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40 The Best iOS widgets

Widget is generally added to the. This is by far the most well-known feature developed by Apple for its customers. Users also appreciate that widgets are available before developers develop software add appealing, useful widgets for enhance the experience on the iPhone. These days, many widgets are accessible for free. Sports, weather, health financial, stocks are just a few examples of current Best iOS widgets.

Widgets add sound to the iPhone. You can personalize the display and enhance the capabilities of the iPhone and access pertinent information without having to launch an app. We’ve discovered some issues in this widget. The Black Widget in iPhone You can check it out if you’re looking to correct it.

Widgets simplify our lives and you don’t need to think about anything because the iPhone provides a reminder of every single thing. Our iPhone is now more appealing and beautiful as well as easy to operate due to the numerous widgets created by Apple.

40 The Best iOS widgets

This article will look at the top 40 best iOS widgets that you can install on you iPhone, iPod, or iPad that will offer you an amazing experience. All of these widgets should be present on your device in order to simplify your life.

1. Freeletics

If you’re trying to keep health and fit it is recommended to do exercises or yoga. This is why you must have at minimum one application on your iPhone. Freeletics is the top fitness app for those who love fitness. Through this period every person becomes more concerned about their health. Therefore, exercise and remain fit.

2. Calm

In times of stress it is essential to calm your mind and be content. Therefore, a tranquil app was created to help you relax from stress through meditation and also gives you peace of mind and helps you stay positive.

3. Alert for sports

Sport is widely considered to be the frequent sport enjoyed by young people. It includes cricket, hockey soccer and tennis and many more. Therefore you might want to keep up-to-date with your sport of choice. To do this, you can set up an alert for sports on your iPhone for quick tracking of news about sports.

4. Launcher

Launcher is an app launcher widget. It mostly organizes the home screen, as well as icons for the app. A variety of launchers are offered through apple-like launcher OS 11 or launcher IOS 13 launcher, and so on. These launchers look very alike. The latest update to the launcher is launcher 5, and offers a unique method to manage the homescreen.


Everyone enjoys traveling however, they can be annoyed by the process of booking and confirmations, tickets and so on. Triplt is the ideal choice for you as it manages itineraries, tracks, and manages the itinerary without causing any problems during your entire journey. If you’re looking for multiple trips in a brief time frame, Triplt is a treasure.

6. Color – Best iOS widgets

Color widgets display the date, time, and battery percentage beautifully and attractively. This widget comes with no-cost icon sets that can be edited. Additionally, it is possible to change fonts, designs and backgrounds of icons.

7. Heyweather

It’s a weather-detecting application. It is possible to get information about weather from any location you want. It’s not like other weather apps and provides precise weather information and plenty of options to customize the widget.

8. Calorie

A “Calorie” is a fitness app which can be downloaded through the App Store on iPhone. Calculations of calories burned are the most crucial aspect to consider when you want to lose weight. Calories suggests calculating calorie burn based on your weight, height, and your daily activities.

9. It’s Sticky Best iOS widgets

Sticky widgets are probably the most well-known feature of iOS 14 and it wonderfully alters the home screen of your phone.

Press and hold the blank part of the screen, until you’re on the editing home page. After that click”+ ” to go back “+ “button and choose “sticky widgets” from the selection.

10. FindMy

With the help of the Find My app, you will be able to locate relatives or friends. You can also share your current location right from your desktop screen.

11. Streaks

Streaks app monitors your goals or work in steps. It is imperative to record every task you have on an orderly manner, and streaks will keep track of each of your tasks. It also establishes deadlines for your tasks.

12. Health app’s sleep widget

In order to keep your body in good health it is essential to have enough sleep. This app tracks your sleep activities and monitors your breathing rates, as well as blood oxygen levels while you sleep. It shows how many hours you were asleep.

13. Overdrop weather

Overdrop weather offers forecasts of weather with detail from experts in weather such as Accuweather and Weatherbit.

14. Apollo for Reddit

Apollo can save you time and enhance the experience when browsing. It lets you jump from one subreddit another by using the toolbar feature that jumps.

15. Motivational quotes – daily

In times of struggle in life, we need positive thoughts to feel positive and content. It offers daily inspirational quotes from famous people or historical figures, based on the quote you select. We need encouragement and strength to keep going and be strong in difficult times, which is why it’s a great application.

16. Yahoo finance

Today, the stock market is attracting young people. The market can provide more money with no effort however, you must invest wisely. Yahoo Finance is a great tool for young people and provides suggestions regarding the market share price and also helps to make more money.

17. Daily budget budget original

According to the title the daily budget maintains records of your earnings as well as your expenses and savings.

18. Usage

The Usage app displays the necessary information about memory, storage, and information usage, and ram on the display on your iPhone. It’s a great application to check storage by watching the screen, instead of moving to Settings and then scrolling.

19. Shazam

It’s a music application. it lets you discover new music and add to your library by tapping the screen. You can also listen to the latest themes on this application.

