We should look upon every installed software and study the system before using it. This is more important. When the system is known, it can be used in a better way.

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