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com.facebook.katana: FB Katana


Hello everyone, a heartily welcome to new readers and my old ones too. Today, I am here to discuss something related to Facebook based tech topic (com.facebook.katana). We all know what Facebook is! To anyone who doesn’t know, let me tell you. So basically, Facebook is a social media website that connects you with people all around the world. It brings you content from things you follow on your feed.

Now the main part is what is com.facebook.katana? Curious!!? Well, most of you must be hearing it for the first time and that’s why we have this article for you. Things discussed here are a part of your knowledge now. I hope your coming weekend is tension-free after reading this. We shall discuss various parts of this topic to make things clear by the end. Make assured you are here with basicknowledgehub till the end.

Don’t worry! Take a deep breath. We are here to help you.

Let’s start with the basic terminology first.

What is facebook?

Facebook is something even a kids know today. But doesn’t means it is something compulsory to be known by everyone. The person reading this can be a facebook user too and not know katana at all. It is like controversy in many ways like privacy issues manipulation etc. And when it comes to using people use it day night nonstop. Kids and adults both are FB addicts these days. Coming to main part now.

Facebook (FB) is a popular and world’s largest connecting network website used by all generations. It is for your ease to share live moments, photos, videos, posts, awareness with family and friends on application or browser site. FB  was initially for college students in 2004. Anyone an account knows Mark Zuckerberg too. He is the owner and handles Facebook. It is now accessible for anyone above 13 years of age with a proper email ID. We assume having a Fb account is now a part of online world. Surfing online is now a famous trend. Because of its popularity, other webpages have integrated with FB. That is using one Facebook account to login to other websites at the same time.


What is com.facebook.katana?

FaceBook.Katana is the development or backend codename of the FB app. We get it with our Facebook app by default and it is for the purpose of smooth working of the Facebook application. We are unaware of the fact but almost all other applications also have this type of backend codes for their regular functioning. But they hide from us and are available when we search them in download managers. This is primarily the sole reason that the general public has no idea about them. This is perfectly fine, and these types of development files don’t harm our phones.  com.facebook.katana is a group of files default with the Facebook app, whenever we download it on our device phone either Android or IOS device. It is just FB’s system code phrase for the application. 

Similarly, we have com.facbook.orca for the messenger app which is basically a chatting app for Facebook. Both com.facbook.orca and com.facebook.katana are only visible if you have both Facebook and messenger app installed in your phones in different directories. There’s no misunderstanding here as katana and orca come with facbook and messenger app installation. Both connect to the user’s account of FB. So, if you chose to regularly use FB then there’s no need to delete it from your phone.

What is the use of com.facebook.katana?

In simple words, like our body works day and night and requires a support system. We know this support system works and needs a backup to store all its data. The brain efficiently does this backup or backend task for us. Similarly, katana is the backend worker for facebook. Facebook requires katana in any case. It stores all the data required by the user of the app. Like the body cannot work without brain same goes for FB without katana.

It is a simple backend application that automatically creates itself supporting main application in the form of folder that attaches to it. It also helps facebook on bulk to keep record of its users. Records of accounts, photos, videos, data uploaded on specific device. It is for the purpose that if later on you lose your phone, in that case you can retrieve all your information and data safely. Otherwise with each use the data regarding particular day will also vanish. In simple words it stores information for us.

Can com.facebook.katana harm my device?

There is a delusion that katana is a virus. Let me clear this for you. People also assume the katana folder for a hacker’s mischief to get their information. They hold katana for all the issues that occur in the device while using FB. Along with com.facebook.orca that’s present because of messenger app, com.facebook.katana is almost the same. It does not harm our device with malware or virus. You can remain tension free for the day. Sometimes there are alerts, notifications, popups, or bugs that happen when you are using FB. The solution to the above problem is here.

However, when we don’t download the FB app on our mobile phones and use FB directly on web, we do not find com.facebook.katana or com.facebook.orca.