20. Photo The best iOS widgets

Photo widgets are generally an image slide-show that displays your photos. Place all your most loved photos into a widget for photos choose a timer, and then place the widget where you like. You will be able to view your most loved images without visiting the gallery.

21. Minimonth

Minimonth is a simple calendar that displays dates beautifully and vibrantly. You can change the theme’s light, dark and mode or light mode and more to create the calendar according to your preferences.

22. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the most popular app that students use. The app provides every day a new word and its meaning. This helps us to understand our English language. If you’re not proficient on the English language This app can help you. Better understanding of the English language and better sentence structure could be achieved.

23. Foodnoms

It’s not enough to exercise it is essential to consume healthy food each day. foodnoms is a meal tracking application that measures the amount of caffeine, alcohol and water you drink. If you’re trying to stay fit and healthy the app provides daily and monthly meal charts.

24. Night sky

If you are looking to travel through the abyss of our planet and beyond, then the night sky could be feasible. The principal goals of this tool is the sun stars along with the satellite. It is possible to learn more about the planets in general by clicking on a planet. This tool is useful for students who want to study in the evening with their guests. It also shows the rising and setting times of the moon and sun.

25. Screen Kit

Screen Kit offers many themes as well as thousands of images to design the home screens of your choice. It is also possible to make modifications to your screen in the way you like.

26. Habitminder

Habit Minder is the perfect application for people who are forgetful. Hamid minder serves as an app that reminds you of your daily activities. It offers information on eating a balanced diet and provides several positive habits that you do not remember in your busy schedule. It also tracks your level of hydration and breathing rate, as well as calorie burning and more.

27. Headspace

Headspace showcases various mindfulness activities at different times of the day. For example, the early morning shows meditation exercises and at night, it shows a variety of meditation exercises it is an effective mood booster for us. If you’re feeling stressed, the activities offered by Headspace can help us feel relaxed and joyful. Headspace should be on your iPhone.

28. Waterlama-Best iOS widgets

Water is an essential element to human life. In the case of dehydration, it can lead to many health issues. In our busy lives we often forget to drink adequate amounts of water. We tend to drink only water at mealtimes and don’t remember other occasions. Therefore, waterlama serves as a reminder to you to drink water. It will ensure that your water levels are at its highest.

29. Noted

Noted is a repository of your ideas and thoughts. If you’re an author and want to organize your thoughts, this is an excellent application. It will save all your information efficiently and helps you save time.

30. Subtract

Subtract manages all subscriptions online and creates reminders to avoid the occurrence of every due date. It provides 300 services pre-listed.

31. Siri suggestion-Best iOS widgets

Siri’s recommendation is by far the most effective app for users. It organizes the most popular applications by users in 2 rows of the screen home. Users can then easily access them quickly. It is the most adored gadget for the iPhone.

32. Didgeridoo

Wingerd is the most crucial aspect in the development and modification of a widget. it arranges devices in a well-organized method.

33. Spotify

Spotify can be described as a music application. It lets you listen to your most loved songs anytime, anyplace, and with no download. You can also create playlists with your top songs.

34. Widgetsmith

WidgetSmith allows you to personalize a widget based on your personal preferences. It can design an application that shows different types of data during the day and health information in the evening.

35. Screen time

Screen time provides a simple method of keeping track of the activities that are that are running in your display. It’s pre-installed by default on iOS 14 and higher devices. Screen time shows the amount of time you’ve spent using a specific application.

36. Excellent job!

This task is a breakthrough in technology for managing daily and weekly tasks. Therefore, you don’t have to stress about keeping it in mind. It will help you organize every task flawlessly and well-organized with a planner.

37. The Merriam-Webster word that is part of the widget

Merriam can help you expand your vocabulary to a higher level. Every day it shows an exciting new word. If you have installed this widget, it’s worthwhile. You’ll never remove this widget due to its value. It is therefore one of the best iOS applications.

38. Fantastical

Fantastical Calendar that has advanced features. It displays the day, date, and weather forecast, and day on one screen. It also lets you add your forthcoming event on the calendar to remind you to plan. It’s the ideal tool to have in your list of widgets due to its simplicity and utility.

39. Spark mail

Spark mail brings all email accounts for simple management of email. It is easy to manage mail and quick with this tool. It also displays the most recent mail, which means you can save time.

40. Things 3

When you are using The “Things Three” widgets, it is recommended to include your list of things to do. Things 3 is a list of essential tasks before focusing on you can add other tasks. There is no chance of being missed when you add three items in the widget’s list.


These days widgets are a vital element on the iPhone. Because of the advancements in intelligent widgets that have made our lives increasingly simple. In general we overlook our health in busy times However, these gadgets remind us of our health every day and there’s no need to be worried about that.

The above best iOS widgets are extremely convenient and include useful features. It is recommended to install all of them to your device to enjoy an amazing experience. Don’t forget: How to change the color of your apps iOS 14?

The above widgets are completely free and can be downloaded through the app store without any cost.

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