Do I need to remove Com.Facebook.Katana?

The prime job of com.facebook.katana is to archieve information from Facebook. It is a backend application that is hiding behind on both Android and iOS. As of the latest upgradation of the app, its name differed from before. The important information regarding client responsible for working of FB and messenger app keep the folders.Among those folders one is katana. There’s no other way to eliminate the com.facebook.katana. You can always uninstall the Facebook application for complete removal. That’s how simple it is. If the app itself removes so will katana too. This is something satisfactory to you now? 

So, if we remove katana the FB app as well will remove itself. I know you need not worry about the daily gossips on FB and curiosity content too. I know you must be worried about the daily gossips on FB and curiosity content too. It is not a malware or a virus or some ransomware. I will say it again, it is not dangerous for our device. It is just like a backup for FB important for its working. At times issues arrive but that’s normal with the 90% efficiency of the app.

How to resolve this com.facebook.Katana?

We resolve this issue with a few steps:

Method 1: On Phone procedure:

  • First, search for settings in your device. I have settings in the tool box of my phone.
  • Click on Manage apps in the settings.
  • Find Facebook among all social media apps. All the app details appear.
  • Next go to storage of FB app.
  • Touch cache to clear it.
  • Log in/sign up to Fb app for a smoother experience.

Method 2: On FB Application

  • Install FB App. Open it.
  • Go to the menu option.
  • Search for settings. Open settings.
  • Further go to account settings
  • Click browser for details.
  • Click clear data and eliminate all the cache, cookies and data uneccessary from the website of Fb during your visits.


Does every Social-Media App Have app.Katana?

Like FB has facebook.katana, mostly all social media apps have their backends linked to some anonymous folder for its backup. And at times normal trending apps also type of development codes. But they hide things from the general public who are not into tech world to avoid ruckus. So, we don’t have even a 1% idea about it. But things change, and now we know about it. Earlier we never heard about it. Now it’s in our mind and in the future if a dilemma crosses your mind. You know exactly what to do. Now after knowing the app katana folder on your phone does not have any relation to searching for other apps backups in your phone. It should not concern you.

How can we get rid of com.facebook.katana?

There is apparently nothing that can help vanish com.facbook.katana. The only path one can eliminate this katana is by removing the facebook app. That is basically uninstalling the application for good. So, the backup by-defualt also vanishes along with main application folder. Be it orca or katana both have the same solution. Incase if you think you just delete this katana folder from your app manager app. Then my friend you are wrong, it will reappear again and reconstruct itself. This is because they design it this way to work. It wont even inform you with notification of installation, but just happen. However, there’s no good in deleting it.  

Do I have to pay data recovery authors for this com.Facebook.katana?

We know that facebook.katana is an automatic folder that creates itself for Facebook. Nothing like an error or something like an issue. This is why you should not pay for data recovery author for this issue through Fb. In the first case, you don’t have to approach them at all. The steps mentioned by us can help you get rid of it at home easily. The issue with these authors is they may lead you to the wrong path or misguide. For the purpose of money mischievous activities. They might say it to be a virus and get rid of it as soon as possible. They promise to remove it at cost of money and can also steal your sensitive information at times. So, the best is to resolve it ourselves and be the best tech person for us.


So by far we have now some idea about what facebook is, what facebook.katana is, what is it used for, if it can harm us, how can we resolve this, remove this, how to deal with data authors and finally how to get rid of katana.

I wish that you understood this by now. And, am sure if someone asks you what katana is and how you can get rid of you can instantly tell so. I wrote all the relevant point today to make transparent for you to see com.facebook.katana yourself. We aim to present the best content for your better understanding of missed topics in a precise way. Also, it is nothing dangerous or ransomware Now, you can understand why and how Facebook and facebook.katana are working on your smartphone. It’s safe and clean.

For any further clarifications you can always comment below. Gossipfunda tries to bring the best for you so keep cheering for us till the end. We are always here for you. Its never late to start from zero to one.

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